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20 Towns Like Katonah, New York

Tulips and a garden at Katonah, New York.

Living in a suburb with a rural feel is a win-win. You get to be away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to commute there in a short time. Meanwhile, you can enjoy vast greenery, peaceful neighborhoods, low to zero crime, clean air, and amazing school districts.

That’s what you get in Katonah and the 20 similar cities that we’re reviewing to help you choose the right neighborhood for your family. The communities also have a few differences in terms of cost of living, from home prices to salaries, in addition to nightlife activities.

1,761 people reside in Katonah, a New York City borough. Katonah is located in Westchester County and is among New York’s nicest places to live. The population of Katonah enjoys a suburban-rural mix, with most of the residents owning their residences. Katonah is home to a large number of young professionals who hold largely centrist political beliefs. Schools in Katonah, New York, are well regarded.

If you’re looking for a town with a low cost of living and a lack of nightlife but a high quality of life and a great school system for your kids, this is the place for you! As a bonus, you get to live in a lovely house.

There is a $731,900 median property value and a $173,942 median income in this area. The highest-paid jobs in Katonah include professional, scientific, and technical services as well as manufacturing.

1. Vineyard, Utah

The population of Vineyard, a Provo enclave, is 7,103. It may be found in Utah County. Most people in Vineyard rent their homes, which gives the community a unique urban/suburban vibe. Many families and young professionals call Vineyard, Utah, home. The town has many parks. People in Vineyard are known for their conservatism, which is reflected in their public education, which is above average.

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A self-sufficient hamlet, Vineyard is no longer merely a tranquil enclave on the periphery of larger cities. Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, Accommodation & Food Services are Vineyard, UT’s most important industries.

Vineyard, UT has a median household income of $81,116 and a median home value of $413,000. The average commute time in this town is 21 minutes, and the majority of residents drive to work alone.

2. Houserville, Pennsylvania

Old wooden cover bridge at 2. Houserville, Pennsylvania.

1,972 people call Houserville home. Centre County is home to one of the nicest areas to live in Pennsylvania, and Houserville is no exception. Residents of Houserville enjoy a rural setting and most own their own homes. Restaurants, cafés, and parks abound in Houserville.

Houserville is a conservative town with a large population of young professionals. Schools in Houserville are regarded as some of the best in the state. The primary industries in this sector are education, library services, and administration.

While the typical household income is $90,750, the median home value is $225,700.

State College, Pennsylvania, has a nice neighborhood like this one. The third best place to live in America according to a recent poll. Located near Penn State University, the area’s public schools are excellent. The Cata bus provides convenient access to State College’s downtown area.

3. Gerlach, Nevada

State Route 447 at Gerlach, Nevada.

Gerlach, Nevada, is the ultimate little town, with a population of just 206 people. It is situated in the Black Rock Desert, which is flanked by mountains just in the background and is a stunning landscape. In addition, the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, that’s home to roughly 2,000 people and boasts a big lake, is just over an hour away by car.

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Gerlach’s economy is largely focused on tourism. However, the town’s citizens do own their online businesses. Gerlach’s economy relies heavily on tourism and hunting in the adjacent Black Rock Desert. State Route 447 is the primary highway into Gerlach.

On October 15, 1997, the British Thrust SSC supersonic automobile team exploited the town’s residences and pubs to achieve their aim to be the first to travel faster than the speed of sound. Gerlach has a median home value of $261,212 and a median annual income of $65,712 for residents.

4. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Boat museum at Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Doylestown is a thriving horse farming village in Bucks County outside of Philadelphia, with a population of 8297 and is surrounded by thousands of acres of meadows. Main and State Streets in the town, which serve as the county seat, frequently attract inhabitants to dine on the patios, shop, and attend festivals.

The community also hosts the oldest Memorial Day march in the United States. A job commute typically takes 25 minutes.

Public schools here have ranked highly across all top-rated review systems.

The median household income in Doylestown is $99,333 a year, while properties average $408,100. Professional, Science, Technical Services, and Retail Trade are the economic drivers in Doylestown.

5. Fruitland Park, Florida

City Hall, Signage at Fruitland Park, Florida.

Fruitland Park, a city in central Florida with a community of just over 11,000, has easy access to a variety of waterways. It appears that Fruitland Park’s population is increasing due to the increase in people relocating to Florida, which has led to a rise in the number of homes being built. Several minor cities, including Leesburg, are within an hour’s drive of The Glen, a new development by national homebuilder Maronda Homes.

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The schools here are considered above average. Even though the cost of living has significantly increased, the number of amenities available makes it worthwhile. The median household income is $60,319 and the average home price is $304495. It takes less than 20 minutes to get to work for most residents.

6. Benton City, Washington

Yakima Valley with grape plantation Benton City, Washington.

Benton City, with its mild winters, abundant sunshine, and hilly backdrop, is an ideal area to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle. 2,800 people call this town their home in a fertile, verdant area along the Yakima River, which flows through it.

Additionally, Benton City is one of the best-educated rural communities in the United States, according to AOL; the nearby city of Kennewick has some of the best-projected job development in America.

