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Can You Connect to Hotel WiFi With Sony PlayStation?

A man in front of the smart tv and a playstation.

When I traveled frequently, and at the end of a long day, sometimes I would relax by playing a game on my Sony Playstation. At first, wondered if the Playstation would connect to the hotel WiFi network or how much of a hassle it would be to connect it.

I should have worried about what dinner would be instead. The good news is, yes, you can connect the Sony Playstation to hotel WiFi. Read further to discover steps to make connecting to the hotel WiFi network much more effortless. 

How to Connect Sony PlayStation to a Hotel WiFi Network

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

Connecting a Sony Playstation to hotel WiFi is possible, although there may be some challenges connecting with the hotel WiFi login screen. These are some ideas on how to get around the challenges of connecting with the hotel WiFi login screen to make it as easy as possible.

How to connect Sony PlayStation 4 to hotel WiFi

Follow these steps to connect via the hotel WiFi login screen.

  1. Make sure the PlayStation is connected to the hotel TV.
  2. Turn on the PS4.
  3. Scroll to Settings and press X, and select the Toolbox icon.
  4. In the Options, select the Network option.
  5. Select Set Up Internet Connection from the options menu.
  6. Select the Use WiFi option.
  7. Choose the Easy option unless you are savvy about the necessary setup details.
  8. Enter the hotel WiFi name when prompted, typically written on the check-in package.
  9. After the PlayStation processes the login information to connect, select Test Internet Connection.
  10. If the Test Internet Connection was successful, you should be good to go.
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What to do when there is a Failed hotel WiFi connection error?

  1. If the test was successful, you should be good, but if you received an error Failed on the test, select the Details option to correct the issue.
  2.  Click on the Suggested Options button to go to the next instructions. 
  3.  If you receive an error stating the security of the page cannot be verified, click on Yes to go to the next instructions.
  4. If you see the browser window for signing into the hotel WiFi, enter The Details and press Connect.
  5.  Once connected, press the Back button twice to get back to the network screen.
  6. Scroll and select the Test Internet Connection and check if it is successfully connected.
  7. Once successfully connected, you should see successful connections across the board.
  8. Now, get to Gaming!

Alternative Third Party Connectify Solution for Connecting PlayStation to Hotel WiFi

A laptop, a cup of coffee and a Wi-Fi access.

Connectify Hotspot is an application that provides virtual router technology for connecting various WiFi devices, including a Sony PlayStation, seamlessly to a WiFi network. Once the app is configured, it allows easy WiFi connection for devices like the Sony PlayStation to remote locations, including hotel WiFi.

Connectify setup

  1. Install and configure Connectify Hotspot at home first, since once configured, the settings will be remembered at any other location when connecting to a WiFi network. The settings for the PlayStation are stored by the Connectify Hotspot, including Connectify Hotspot SSID and password.
  2.  Connect your Windows laptop first, then share the hotel Internet via WiFi with your PlayStation when connecting to the hotel WiFi.
  3. Make sure not to change the SSID or password as the Connectify Hotspot has remembered the settings. If these values are changed, the Connectify Hotspot and PS4 connection string will have to be reconfigured. 
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How to fix Connectify Hotspot connection issues for a Sony PlayStation

A playstation on the table in front of the smart TV.

These are some reasons why there are problems connecting to a hotel WiFi with Connectify. These are some of the most common issues and how to fix them. There may be other issues, but these are the most prevalent problems encountered connecting a Sony PlayStation to the hotel’s WiFi with Connectify Hotspot.

Can my Windows firewall prevent Connectify from connecting to Internet WiFi?

Windows firewall, along with anti-virus and VPNs, can prevent Connectify.exe from working correctly and connecting to WiFi. One method to resolve blocking executables is to add Connectify executables to the computer’s white list to list programs telling the laptop they are okay to run. Once the Connectify Hotspot is added to the computer’s security software trusted programs list, it should have the rights necessary to function correctly.

Network security filters 

Check Connectify Hotspot network filter settings by checking:

  1. In the Connectify Hotspot app, click Menu>Tools>Network Connections.
  2. Right-click on the computer adapter device icon, and click on Properties.
  3. There may be several normal listings, like “Connectify LightWeight Filter’, “Client for Microsoft Networks,” etc.
  4. If anything on the computer’s security software is listed on the WifFi device, uncheck that item and try connecting again.

VPN problems

A man on his laptop connecting to VPN.

If your computer is set up to connect to the hotel WiFi as a VPN, it can cause issues. The issue may be because there can be a blocking process via the VPN setup, which uses NAT to convert IP addresses from “Internet to Share” to a unique IP on your PC. If there are issues with Connectify connecting, disconnect from your VPN and see if the internet WiFi connection works. If so, then VPN is the issue.

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How to connect Sony PlayStation to hotel WiFi TOS agreement

A woman with hair color playing on a playstation.

If you struggle with connecting to the hotel WiFi, you may be fighting an easy-to-fix problem – accepting the hotel’s TOS (Terms of Service) Agreement. Unfortunately, if I do not agree with the TOS, the system will refuse to connect. To get around this issue, try these tips:

  1. If using the PS3, enter the web browser information as usual, then click on the web browser for the hotel. The TOS should be displayed and, once approved, continue to connect. Playstation 3 160GB CECH-3001A, Console Only
  2. The PS4 will not continue to configure the hotel internet connection if it requires accepting the TOS to proceed. A workaround for this issue is to enter the Settings>User Guide. Since the User Guide uses its web interface, it does not require a TOS agreement to continue. After accessing the web interface for the TOS, agree as required and continue as normal.

These steps are only necessary if there are issues with accessing and agreeing to a hotel’s TOS.