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25 Towns Like Celebration, Florida

Lively town at Celebration, Florida.

Celebration, FL is a master-planned community that’s designed to provide residents with everything they could want or need. Shops, restaurants, and recreation activities are just a short walk away. You’ll also find pools, parks, and playgrounds that are exclusively available to members of the community.

Living in Celebration also means you’ll have many opportunities to connect with your neighbors. The community has a busy event calendar that includes a weekend farmer’s market, live music, and even community movie nights. There are also events hosted at the community’s highly-rated schools.

People flock to Celebration because it provides them with everything they could need in their community. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a short distance away from theme parks like Walt Disney World! If you want access to these kinds of amenities, take a look at these 25 towns like Celebration, FL.

1. The Villages, Florida

The Villages signage entrance, Florida.

While The Villages is home to one of the most popular master-planned communities in the United States, it caters to a different audience than Celebration. The Villages is an active adult retirement community for those over the age of 55.

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Not quite ready to retire? The town is also home to Middleton, a community that was designed for families. The average monthly cost of living in The Villages is between $750 and $1,150 a month. If you opt to stay in a hotel, expect rates from $100 to $144 per night.

2. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Historical village at Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

This beautiful Colorado resort town offers the same impressive perks and dense layout that you’ll find in Celebration. In addition to the town’s many restaurants and shops, you can enjoy geothermal amenities, like natural hot springs.

Glenwood Springs is home to approximately 9,915 full-time residents, but there are thousands of others that visit the town each year. The cost of living in Glenwood Springs can be high, but hotel prices are reasonable, with nightly rates as low as $80.

3. Blacksburg, Virginia

Entrance at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia.

If you love the way that Celebration has something for everyone, you’ll love Blacksburg too. This Virginia town has a walkable downtown filled with locally-owned shops and restaurants. There’s also a strong emphasis on community, with events held throughout the year.

Blacksburg also has a strong emphasis on education. Not only is the town home to Virginia Tech, but it also has thriving public schools. The cost of living is slightly above average and hotel rates are affordable, with prices ranging from $50 to $148 a night.

4. Ontario, California

Pink Flowers and clock tower, Ontario, California.

When you visit this California town, you’ll find beautifully-maintained parks, lakes, and a thriving arts culture. It’s home to The Ontario Museum of History and Art, which offers regular film screenings. Many residents live in Ontario Ranch, the top-rated master-planned community in California.

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Ontario Ranch covers more than 8,000 acres and is designed with family recreation in mind. Families that live here can enjoy fire pits, community pools, dog parks, and more. The median home cost in Ontario is $519,900, while the average cost of a nightly hotel stay is $130.

5. Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Mt. Lebanon High School, Pennsylvania.

If you love how accessible everything is in Celebration, you’re sure to love Mt. Lebanon. This Pennsylvania town has been named one of the most walkable small towns in the United States. You can easily enjoy the town’s hiking trails, shops, and restaurants without ever getting into your car.

Mt. Lebanon was officially established back in 1912, but European settlers came to the area all the way back in the 1700s. The town’s rich history is still visible today, with many buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll find a slightly above average cost of living in Mt. Lebanon, with hotel rates between $90 and $148 a night.

6. Naples, Florida

Fountain near hotels, Naples, Florida.

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is known for amenities like golf courses, fine dining establishments, and luxury shopping. The Florida town is also home to highly-rated master-planned communities like Ave Maria, which has its own shops, organic farm, and even its own university!

Much like Celebration, Naples has an emphasis on both quality of life and education. Although Naples is a wealthier town with a high cost of living, it’s a very affordable place to take a trip. Hotel prices start at just $80 a night.

7. Spring, Texas

Dripping pool, at Spring, Texas.

This Texas city has a diverse economy and endless options for entertainment. Even though Spring is a short drive from Houston, amenities like hiking trails, parks, and wineries. You’ll also find master-planned communities here, including the highly-rated Breckenridge Forest community.

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While some master-planned communities are prohibitively expensive, home prices in the town of Spring are very reasonable, with an average price of $290,000. If you’d prefer to visit this Texan town, you’ll find inexpensive hotel rates ranging from $60 to $160 per night.

8. Duluth, Minnesota

Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth, Minnesota.

Located right along Lake Superior, this Minnesotan port city is the fifth-largest city in the state. Much like Celebration, Duluth offers amenities you’d normally only find in big cities, but it still has a small town feel. Since the town is right on the water, many local attractions are water-themed, like the Great Lakes Aquarium.