Households earn $82384 on average and take about 21 minutes to get to work. Houses have a $386,471 median value. If you’re moving here with smaller children, consider private or homeschooling as the system is at or below average.

7. Yankton, South Dakota

Small town at Missouri River, Yankton, South Dakota.

For those who enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, and hiking, this is the place for you. Yankton, South Dakota, is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Site and the Missouri River.

One of the city’s major parks with a swimming pool, basketball courts, sports grounds, trails, and a performing arts venue. Small town Yankton has low crime rates, strong employment numbers, as well as a low cost of living.

With a population of 14,573, the school district is fulfilling, operating above average. Manufacturing and wholesale production are its main industries, with households earning $50,582. The median house price is $223,786.

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8. West Lake, Florida

Peaceful part at West Lake, Florida.

Consider Westlake, Florida as an option if you’d like to be a part of the town’s beginnings. Westlake, a city in Palm Beach County, was only formed in 2016. Residential, industrial, and public land are all being developed as part of a comprehensive master plan.

The median house price is $567,332, while households typically earn $86008 and the school system is fantastic. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the area has grown from six residents to nearly 2,800 residents by 2020.

An emergency room has been added to the main Wellington hospital campus, about a 20-minute drive away, after Wellington Regional Medical Center bought 35 acres near Westlake in 2019.

9. Fulshear, Texas

Small town and a grassland, Fulshear, Texas

Among the best family-oriented communities in Texas and the US as a whole, Fulshear gives you great schools, diversity, commuting, activities, nightlife, and more. The median household income is $162,826 while houses cost $686,950 on average. Known for its manufacturing industry, residents also earn from industrial facilities, recycling, and distribution facilities, as well as small warehouses.

Fulshear, now home to more than 9,906 people, has profited from the development of the Houston metropolitan area. Visitors to the neighborhood may learn about the area’s natural wonders on the city’s official website, which includes links to hiking and bicycling trails, vineyards, as well as places where they can observe alligators.

Fulshear appears to retain its small-town vibe, with local grocers and family-owned eateries, even as new commercial and housing projects keep bringing new residents.

10. Liberty Hill, Texas

Historical city hall at Liberty Hill, Texas.

Liberty Hill, a small community on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, is home to about  3,549 residents. This neighborhood hosts a variety of events throughout the year designed to draw visitors and it provides residents with a small-town atmosphere with an eclectic flair.

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In recent years, it has hosted a hot air balloon and sculpture festival that attracts artists and balloonists from all over the world to participate in a parade and food truck gathering. Visitors can also visit the Liberty Hill International Sculpture Park in town year-round.

Social assistance and healthcare, construction, and education are the main economic sources in Liberty Hill. The school system is great here and households earn an average of $63,828 and pay a median price of $179,400 for their homes. Affordability is the name of the game in this lovely community.

11. Bexley, Ohio

Bexley City hall at Bexley Ohio.

About 13,786 people reside in beautiful Bexley, Ohio and 74% of them are homeowners. The median annual household income is $109,036 with house prices averaging $504,790. Here, neighbors are very close and you can walk along Main Street. This suburb of Columbus has an excellent education system and lies within the vicinity of Alum Creek.  Healthcare, retail, and education are the main sources of employment.

Capital University, a Lutheran-affiliated independent institution, calls this neighborhood home. To form the new neighborhood of Bexley, the Lutheran community of Pleasant Ridge and the former country estate of Columbus’ wealthy Bullit Park area were combined.

12. Telluride, Colorado

City front view at Telluride, Colorado.

With a population of 1,965, Telluride is a ski resort town in Colorado. The historic mining town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is a year-round hotspot for outdoor adventurers and history buffs. The heart of the city is a National Historic Landmark District filled with Victorian-era mansions, many of which are now used as shops and restaurants by visitors.

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It’s not cheap to live here! The median house price is $1,359,422 and residents’ household earnings average $67,356. The main industries here are tourism, professional, technical, and scientific services. Public schools here have high ratings.

The Telluride Ski Resort is a well-known winter attraction in this small Colorado town, but there’s plenty to do once the snow melts. Popular summer activities include biking, hiking, fly fishing, golfing, and a variety of river sports.

13. Drippings Spring, Texas

Hamilton Pool Preserve at Drippings Spring, Texas.

Dripping Springs, Texas, maybe just the place for you if you’re a fan of Austin but want to get away from the city’s commotion. With a population of 6587, the community has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor recreation.

You’ll be happy with the highly-rated school system and houses here have a median price of $890,135. The median household income is $80,000 with most people employed in the health, construction, and education industries. Education in every aspect is excellent in Drippings.

Hamilton Pool Preserve, a natural preserve feature and among the nicest swimming holes in Texas, is a well-known draw in Dripping Springs. While geologists analyze the safety of swimmers, the region has a “no swimming” regulation in place while they do their work.

14. Celina, Texas

2 women running on a soccer field at Celina, Texas.

