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Kits Beach in Vancouver – Everything You Need to Know

Kitsilano Beach, more commonly referred to as “Kits Beach” is one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver. Just a short drive over the bridge from Downtown Vancouver, Kits beach provides a great beach experience without having to sacrifice proximity to all that the city offers. Located in the heart of Kitsilano, Kits Beach is close to tons of local restaurants and businesses and even offers beachfront dining. Come to Kits Beach for its tennis courts, basketball courts, beach volleyball, watersport rentals, or just to laze around on the beach all day! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what Kits beach has to offer. 

view of the ocean from kits beach in vancouver on a summer day with mountains in the background and boats on the water

Why is Kits Beach a favorite among locals?

Kits Beach is so popular among locals because it is far more than just a beach. Kits is one of my favorite beaches in Vancouver because no matter what activity you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it at Kits Beach. Additionally, you don’t need to come prepared to Kits. Even if you come with just a bathing suit and your towel, need not worry. There are multiple concession stands, public washrooms, water fountains, and even the Boathouse restaurant on the beach if you’re looking for a break from the heat. There is also a grassy park area where families can picnic and barbecue, without the issue of messy sand. Another reason why Kits Beach is so great is that it’s so accessible. You won’t need to take a difficult hike to some hidden beach. Simply walk or bike down the seawall, drive and park at one of the parking lots, or take the bus directly to the beach and enjoy the day! 

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View of the ocean from kits beach in kitsilano

Where is Kits Beach in Vancouver?

Kits Beach is located on the shore of the Kitsilano neighborhood in Vancouver. Just a quick drive from Downtown Vancouver over the historic Burrard Street Bridge, Kits Beach is a popular summer hangout for Vancouverites from all over the city. Kits beach is an urban beach with many amenities, nearby restaurants, and easy public access by car or public transit. Kits beach is also located on the iconic Vancouver seawall, “the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path”[1], with uninterrupted access all the way from Stanley Park to Kitsilano. In the summer this beach can fill up quick, and the surrounding area can become congested, so come early to claim a parking spot. 

Is there parking at Kits Beach? 

Yes, there are two main parking lots at Kits Beach, on the east, and west sides of the beach. Parking at both lots is $2.75 per hour in the fall and winter or $3.75 per hour in the spring and summer. Because this beach is so popular, these lots can fill up quickly in the summer. 

parking lot at kits beach in vancouver

If you would rather avoid the parking hassle, Kits Beach is easily accessible by bus, or bike. There are bike racks located at the park, and you can bike or walk along the seawall safely to go to and from Kits Beach. There is also a hub of Mobie bikes, Vancouver’s public bike share system. 

Bike rack of mobi share bikes at kits beach in vancouver

Are there public restrooms at Kits Beach?

Yes, there are two public washrooms at Kits Beach. The main public washroom is located on the seawall across from the beach. Attached to the public washrooms is the lifeguard station, the concession stand, and the Boat House restaurant upstairs. 

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Public washrooms at kits beach in vancouver

The second public washroom is on the western side of the beach, across from the Kitsilano Pool overlook area. These washrooms are smaller than the primary washrooms across from the beach but are usually less busy. They are attached to a secondary concession stand that has been under construction for several months, but the bathrooms are still open to the public. Both public washrooms are wheelchair accessible and include accessible stalls. 

exterior of the boathouse beach grill concession at kits beach in vancouver

Is there a concession stand at Kits Beach?

There are several options for dining at Kits Beach. The primary concession is located in the central building at Kits Beach which houses the lifeguard station, public restrooms, concession, and the Boathouse restaurant upstairs. The concession here is called the Boathouse Beach Grill, a sister restaurant to the more formal Boathouse restaurant upstairs. The Boathouse Beach Grill offers casual fare, such as burgers, veggie burgers, fries, fountain drinks, fish and chips, and soft serve ice cream. Items on the menu range from a $3 side of fries, to an $18 crispy chicken burger. 

boathouse beach grill concession at kits beach

The Boathouse restaurant upstairs offers mid and high-scale meals with an emphasis on seafood, as well as seasonal cocktails and an oceanfront view of Kits Beach below.

boathouse restaurant on kits beach in vancouver

Additionally, in the summer you can also find fruit stands selling fresh and local produce like strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. No matter what you’re craving, Kits Beach has something to offer. 

Local fruit stands at kits beach in vancouver

What other activities are there at Kits Beach?

If you’re bored by the idea of laying out on the beach all day, you’re in luck because Kits beach has nearly every summer activity you can imagine. 

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Beach volleyball net at kits beach in vancouver

Beach Volleyball

A popular activity at Kits Beach is beach volleyball. Nets and equipment must be rented with a deposit from the lifeguard station, and time slots per court are scheduled. 

Tennis courts at kits beach in vancouver

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are open to the public and can be used by anyone. There are a total of 6 courts. 

basketball court at kits beach in vancouver

Basketball Courts

There are two public basketball courts at Kits Beach. The courts are free to use but are often dominated by locals, especially during the weekends. If you’re not intimidated by playing a game of pickup basketball, you’ll enjoy these courts. If you’re looking to work on your game solo, or with your own teammates, come early, or on a weekday and be sure to share the court. 

Outdoor fitness equipment at kits beach in vancouver

Outdoor fitness equipment

Many people enjoy exercising at Kits Beach, whether it’s running on the seawall, doing yoga on the grass, or on the outdoor fitness equipment. This equipment is usually not too crowded during the week, but on the weekends and in the evening this equipment can quickly fill up with Kits Beach regulars.

Kitsilano pool at kits beach in vancouver

Swimming Pool

Not a fan of swimming in the ocean? Try Kitsilano Pool! Located on the west side of the beach, Kitsilano Pool is the only saltwater pool in Vancouver! It’s open from 7 am to 7:45 pm with some restrictions, at $3.33 for kids, and $6.66 for adults. You can view the entire Kitsilano pool schedule on 

Vancouver water adventures rental at kits beach in vancouver

Water Sport Rentals 

Located at Kits Beach is Vancouver Water Adventures. Vancouver Water Adventures offers kayak (both single and double), and paddle board rentals, as well as lessons. 

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Playscape at kits beach in vancouver

Is Kits Beach good for Kids?

Yes! Kits Beach is a great place to bring kids. The Kitsilano Pool, as well as Vancouver Water Adventures rentals, are both available for children, as long as they are of course accompanied by an adult. Additionally, the beach or grassy area located at Kits Beach is a great place for a family picnic or a quick impromptu lunch from the concession stand. There is also a large playground located on the other side of the seawall across from the beach, on the east side of the concession building. 

Playground at kits beach in vancouver

Is Kits Beach wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Kits Beach is wheelchair accessible, and there is an accessible beach mat on the western side of the beach that leads to the water. There are also water wheelchairs available from the lifeguard station. 

Accessible beach mat at kits beach in vancouver

Is Kits Beach busy?

Kits Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver, and is very busy in the summer, even on weekdays. Kits however is a very large beach, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a spot in the sand, or in the grassy park area across from it. Lines will however form at public washrooms, and concession stands, especially on the weekend. West facing view of kits beach in vancouver

When is a good time of the year to go to Kits Beach?

July and August are the warmest months by far but a hot June or September can also be good.  Check out our best time of year to visit Vancouver article to learn about the best months for various Vancouver activities.  

If on the north shore of Vancouver, you can enjoy Ambleside Beach.

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