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6 Towns Like Evergreen, Colorado

Autumn and rocky mountain at Evergreen, Colorado.

Towns Like Evergreen, Colorado

Sitting at an elevation of 7,220 feet (2,200 m) in the Rocky Mountains, the town of Evergreen lies 19 miles west of Denver, Colorado. Although the Evergreen Metropolitan District provides services, Evergreen is considered an unincorporated town that falls under the jurisdiction of Jefferson County, Colorado, U.S.

In case you are wondering, the town was so named because of the evergreen trees that surround it. At the 2020 US Census, Evergreen’s population numbered some 9,307 inhabitants.

For the tourist, there is the Colorado Blue Spruce Monument located in the town, in honor of the Colorado state tree. Other registered historical places that, as a tourist, you might take an interest in while in Evergreen include: Bergen Park, Dedisse Park, Everhardt Ranch, Fillius Park, Hiwan Homestead, Humphrey House, O’Fallon Park and  Pence Park.

Downtown Evergreen has a mix of historic buildings and local businesses. This includes the acclaimed entertainment venue and restaurant, The Little Bear. Although Evergreen started as a ranching area, today its main industries are in professional, scientific and technical services.

In terms of recreation, Evergreen boasts Hiwan Golf Club-an 18-hole country club located just east of Evergreen’s Bergen Park. It is Evergreen’s only country club.

In addition to the golf club, there is Evergreen Lake. It lies above downtown Evergreen. Popular as a recreation area, it, together with its Lake House, add to the town’s local recreation. The lake, mountains, hills, parks and solitary goal course offer both tourists and locals opportunities for snowboarding and golfing.

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And what can you do in winter while in Evergreen? Well, Evergreen Lake offers ice-skating. Skating season is from mid-to-late December till late March if the thickness of the ice and weather permit. The Lake is the venue of the annual Skate and Lake celebration, and the Evergreen Pond Hockey Championship.

Located in the Denver Mountain Parks and Jefferson County Open Space park systems, Evergreen is surrounded by thousands of acres. The Denver Mountain Parks in the area are Bergen Park, Corwina Park, Dedisse Park, to name but a few.  These make Evergreen one of the most naturally picturesque towns in Colorado.

In 2019, the median property value in Evergreen, CO was $484, 500. Then, this was  2.01 times larger than the national average of $240,500! So, Evergreen is expensive.

1. Georgetown, South Carolina

A small dock in the town at Georgetown, South Carolina.

Located on Winyah Bay at the confluence of the Black, Great Pee Dee, Waccamaw and Sampit rivers, Georgetown is the second largest seaport in South Carolina. It is the third oldest town in the U.S. state of South Carolina. During 2019, Georgetown’s population stood at 8,866 inhabitants.

Should you want to start a business in Georgetown, then think of something related to Health Care and Social Assistance, Retail Trade, Construction and Public Administration.

If you are a history buff, then historical Georgetown is calling you. The small town was touched by the American Civil War. It is overflowing with historical attractions, antebellum mansions, and antique shops. Georgetown has more than 50 different sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Popular recreation for you in the Georgetown area includes golf. If you want to tee up, try Wedgefield Plantation Golf Club and Heritage Club. Other activities comprise sailing charters, eco-tours, shell collecting, deep-sea fishing and beach activities at nearby beaches.

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Both Evergreen and Georgia are similar in their population. They share a main industry in Public Administration. Like Georgetown, Evergreen also offers golf as a local recreational activity. Both are picturesque and scenic in their own naturally endowed ways. Above all, both have registered historic places of interest to visit.

However, Georgetown is not as expensive as Evergreen. With 2019 property values of around $163k, it is more accessible than the 2019 national average of over $240k. Understandably, Georgetown, being by the coast, also offers local recreational activities like deep-sea fishing that are not offered in Evergreen.

2. Estes Park, Colorado

Luxurious hotel at Estes Park, Colorado.

Should you be already in Colorado but looking to change neighbors, then search no further than Estes Park. Also located in Colorado, Estes Park is located 7,522 feet above sea level. It is snug in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If there are definitely nosey neighbors and too many people that you are running away from, then definitely make Estes Park your new home. In the 2019 census, this little gem had a population count of just 6,38 thousand inhabitants.

The main industries here are Accommodation and Food services, followed by Educational Services and Public Administration. So, if you have a managerial qualification, then this is the place for you. Management, office and administrative support occupations top the list of occupations.  

If you are Estes Park bound, then prepare for a local recreational life of snowboarding, mountain hikes, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, scenic drives and pristine, snow-capped views. Estes Park is the place to be! It is both picturesque and nice.

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Be prepared though. The median property value in Estes Park is $413,000. This makes it as expensive as in Evergreen-though a little less so.

Like Evergreen, Estes Park is in Colorado and not far from the influence of the Rocky mountains. This makes them both picturesque and beautiful. Its population is also relatively small, less than 10k.

In terms of tourism and local recreation, both have a lot to offer you in terms of recreational activities. Unfortunately, this similarity also extends to both towns’ median property values-they are both relatively high. Their only difference seems to be the main industries!   