This town is a surprisingly great vacation spot, especially for families. If you get a hotel room with a waterfront view, you can watch ships come into the canal! Nightly rates start at just $57, with prices rising higher during the peak tourist season in the summer.

9. Charlottesville, Virginia

Statue of Robert E. Lee, Charlottesville, Virginia.

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to live and work, you can’t go wrong with Charlottesville. In fact, residents enjoy such a high quality of life that the town has the nickname “Joy Town.” Much like Celebration, Charlotteville is very walkable and provides easy access to incredible amenities.

From family-friendly attractions like the Virginia Discovery Museum to historic sites like Monticello, anyone can find something to do in Charlottesville. The cost of living in Charlottesville is above average, but hotel prices are generally manageable, with rates anywhere from $75 to $250 a night.

10. Punta Gorda, Florida

Restaurant near a harbor Punta Gorda, Florida.

When you visit this Gulf Coast town, you’ll find palm trees, a walkable downtown, and amazing attractions like nature parks and botanical gardens. Just like Celebration, this is a master-planned town that’s designed to foster community togetherness.

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While Celebration was created in the 90s, Punta Gorda has a much longer history. It started out as a small fishing community, but became a master-planning community more than 50 years ago. It has a below average cost of living and reasonable hotel rates, with nightly prices from $90 to $199.

11. Kingsport, Tennessee

Welcome Signage at Kingsport Tennessee.

In this scenic Tennessee town, you can enjoy both natural beauty and a walkable downtown. It has the same emphasis on education as Celebration does, along with the same range of amenities. You’ll find everything from planetariums to parks to breweries within the town’s limits!

While Kingsport feels like a small town, it’s home to 53,376, making it quite a bit larger than Celebration. It has a lot to offer, it’s still an affordable place to live, with a cost of living below the state and national average. Hotel rates start at around $70, with average rates somewhere around $110 a night.

12. Stillwater, Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Stillwater is a friendly and welcoming college town that’s known for its hometown hospitality. Home to Oklahoma State University, the town has a strong emphasis on education and amenities. You’ll find hiking trails, fishing spots, museums, and an eclectic live music scene.

Not only is Stillwater very walkable, but it also has a strong public transit system. The cost of living is well below the national average, and the cost of a nightly stay is typically less than $100.

13. Katy, Texas

City hall of Katy, Texas.

If you’re drawn to master-planned communities like Celebration, you’ll find plenty of them in Katy. In fact, it’s home to two of the top-selling communities in the United States: Elyson and Tammaron.

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While there are plenty of amenities within these communities, there’s a lot to enjoy outside them too. Katy has parks, shopping malls, and much more. Prices for homes in Katy’s master-planned communities start at $300,000, while hotel rates begin at $55 a night.

14. Coral Gables, Florida

Luxury hotel at Coral Gables, Florida.

Located just a short distance away from Miami, Coral Gables has been described as “The City Beautiful.” It has walkable boulevards, beautiful homes, and attractions both locals and visitors will love, like botanical gardens and historical sights like the Alhambra Water Tower.

Coral Gables is also one of the oldest master-planned communities in the United States. When it was established in the 1920s, it was designed to bring the architecture of Spain to Florida. While it’s an expensive place to live, it’s a much more affordable place to stay, with prices starting at $70.

15. Exeter, New Hampshire

Church made of stones, New Hampshire.

This beautiful, walkable New Hampshire town has the same emphasis on education that you’ll find in Celebration. You’ll find excellent private and public schools here. There are plenty of fantastic amenities as well, like trails for hiking and cycling and historic museums.

Since Exeter is in New England, it gets much chillier than Celebration, especially in the winter. However, that means you can experience all four seasons here. The cost of living in Exeter is on the high side, but hotel rates are economical, with nightly prices from $88 to $198.

16. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Twilight and lighthouse, South Carolina.

You’ll feel like you’ve entered paradise when you see the shores of Hilton Head Island. From the breathtaking white sand beaches to the natural wildlife, there’s a lot to love about this resort town. It’s also home to the award-winning Latitude Margaritaville master-planned community.

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Living on Hilton Head Island can be very expensive, but it’s a hot vacation spot with plenty of affordable hotel rooms. In fact, cheaper hotels start at just $80. You can even stay in a beach house resort for around $399 a night.

17. Burlington, Vermont

Historical building at clock tower, Burlington, Vermont.

Even though Burlington is the most populous city in Vermont, it still has the feel of a charming small town. It has the same quaint homes and walkable streets that you’ll find in Celebration, but it also has unique attractions, like the adult-sized Oakledge Park Treehouse.

