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How Often do Hotels Change their Mattresses?

A white spacious hotel room.

A hotel with a high turnover rate must change its mattresses at least every three to five years. However, at the same time, a newer hotel or a budget hotel may get away with changing their mattress every ten years. Of course, the mattress that the hotel purchases depends on its durability, but even the most expensive ones will degrade over time.

Any hotel worth its money will invest in a high-quality mattress to start with.

High-quality mattresses aren’t just comfortable, but they will also endure longer; therefore, saving the hotel money. This post will highlight the best types of mattresses a hotel should invest in and other matters relating to the hotel’s mattresses.

Why is it Important to Change Mattresses?

Hotel bed with two towels.

Mattresses are costly and heavy, so many hotel owners are reluctant to change them. The innerspring will begin to sink in. As your mattress sinks in, it results in neck and back pain.

Changing mattresses consistently also promotes good hygiene. Debris and dirt will start to build up on the mattress over time. This may attract mites, bed bugs and other pests.

How Long Does a Hotel Mattress Last

A hotel bed with two bed lamps.

A hotel mattress should last about an average of seven to ten years. There are facets such as the type and weight of a mattress that can affect the lifespan. There is no expiration date for a mattress, so a hotel has to be on their game when it comes to replacing mattresses.

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How to Keep a Mattress in Good Condition

Hotel room with red-themed interior.

If a mattress is adequately maintained, it can last for a long period of time. Some ways to keep a mattress in good condition are:

  • Use a mattress protector. A mattress protector will protect against stains and spills.
  • Regularly rotate the mattress. Move the area of the mattress where the feet typically are to where the head usually is. This practice helps to keep the mattress even and avoid bumps and lumps.
  • Flip the mattress every few months. Flipping a mattress is not the same as rotating one. Flipping means moving the bottom of the mattress to the top of the bed frame.

Reasons to Replace a Hotel Mattress

Hotel bed after use.

When it is time to replace the mattress, you will notice it shows several signs of wear and tear. Some of these signs include:

  • Customers are complaining of aches and pains. Check up on reviews on travel websites to see what the customers say about sleeping at the hotel.
  • Noticeable lumps and bumps begin to appear in the mattress.
  • Even if the mattress has been flipped and turned, it is still uncomfortable.
  • The mattress is now in the double-digit years from when the hotel first bought it.

What Level of Firmness does a Hotel Mattresses Have

Firm hotel bed set.

Hotels usually use a mattress that has a medium comfort rating. The reason for using a medium comfort level is because it is comfortable for most sleepers, no matter if they sleep on their back or slide. A medium comfort level is also relaxing for a wide array of body types, as hotels have people of many shapes and sizes staying in them.

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What do Hotels do with the Old Mattresses

White hotel bed set with messy mattress.

When hotels invest in new mattresses, what do they do with the old ones? There are actually quite a few ways a hotel can rid themselves of an old mattress, like:

  • Recycle. Hilton Worldwide industries have their own program for recycling mattresses. The old mattresses are turned into innovative rugs, pillows, and upholstery products.
  • Landfills. Although it is not recommended to do this because of the size of the mattress. The size makes it hard to compact.
  • Donate. Many hotels donate their old mattresses to charities or homeless shelters.
  • Sell. Some hotels may sell their older mattresses to a different hotel or to the public.

Why are Hotel Beds so Comfortable?

A luxurious hotel room.

Sleeping in a hotel bed, depending on the hotel, of course, can be a really relaxing experience. Classy hotels use high-quality memory foam mattresses, soft comforters, silky sheets, and down pillows. In addition to the cozy decor, all of those items make for a great place to sleep.

Is it Safe to Sleep in Hotel Beds

King-sized bed with clean mattress.

Hopefully, all hotels strive for the utmost cleanliness. If, for some reason, there are any doubts about the bed’s cleanliness for peace of mind, pack bed linens from home. Although if there are bed bugs, packing linens from home will not do very much.

You can always bring this to the manager’s attention, to see if they can offer you a better solution.

Do Hotels Change Sheets After Every Customer?

A hotel room ready for new guests.

Sheets are typically changed in between guests, but there is no way to ensure that they will be. It is safe to assume that major hotel chains and resorts do change and wash their sheets between stays.

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Why do Hotel Pillows Feel so Comfy?

Hotel bed pillows.

Hotel pillows are usually filled with luxurious fillings. These fillings include memory foam, down, and feathers. Many people do not have access to these pillows at home, so when they see them at a hotel, it is a way to treat themselves.

Do Hotels Wash Comforters

Hotel comforter, luggage on top.

Most hotel and motel chains do not get new blankets regularly. Often, new blankets and linens are purchased about four times per year.  They do wash the comforters after each visit.

If you do not fill comfortable, then you can always pack an extra blanket. It depends on the motel chain. Often the low-budget hotels don’t change out the comforters as often as they should.