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Second Beach in Vancouver – Everything You Need To Know!

Second Beach is the second of three beaches that run along the western side of the seawall in downtown Vancouver. The row of beaches begins with English Bay beach, followed by Second Beach, and ends with Third Beach. Second Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver for its beautiful views of the Burrard Inlet and Point Grey peninsula, the Second Beach Pool, and the large park. The amenities available at Second Beach make for a great comfortable beach day. 

Second beach in vancouver

Second Beach is an awesome spot to spend a beach day in Vancouver. This beach gets plenty of sun, and with its west-facing orientation, it makes for a great place to watch the sunset. The concession stand has plenty of options for those who don’t want to pack a lunch, or there are plenty of picnic tables available for those who come more prepared. The change rooms and washrooms make for comfortable bathroom breaks, and the pool and playground make endless entertainment for little ones. I spent plenty of time at this beach growing up, and it is still my go-to beach in Vancouver

second beach looking south in vancouver

Where is Second Beach?

Second Beach is located on the south-west side of Stanley Park and is just a short walk along the seawall from English Bay Beach in the West End neighborhood of Vancouver.  Stanley Park is a large park filled with winding trails, historic sites, botanical gardens, restaurants, and more, that connects Downtown Vancouver to North Vancouver and West Vancouver

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Is there parking at Second Beach?

Yes, there is parking available for Second Beach in Stanley Park on Stanley Park Drive, and Lagoon Drive. There is an hourly fee to park. The parking lot is just a short walk to Second Beach, across the park, or via the paved path that leads from the parking lot to the seawall at Second Beach. 

parking lot at second beach in vancouver

Second Beach is also accessible by bike with a bike lane leading from Beach Avenue in Vancouver’s West End and trailing all throughout Stanley Park. Second Beach is also an easy walk along the seawall from English Bay. 

concession stand at second beach in vancouver

Is there a concession stand at Second Beach?

Yes! There is a great concession stand at Second Beach that offers a variety of dishes and beverages, as well as your typical popsicles and ice cream.

Fish and chips and ramen sandwich boards at second beach in vancouver

There is the typical beach fare, like fries, burgers, smokies, and fish and chips, with some more specialty dishes like tonkatsu ramen.

Menu for the concession stand at second beach in vancouver

There is plenty of seating surrounding the concession stand, as well as more picnic tables in the park. Or, you can take your snacks to enjoy on the beach, but be sure to clean up after yourself to protect sealife and keep our beaches clean. 

vendor selling local strawberries at second beach in vancouver

In the summer you can even find vendors selling local fresh produce like strawberries, blueberries, and peaches!

Are there public restrooms at Second Beach?

public restrooms at second beach in vancouver

Yes, there are public restrooms and change rooms on either side of the main concession stand at Second Beach, right across from the pool. There are additional restrooms located at Ceperley Park Playground right near the parking lot. 

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row of rocks at second beach in vancouver

Can you swim at Second Beach?

Yes, Second Beach is great for swimming! There is a significant shelf at Second Beach, so the water remains shallow for several feet out from the shore, making the ocean water’s temperature more tolerable as it’s heated up by the sun. There are also lifeguards on duty from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm during the summer. 

View of cargo ships at second beach in vancouver

Is the Second Beach Pool free?

No, the Second Beach Pool is not free to enter. The pool is $6.66 for adults and $3.33 for children[1]. There is also a deal for 1 adult with 1 child for $6.66, but additional children or adults will cost extra. Children under the age of 5 enter for free. 

second beach pool in vancouver

If swimming in the ocean is a little too cold for you, try out the Second Beach Pool. Second Beach Pool is a heated outdoor pool, right next to Second Beach. The pool has a variety of depths, slides, and separate lanes for lap swimming. 

second beach pool in vancouver

Is Second Beach busy?

In the summer, Second Beach is very busy. Because of the amenities at Second Beach, its placement along the Seawall, and its location in Stanley Park, it is a very popular destination. Second Beach isn’t quite as busy as English Bay, but you can still expect to share the sand with plenty of beachgoers. 

Stanley Park playground at second beach in vancouver

Is Second Beach good for kids? 

Yes! Second Beach is great for kids. The concession stand makes it easy to grab lunch without having to pack a large picnic, and there are plenty of kid-friendly options to choose from. The shallow swimming and lifeguard on duty also provide safe swimming for kids. Not to mention the Second Beach Pool has multiple fun slides and kids’ swimming areas. 

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playground and park at second beach in vancouver

The Stanley Park Playground and Ceperley Park also can make for hours of fun for little ones if they want a break from the beach. 

picnic tables at second beach in vancouver

Can you barbecue at Second Beach?

You can use barbecues at Ceperley Park just above Second Beach. There are plenty of picnic tables to use for a family picnic, and there are also sheltered areas that can be reserved for picnics and parties. 


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