If you don’t mind a town that’s growing at a rapid rate, yet still maintaining a high quality of life, then Celina is ideal for you. You have museums, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and ongoing activities to keep you busy. Over 14,000 new residents have moved to Celina, a small town in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, since 2010.

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There is a possibility that it will become much larger than it is now, given its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It’s estimated that Celina’s population will expand to roughly 350,000 when the area is fully built, according to the city’s website. Commuting takes about 30 minutes, but the beautiful community makes it worthwhile.

As demand grows in the Celina area, you may be able to see a significant boost in the value of your house if you buy soon. The schools here are great and do focus a lot on competitive sports. The median household income is $124,375 while buying a house average $575,480. Mining, fishing, forestry, and agriculture are the highest paying industries in Celina, Texas.

15. Manvel, Texas

Within the greater Houston metropolitan area, the city of Manvel is situated to the south. Manuel, which has a population of 5,179, lacks a central business district, but its rapid expansion is partly owing to the construction of master-planned neighborhoods in the region.

Manvel residents don’t have to go more than 15 minutes to buy their essentials from the nearby Pearland commercial area, which contains a Costco and Target, as well as an outdoor mall. From Manvel, it’s only a 30-minute drive to the city of Houston’s more developed suburbs, which include offices, retail, and industrial firms.

The Manvel school system is highly-rated and workers in the town earn a median household income of $86,585. Houses here typically cost $379,798.

16. Triana, Alabama

Known as a bedroom community, Triana is a small hamlet in north Alabama situated southeast of Huntsville, where many residents commute to Huntsville for employment. Triana is a great place to live because of the strong job market in the Huntsville metro region.

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Also, the job market ranks sixth out of the 150 most populated metro areas in the United States in the Best Places to Live in the United States in 2021-2022 rankings. Over a decade, the population of Triana has grown from less than 500 to over 1,300.

The median income is $244,831 and residents earn an average household income of $84,696. Schools here have excellent ratings, so you get a full package for the family when living in Triana.

17. Josephine, Texas

Josephine, Texas, has a population of 2,545, making it a typical small town in rural Texas. The majority of the residents are homeowners due to the area’s low home prices in comparison to the state’s larger cities.

Many individuals relocating to a new town are eager to see how Josephine is evolving, and developers are working to establish shopping centers, create a bustling downtown, and allocate areas for parks, trails, and open spaces. On Josephine’s official website, developers are advised to pursue investing in the region by seeing a list of potential building sites.

18. Forest Acres, South Carolina

Live Oak tree near a water bank.

There are close to 10,500 people living in Forest Acres, a Columbia suburb. Forest Acres, situated in Richland County in South Carolina, is among the state’s nicest places to live. Forest Acres has a densely populated atmosphere with the majority of people being house owners. There are many beautiful parks here for outdoor enthusiasts.

Forest Acres is home to many young professionals and retirees, many of whom hold moderate political views. Forest Acres’ public schools are highly regarded. Located in the heart of Columbia, Forest Acres is just a short drive away from the University of South Carolina, Fort Jackson, and I-77.

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The public schools are excellent, as well as housing, family life, jobs, and diversity. It’s an easy commute to work as well as to the various amenities. In this dense suburban atmosphere, you’ll pay a median of $193,700 for a home while earning a household average of $69,212. Education, health, and retail are the three main industries in Forest Acres.

19. Aspen, Colorado

A sunset at Rocky mountain in Aspen, Colorado

With more than 7,300 people living there. Here are a few reasons why it’s a fantastic tiny town: Aspen, a small town with a big name, sees a spike in visitors as soon as the snow begins to fall on the slopes. Despite this, Aspen’s allure is year-round because of the Rocky Mountains, which provide year-round hiking and trail access.

The city is now a haven for those looking to be pampered with high-end dining and accommodation. While diversity at the school is average, everything else from academics to teaching staff, academics, college prep, and resources are excellent.

The median household income here is $78,292 while the average house price is $2,694,090. While it’s a lot pricier than Katonah, you still get a small-town feel, great amenities, and jobs. Tourism is a big economic booster in Aspen. The other top industries are retail and health. However, trading in wholesale, finance, and utilities pays the most.

20. North Decatur, Georgia

The population of North Decatur, an Atlanta suburb, is 16,701 people. North Decatur, Georgia’s best-kept secret, is located in DeKalb County. Citizens of North Decatur enjoy an urban-suburban mix, with most of the residents owning their residences. There are many eateries, cafés, and green spaces in North Decatur. There are many talented young workers and liberals in North Decatur.

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The public schools in North Decatur are above average. Outdoor activities and nightlife are in abundance and so is the variety. Decatur is also known for its diversity. In this urban-suburban mixed city, you pay a median price of $295,800 for houses while earning an average household income of $79,449.

The ability to commute from here to Atlanta and other nearby towns or cities is really easy, whether by public transportation or private. Dining facilities are abundant and many are top class. This community is also minutes from Emory University and houses top-rated schools only. While health, science, and technical services are the main industries, utilities, manufacturing, and information are the top payers.