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McCartney Creek Park, North Vancouver – Everything You Need to Know (Photos)

McCartney Park Photo Collage (park in North Vancouver)

I’ve been to McCartney Creek Park about 200 times.  I actually don’t count. It’s probably more than that. Let’s just say I’ve been there plenty.

I live in the neighborhood. I can easily walk to it. It’s one of the best parks in our area of North Vancouver (east of Seymour River), only Cates Park is better.  Inter River Park, which is nearby is also better.  However, we have to drive to both Cates and Inter River, so we go to McCartney Park.

McCartney Creek Park has something for everyone. The only thing it doesn’t have that Cates Park has is a beach and swimming (which is huge).

McCartney is situated in the Southeast corner of the Blueridge / Seymour Heights neighborhoods east of Seymour River in North Vancouver, BC.

The Six Main McCartney Creek Park Attractions

1. Playground

Playground in McCartney Park, North Vancouver

Swingset and playground at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

The playground is decent as playgrounds go. It offers a baby swing and a regular swing.  The climbing structure is good for very young kids to grade four kids.

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The ground is wood chips.  Check out the photos above to see for yourself.

2. Two tennis courts

The tennis courts at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

This year (2022) the courts were resurfaced.  It was a drag they were closed for a while in Spring but they are open and they are amazing.  I play tennis regularly at McCartney Park. They’re great courts. Sometimes we wait and other times we don’t.  Pretty much the same as any public courts.

If crowded, check out the nearby tennis courts at Garibaldi Playground Park or Little Cates park.

3. A trail around the perimeter of the entire park

McCartney Park walking trail

The perimeter trail is one of my favorite things about McCartney Park.  Portions of the trail is brick and other portions gravel/crushed rock.  It’s smooth so it’s a great training trail for younger kids just getting going on a bike.  Our 7-year-old loves ripping around the park on his bike.

The perimeter trail is exactly 1 kilometer.  It takes me about 11 minutes to walk the perimeter.  The trail is mostly flat but there are some slight hills in sections.  Overall, it’s an easy, flat trail to walk, run or bike.

4. Four baseball diamonds

Baseball diamonds and fields at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

McCartney Creek Park is a big softball park.  There are games several nights a week in Spring and early Summer. Beer leagues play there as well.  

In 2021, the District of North Vancouver shoveled a ton of money into redoing all for diamonds with new backstops, dugouts and bleachers. They’re first-rate diamonds.

When games aren’t on, it’s a huge, very well maintained field area for flying kites, tossing balls, etc.

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5. Grass fields (well-maintained)

Open grassy area at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

There’s another grassy area on the west side of the park that’s not a baseball diamond. It’s smaller but plenty large for tossing balls and frisbees or playing tag/hide and seek etc.

6. Trail access to a creek in a ravine

Trail that leads to the creek and ravine in McCartney Park in North Vancouver

Creek at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

The trail into the creek area is steep but kids love going down there. Ours are down there quite a bit. I tend to prefer to stay up top but I’ve slipped and slid my way into the creek area as well.

Eight best things to do in McCartney Park with Kids

  1. Play on the playground (benches for parents). See playground photo above.
  2. Hide and seek in the field and forested areas.
  3. Toss balls, frisbees etc. in the field.
  4. Bike around the park on the gentle trails (great beginner trail riding for younger kids).
  5. Hike into the ravine and creek area.
  6. Watch a softball game on a Spring/Summer evening
  7. Play tennis
  8. Pick Salmon berries or Huckleberries when in season. Salmonberry and huckleberry bushes line the park. Our kids pick a ton of both each year.

McCartney Park FAQ

What time does McCartney Park close? 

The park closes at 10 pm.  The parking gate is closed at 9 pm. Here’s the sign:

McCartney Park hours sign

McCartney Park hours sign.

Is there parking at McCartney Park? Is it free?

Free parking lot at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

Yes, there’s free parking at McCartney Creek Park.  There’s a sizeable free parking lot on the east side of the park where the four baseball diamonds are located.  You must take Northlands Drive northbound off the Seymour Parkway to access the parking lot.  You can also access the park from Emerson Way. There is street parking.

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Are there public bathrooms at McCartney Creek Park?

Public bathrooms at McCartney Park in North Vancouver

Yes, there are public washrooms in McCartney Creek Park which are very well maintained. They are located in the east side of the park by the baseball diamonds.

Is there a concession at McCartney Creek Park or any food/water available?

No, there is no concession at McCartney Creek Park. You must bring your own food.

Can you drink alcohol in McCartney Park?

Yes, you can.  Here’s the alcohol policy sign in McCartney Park:

McCartney Park alcohol policy sign.

McCartney Park alcohol policy sign.

Are dogs allowed in McCartney Park?

Yes, but they must be on a leash. There is not dog park where you can unleash your dog. Here’s the McCartney Park dog policy sign:

McCartney Park in North Vancouver Photo Collage

McCartney Park dog walking policy sign.

Is it worth driving to McCartney Park from far away?

I wouldn’t say it’s a destination park.  It’s not Ambleside Beach or Stanley Park by any stretch of the imagination.  However, if you live within a 10 to 20-minute drive, it’s worth the drive.  It’s a park you can easily enjoy for several hours with all it offers.  We’re fortunate to live within easy walking distance of it.

McCartney Park Photo Gallery

Here are more photos of McCartney Park that I took on a recent stroll there.