Burlington is known for its excellent schools and its beautiful natural scenery, especially during the fall. The cost of living here is on the higher side, but you can find hotel rooms with nightly rates anywhere from $85 to $245.

18. Barnstable Town, Massachusetts

Historical building at Barnstable Town Massachusetts.

In this charming Cape Cod town, you’ll find welcoming neighbors and events focused on bringing the community together, like farmer’s markets. It’s easy to explore the downtown shops and restaurants on foot, and there are attractions within walking distance as well, like the Sandy Neck Lighthouse.

If you venture out towards the water, you can rent boats and potentially spot whales. This is a very expensive place to live, but the cost of a nightly hotel stay is much more reasonable, with prices starting at less than $100.

19. Port St. Lucie, Florida

Beautiful town at Port St. Lucie, Florida.

This Atlantic Coast city is filled with natural beauty. Not only can you find stunning white sand beaches, but you can explore botanical gardens filled with wildlife. It’s also home to Tradition, a master-planned community that has the same small-town feel as Celebration.

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Tradition offers both single-family homes and townhomes, along with resort-style amenities. The median price of a home in Tradition is $425,000. If you want to enjoy a nightly stay, you’ll find hotel rates ranging from $100 to $138.

20. Mountain House, California

Luxurious houses in a village, Mountain House, California.

Mountain House is a large planned community that’s divided up into several villages, including Alamont, Bethany, and Questa. There are also additional villages under development. If you love the quaint-looking homes and streets of Celebration, you’re sure to fall in love with Mountain House.

In addition to its distinct home designs, Mountain House has community clubs, lifestyle amenities, and excellent schools. With a median price of $886,750, the homes in this town will be beyond the budget of most households, but it’s still a nice place to visit. You can find hotels in nearby Tracy for just $70 a night.

21. Lake Orion, Michigan

A town near a lake at Michigan.

Lake Orion isn’t a master-planned community, but it has the same feel thanks to its quaint, historic downtown and walkable streets. Located about 45 minutes north of Detroit, this Michigan city is also home to many amenities, such as lakes, hiking trails, and parks.

It can get chilly in Lake Orion, especially when you compare it to the always-balmy town of Celebration, but there are community events to enjoy all year long. The cost of living in Lake Orion is slightly above average, but there are affordable homes in the area. Hotel costs in Lake Orion can vary based on the season, with nightly prices anywhere from $50 to $149.

22. Oak Hill, Tennessee

Historic bridge at Oak Hill, Tennessee.

This small town is just a short distance from Nashville, but it has its own municipal government. It’s a beautiful town that’s often described as a hidden gem thanks to its charming downtown and proximity to state parks. Of course, if you need more excitement, Nashville is also just a short drive away.

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Oak Hill is a part of the highly-rated Metropolitan Nashville Public School District, and the schools and small town community bring many people to the area. The cost of living in Oak Hill is below average, and hotel rates are very economical as well, with rates from $50 to $132 a night.

23. Greeley, Colorado

City hall of Greeley, Colorado.

Much like Celebration, Greeley has a busy event calendar that includes live music, farmer’s markets, and more. It also has plenty of local amenities, like breweries and fine dining establishments. It’s even home to RainDance, a top-rated master-planned community with a variety of charming homes.

You’ll find new homes starting at $300,000 in RainDance, which makes it more affordable than many master-planned communities. If you’d prefer to visit the town, hotel rates start at just $70 per night, and average rates are just $128 on weekends.

24. Rancho Mirage, California

A town in a valley and rocky mountain, California.

Celebration was once owned by Disney, but it was sold to a private equity firm in 2004. If you’d like to live in a true Disney community, Rancho Mirage will eventually be the home of Disney’s first-ever Storyliving by Disney Community. The community, which will be named Cotino, is still under development, but it should bring plenty of amenities to the area.

Even now, Rancho Mirage is home to the historic Sunnylands Center & Gardens estate, as well as some well-maintained community parks. It’s too early to buy homes in Cotino, but you can still visit Rancho Mirage. You can find hotel prices ranging from $70 to $245 a night.

25. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Water Country Water Park, New Hampshire.

This gorgeous port town is filled with historic homes that look like they could be a part of a community like Celebration! It’s easy to explore the town on foot or bike, and you’ll find a lot to see and do while you’re here. There are plenty of shops and restaurants, as well as regular community events.

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There are attractions here for the whole family, like Water Country Water Park and public gardens. Although the cost of living in Portsmouth is on the high side, you can still find affordable hotels to stay in. Rates typically start at around $100 per night, and there are fantastic deals during the off season.