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Third Beach in Vancouver – Everything You Need To Know

Third Beach is the most secluded of the three beaches that run along the seawall on the western shore of Stanley Park, but it is still a very popular summer destination. Third Beach is nearly double the size of Second Beach, so it offers more sand space for beachgoers. The amazing views of the north shore, as well as the nearby concession and hiking trails, make Third Beach one of the very best in Vancouver.

Overlook of third beach in vancouver on a summer day

Where is Third Beach? 

Third Beach is the last of the row of three beaches that run along the western end of the Stanley Park Seawall. You can access Third Beach by walking or biking along the seawall from English Bay, and past Second Beach. You can also access Third Beach by car by driving through Stanley Park Drive, and then turning onto the Third Beach Parking Lot. 

Third Beach looks out over the Burrard Inlet, with beautiful mountain views across the water on the North Shore, and views of West Vancouver. Third Beach is located on the central west shore of Stanley Park and is far from any loud city traffic noise. A number of trailheads are located near Third Beach so that you can continue your exploration through Stanley Park, or you can continue along the seawall. 
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Third beach in vancouver looking north to the north shore

Is there parking at Third Beach?

Yes, there is a large parking lot just above Third Beach by the concession stand. To access the parking lot drive north along Stanley Park Drive, staying left, and then onto Third Beach Parking Lot Rd. At the end of this road is the Third Beach parking lot. The parking lot is large but can fill up on summer weekends, so arrive early. The price for parking is $3.75 per hour in the Summer, or $2.75 per hour in the winter[1].

parking lot at third beach in vancouver

If you want to save on parking, or just get some exercise in, you can easily walk or bike along the seawall from English Bay Beach in Vancouver’s West End to Third Beach. From English Bay along the seawall, the walk takes about 30-35 minutes to complete. There are also plenty of places to lock up your bike right on the seawall, or above the beach at the concession stand. 

Is there a concession stand at Third Beach?

Yes! There is a concession stand above the beach at Third Beach, just up the main stairs. The concession offers the same options as the concession located at Second Beach. 

concession stand at third beach in vancouver

On the menu, you can find classic beach eats like burgers and hot dogs, as well as some specialty items like fish and chips, veggie tacos, and even ramen. There are also specialty coffees, kombucha, and freshly squeezed lemonade to keep you refreshed and hydrated on a hot summer day! 

concession stand menu at third beach in vancouver

There is plenty of seating available near the concession stand, including picnic tables, and benches that have a wonderful view of the beach below where you can enjoy your food. 

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picnic tables at the third beach concession stand in vancouver

Are there public restrooms at Third Beach?

Yes, there are public restrooms and change rooms, as well as an outdoor shower located in the main building up the stairs from the beach that also houses the concession stand. 

public restrooms at third beach in vancouver

Can you swim at Third Beach? 

Yes! Third Beach is great for swimming. There is a natural shelf to the water, so the water remains shallow for several feet out from the shore, which is great when you need a little extra time acclimating to the temperature of the water. There is also a lifeguard on duty every day in the summer from 11:3o am to 8:30 pm. At the main building next to the entrance to the restrooms, the water temperature is also posted on a chalkboard and updated every day. 

lifeguard at third beach in vancouver

Is Third Beach busy?

Depending on when you go, Third Beach can be very busy. Because Third Beach is the most secluded out of Second Beach and English Bay, it will be less busy than the two, but can still fill up, especially in terms of parking. However, Third Beach has a very large stretch of sand, so you will still be able to find a spot on the sand even on the busiest of days. Third Beach is the busiest on summer weekends and holidays. 

Third beach in vancouver

Is Third Beach good for kids?

Yes, Third Beach is great for kids! Parents can stress less about packing lunch and instead rely on the concession stand for beach treats. There are plenty of options for kiddos to choose from. The shallow water and lifeguard on duty also allow kids to swim safely at Third Beach. 

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inukshuk rock sculpture on the stanley park seawall in vancouver

What else is there to do at Third Beach?

Third Beach is a naturally sandy beach, so it is a great spot to lay out a towel or blanket and enjoy the sunshine. The shallow and sandy water also makes for great swimming. Because Third Beach is protected by the densely forested Stanley Park, it is also much quieter than other urban beaches in Vancouver, and far away from the busy city traffic. 

third beach sign vancouver

There are plenty of hiking trails near Third Beach that lead you further into the beautiful Stanley Park, as well as the nearby Ferguson Point Lookout, Siwash Rock lookout, and Stanley Park Teahouse restaurant. If you’re in Vancouver, come to Third Beach for a relaxing beach experience with gorgeous views, and all the amenities you need to make the perfect beach day. 


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