3. Jackson, Wyoming

Small town and pine trees in the mountain at Jackson, Wyoming.

With Colorado and Utah to the South, you just have to visit Jackson, Wyoming-your pocket permitting, of course. In case you are wondering, Jackson is the namesake town of Jackson Hole valley in the Western mountains. Both its setting and surrounds give it a rustic scene that is a must see.

With a 2019 population that was pegged at 10.553, should you decide to settle there and look for a job, then your best bet is finding one in Accommodation and Food Services, Health Care and Social Assistance or Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. The average income in Jackson was in 2019 just over $44,000 for women and almost one and higher for men!

Touristy things you can do in Jackson are to visit the pristinely picturesque and scenic Laurence Rockefeller Preserve or the educational National Museum of Wildlife. However, if it is to dabble in local recreational outdoor offerings, then you are in for a treat. There is skiing (regular, cross-country, snowcat, and heli-) in winter and plentiful hiking, fly-fishing, rafting, biking, and hot-air ballooning in summer.  

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But beware, all good things come at a price. Jackson is by no means cheap. On the contrary, in 2019, property values were a whopping $650,100, Jackson Wyoming is very expensive!

That said though, Jackson offers the same rustic pristine that’s more or less similar to that of Evergreen. In terms of main industries, both offer Professional, Scientific and Technical Services and jobs. And given their environs, you will agree that they both offer a rich outdoor life-skiing of all sorts being primary amongst them. Why, even their populations are almost similar!

Where they differ, however, is in their property values. While I will agree that Evergreen is expensive, I will admit Jackson is even more so!!

4. Telluride, Colorado

A hotel in the cliff at Telluride, Colorado.

Snuggled in the soaring San Juans, Telluride is what you could describe as small. In 2019 it stood at 1.9k.

Should you be heading to Telluride to look for a job, then be qualified in either Accommodation and Food or Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. These are Telluride’s main industries.

If fishing is your passion, then Telluride offers tourists like yourself trout fishing and hiking opportunities in summer, as well as downhill and cross-country skiing in winter. I would have you know that Telluride is actually considered one of the world’s most beautiful ski resorts. This has seen Telluride attract international vacationers from all around the world for many years.

With the snow-capped San Juan for a backdrop, Telluride is indisputably picturesque and nice. The typical property price in Telluride in 2019 was $410,800.

Akin to Evergreen, Telluride is also in Colorado. They share the same climate and outdoor activities that their mountain ranges and water bodies afford them. In terms of main industries, they share professional, scientific and technical services as one of the main areas of economic activity. To top it all off, ranging around the $400k plus mark, both their median property values in 2019 were more or less similar -somewhat expensive.

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5. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona signage entrance at Sedona, Arizona

Located in the State of Arizona, Sedona is the place to be if you are looking for a town which, like Evergreen, has not more than 10,000 people. If that is indeed the case, then Sedona is the place to be for you-its population stood at 10,3k inhabitants, according to the 2019 census.

Regarding the main industries, Sedona’s are in the Healthcare, Social Assistance, Accommodation and Food Services. As such, should you come looking for a job in Sedona, have a qualification in management occupations, office and administration as these seem to be what’s economically vibrant here. Interestingly though, due to its canyon and desert scenery, Sedona has apparently been a filming site in over 90 films. Any film extras out there?

Surrounded by the arid Arizona desert,  canyons and giant rock formations of Red Rock State Park, Sedona naturally attracts nature lovers. In recent years, it has become a haven for neo-hippies and those seeking their spiritual selves. However, if boho chic and comfort is more your thing than desert camping, the town has that as well.

Sedona is, however, only nearer to Evergreen in terms of population. Its scorching, waterless desert local weather, is nothing near the parklands of Evergreen. Nonetheless, like Evergreen, there’s no scarcity of outdoor activities related to the locale.

On the economic front, with a 2019 median property value of  507,400, both Sedona and Evergreen are also comparatively expensive. In this respect, both Sedona and Evergreen provide both their residents with a more or less comparable economic existence.

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6. Sisters, Oregon

Welcome signage of Sisters, Oregon.

Sisters is a city in Deschutes County, Oregon, United States. It is part of the Bend, Oregon Metropolitan Statistical Area.

In 2019, this little city in Oregon had a mere 2,64k people. The main industries are Accommodation and Food, Retail Trade and Other Services.

In terms of tourism, those who know, will tell you that Sister (aka “Sisters Country”) is a wonderland paradise to visit and see. With memorable rivers, mountains and lakes. This earthly paradise of magnificent forests and the Sahalie and Koosah Falls, Clear Lake and the City of Sisters are something you are likely to forget in a hurry.

Unfortunately, however, there seems very little for you to do if you are a local. Local recreational activities are largely lacking. It makes up for it in its mean property value.

With a median property value of  $330,800, Sisters is reasonable. This is perhaps because it has little to offer you in terms of recreation.

What is striking about Sisters are some of its magnificently scenic features that are reminiscent of Evergreen. This makes it a potential holidaying and adventure destination.

Other than that, its population is much less. It shares no main industries with Evergreen. Neither is it as expensive.