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Camden, Maine Facts

Where is Camden, Maine?

The town of Camden is located on the southernmost coast of Maine, right where the New Hampshire border meets the Maine-Canada border. It’s a small rural community, and home to Knepp Castle.

What’s special about Camden, Maine?

Camden is a special place because instead of sprawling suburban subdivisions, this small town still has historic architecture and community charm. Like many towns in Maine, Camden has a quaint lighthouse. There’s also a beautiful beach right below the lighthouse that looks out on Lake St. George.

Is Camden, Maine a good place to visit?

Yes, it is. I’ve visited twice and loved the place but then I like smallish towns when traveling. It’s quaint with many restaurants, inns and B&Bs. There are plenty of shops to check out, cafes as well as things to do in nature such as hiking, going the beach, walking the streets/marina and enjoying a historic, quaint New England town.
Note that it gets busy in the Summer.

Camden can serve a homebase when touring Maine because it’s fairly central on the coast with Bar Harbor to the north and Portland to the south. There are so many great little villages and towns to visit everywhere in between. Twice I’ve travelled the entire Maine coastline and loved it.

Notable spots in Camden (Photos)

What are some good hikes in Camden, Maine?

Camden Hills State Park is a great place for hiking. The area features pristine ponds, two islands, a diverse wildlife and abundant forest and freshwater plants. The park also has trails for horseback riding and mountain biking.

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What are good Inns in Camden, Maine?

Camden Hills Inn is a three-star hotel that serves delicious food. The Camden Harbour Inn offers very reasonably priced rooms and great views of the ocean.

Are there Airbnb and similar to book in Camden, Maine?

Yes, there are numerous houses and accommodations available to book in and around Camden, Maine.

Is there camping in or near Camden, Maine?

Yes, Camden Hills State Park has campsites.

What are some good restaurants in Camden, Maine?

Camden Deli is a classic diner with good home-style cooking. There’s also a variety of takeout and pizza places, as well as seafood restaurants like Captain Jack’s – all located conveniently near the town’s harbor.

How many people live in Camden, Maine?

Camden is home to a little more than 5,000 year-round residents and over 14,000 students from the University of Maine at Augusta who attend classes there.

What’s the weather like in Camden, Maine?

The weather in Camden is cold and snowy in the winter months but it’s a great time to visit and see the town’s beauty. In the summer there are plenty of festivals and outdoor recreation.

What is Camden’s nearest city?

Camden is located about 45 miles north of Portland, Maine’s largest city with three universities (University of Maine at Presque Isle, University of Southern Maine and University of New England).

How long would it take to fly from Camden’s nearest airport?

The closest airport is the Bangor International Airport, which is about 25 miles away and takes around 30 minutes by car. There are direct flights from this airport to Boston, New York City and Washington D.C., as well as other major hubs across the country.

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What are annual events in Camden, Maine?

Camden is home to many festivals and events, including the Blueberry Festival, where you can pick your own berries, eat berry-infused dishes and enjoy music. There is also the Camden Fair in August where you can go horseback riding, play mini-golf and carnival games.

What was the main industry in Camden, Maine?

Until recently, Camden’s primary industry was lumber.

Is it expensive to buy a house in Camden?

It’s somewhat expensive but that’s not surprising given it’s a beautiful town in a beautiful area on the ocean offering everything that you would need as long as you don’t mind a lot of tourism in the summer. The median price of a home in Camden is approximately $492,000.

What’s the oldest building in Camden, Maine?

The oldest building in Camden is the Allen House which was built in 1685 and remained in family hands until the late 19th century when it was sold. The building has since been restored and now houses the Camden Historical Society. As of 2015, a few other old buildings around town were still being used.