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25 Towns Like Lake George, New York

Tourist on a parachute at Lake George, New York.

Located deep within the Adirondack wilderness, Lake George, NY has been a popular vacation destination for nearly 200 years! While fewer than 1,000 people live in this lakeside town full-time, the population swells during the summer, when tens of thousands of people flock to properties around the lake.

Lake George is surrounded by mountains, forest, and water, making it a very picturesque location. Not only is it a relaxing and idyllic getaway, but it offers a near-endless assortment of amenities and activities, including golf courses, beaches, hiking trails, and exciting events, like the Adirondack Balloon Festival.

If what you really want is peace and quiet, Lake George can provide that thanks to its many islands. There are private islands available for campground rentals, allowing you to truly get away from it all. These 25 towns like Lake George, NY offer the same scenic beauty and amenities.

1. Albert Lea, Minnesota

A town near a lake at Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Tucked between Albert Lea Lake and Fountain Lake, this Minnesota town is filled with natural beauty. The town is home to a state park, and you can see pelicans on the water when the weather is warm. There are also activities to enjoy throughout the year, including golfing, hiking, kayaking, camping, and snowmobiling.

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With a population of 17,773, Albert Lea is larger than Lake George, but it’s still a perfect place to relax and unwind. Whether you choose to camp or stay in a hotel, you can expect very affordable rates, with prices around $55 to $80 a night.

2. Sandpoint, Idaho

Cinema near a crossroad at Sandpoint, Idaho.

Like Lake George, you’ll be alongside mountains, water, and trees when you visit Sandpoint. This picturesque town offers all kinds of outdoor activities, along with a charming and highly walkable downtown. If you ever need a break from the wilderness, you can just relax at a local restaurant or bar.

While you’re here, you can soak up sunshine at Sanpoint City Beach or even ski at the nearby Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Renting a campsite is the cheapest way to stay in Sandpoint, but if you’d prefer to sleep in a bed, you’ll also find hotels with nightly rates starting at $77.

3. Charlevoix, Michigan

A town at Round Lake, Charlevoix, Michigan.

This Michigan town is located along the shores of three lakes: Lake Charlevoix, Round Lake, and Lake Michigan. When you’re not in the water, you’ll discover plenty of places to explore, like Fisherman Island’s State Park, where you can find petoskey stones.

Charlevoix and Lake George both have lovely beaches and plenty of activities for the whole family. For example, Charlevoix is home to Castle Farms, a historic attraction that showcases stone buildings dating back to 1918. Hotel prices in Charlevoix are very economical, with rates falling between $75 and $221 a night.

4. Dillon, Colorado

A tourist Kayaking at a lake at Dillon, Colorado.

With a population of only 945, Dillon may be a tiny town, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the fun department. Located along the Ten Mile and Gore Mountain ranges, this town offers activities year-round, including hiking trails, kayaking, and mountain tours.

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If you’re in Dillon during the colder seasons, you’ll want to make sure you view the ice castles, which are elaborate ice sculptures that are big enough for you to explore. No matter what time of year you visit, you can expect hotel rates around $88 to $160 a night.

5. Bigfork, Montana

A Big Fork river at Bigfork Montana.

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys spending time outdoors all year, you’ll love Bigfork just as much as Lake George. Bigfork is a waterfront village found in the Rocky Mountains. It’s an amazing place for camping, fly fishing, and hiking.

You’ll also find all kinds of great photo opportunities in Bigfork as well, and that’s not just because of the village’s breathtaking scenery. People of all ages love to pose in front of the world’s largest fork that gives the town its name. There are some pricey resorts in Bigfork, but there are cheaper hotels as well, with rates beginning at $99 a night.

6. Walker, Minnesota

A trip to the Leech Lake area might not sound that inviting, but Walker is more hospitable than you might expect. While you’re here, you’ll find outdoor activities, festivals, natural beauty, and a rich history. Walker’s Leech Lake was named by the Ojibwe tribes that have lived in this area for centuries.

Although you may want to watch out for leeches in the lake, you can enjoy fishing, boating, and other activities on the water, as well as some beautiful hiking trails. If you stay in a hotel, expect to pay around $100 for a nightly stay on average.

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7. Lake Lure, North Carolina

A town near a Lake Lure, North Carolina.

With its beautiful lakes, mountain backdrops, trees, and waterfalls, it’s easy to see why Lake Lure has been a filming location for so many hit movies. If you’ve seen Dirty Dancing or Last of the Mohicans, you’ve already gotten a glimpse of this North Carolina town. Like Lake George, Lake Lure has a long history as a vacation town.

You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities here, as well as some gorgeous sights, like the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. Since thousands of tourists travel here every summer, you’ll also find plenty of tasty restaurants. Hotel rates are generally in the range of $100 a night.

8. Big Bear Lake, California

Bear valley dam at Big Bear Lake, California.

You’ll find adventure on the water and in the mountains when you visit Big Bear Lake! From boating to hiking to mountain climbing, this southern California town offers all kinds of activities that will get your blood pumping. If you need to refuel, you’ll find lots of great restaurants in town.

While you’re here, you can enjoy fresh mountain air and the feeling of being surrounded by nature. If you choose to rent a campsite, you can even sleep right along the water! In addition to camping, there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels and cabin rentals in Big Bear Lake, with rates ranging from $73 to $193 a night.

9. Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

A town near a lake at Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

This northwestern Idaho town has something for adventure seekers of all stripes, including water sports and mountain trails. It’s a fantastic destination for families as well, with picnic areas and playgrounds for young ones to enjoy. Since there are dog parks in the area, you can even bring your pets.

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If you venture into the downtown area, you’ll find charming locally-owned shops and eateries with great-tasting food. There are some great camping spots here, but if you’d prefer not to rough it, you can find hotel rooms for as little as $70 per night.

10. Oswego, New York

State University at Oswego, New York.

If you look at where Lake Ontario and the Oswego River meet on a map, you’ll find this charming New York town. Oswego offers a little something for everyone, with kayaking tours, playgrounds, museums, hiking trails, and even a few historic locations that are rumored to be haunted.

You can enjoy great food while you’re downtown, as well as events and festivals. Harborfest, a boating festival held here in late July, is a big event that includes fireworks, live music, and more! Hotel prices may be higher when an event is going on, but typically, you can find rooms here starting at just $65.

11. Chelan, Washington

Syrah Grapes for making wine at Chelan, Washington.

In Chelan, you can enjoy natural beauty and outdoor adventures at any time of year. While Lake George sees most of its visitors in the summer, people travel to this mountain lake town in spring, summer, winter, and fall! The activities in Lake George vary from season to season, but popular attractions include wineries, hiking trails, and even an obstacle course made up of high ropes!

Some of the most beautiful spots in the area are right along the water in Lake Chelan State Park, where you’ll find plenty of campsites. Just keep in mind that Chelan does see snow, which means you may not want to camp out in the winter. Thankfully, there are plenty of affordably-priced hotels, with rates from $75 to $200 a night.

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12. Laconia, New Hampshire

Historical houses and river at Laconia, New Hampshire.

Sandwiched between Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Winnisquam, this New Hampshire city actually includes two villages: Weirs Beach and Lakeport. Like Lake George, this is a New England town with stunning natural scenery and a charming downtown area.

While you can easily spend an entire weekend exploring Laconia’s state parks, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy if you opt to stay indoors. For example, the Laconia Historical Museum can give you a look at the city’s past. On average, you’ll pay between $90 and $190 per night for a hotel room here.

13. Holland, Michigan

Windmill and tulip plantation at Holland, Michigan.

If you’re interested in beaches and boating, you’ll love Holland, which is on the shores of Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan! This lovely town hosts plenty of tourists in the spring and summer, but it’s also home to all kinds of wildlife, including migratory birds and deer.

As its name suggests, Holland was founded by Dutch settlers, and you can still find Dutch traditions in the town today. The Tulip Time Festival in May is especially popular, with parades, costumes, and incredible displays of tulips. Hotel rates can get pricey when the festival is going on, but during the rest of the year, you can find nightly rates from $50 to $160.

14. Crosslake, Minnesota

Crosslake doesn’t draw in tourists like Lake George does, but it offers many of the same amenities, like hiking, biking trails, boating, and other outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a quiet, under-the-radar vacation spot, you’ll definitely want to give this beautiful small town a closer look.

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While you won’t find any big resorts here, you will find spacious campgrounds. The Cross Lake Recreation Area has plenty of campsites and is perfect for families. There are unique accommodations here as well, like the Crosslake Treetop Village, which has rates starting at $190 a night.

15. Grand Lake, Colorado

Port at Grand Lake, Colorado.

This Colorado town is right alongside Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake, and the Colorado River, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. You’ll find year-round activities in this scenic town, including golfing, hiking, boating, and more. Grand Lake also hosts live music festivals that locals and visitors can enjoy.

Tourism in Lake George spikes in the summer, but Grand Lake sees most of its visitors in colder months thanks to the winter activities it offers. In fact, it’s known as the snowmobiling capital of Colorado! You can find affordable hotel rooms here throughout the year, with nightly rates as low as $50 a night.

16. Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina

Cypress tree in a swamp at Lake Waccamaw, NC.

You’ll find an impressive fourteen miles of shoreline in this southeastern North Carolina town. It’s an amazing place for water recreation, with places to swim, fish, boat, and more. You can also see swampy waters in the Green Swamp Reserve, a nature preserve that’s home to all kinds of wildlife, including carnivorous plants.

If you venture over to Lake Waccamaw State Park, you can see even more amazing sights, like breathtaking limestone bluffs. When you visit, you can camp out, stay in a bed & breakfast, or find an inexpensive hotel room with rates around $70 to $100 a night.

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17. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Historical house and a fountain at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

This beautiful waterside city is filled with greenery and flowers, including fields of daffodils and tulips in the spring. Much like Lake George, Lake Geneva has activities for all visitors, including golf courses, beaches, orchards, hiking trails, and even spas.

No matter why you come to Lake Geneva, you’ll find affordable prices and a welcoming community. Approximately 8,105 people live in this resort city, and the locals will usually be happy to recommend a restaurant or activity if you ask! On average, a nightly stay in a hotel will cost about $100.

18. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Natural hot spring at Hot Springs Arkansas.

As you might be able to tell from its name, this Arkansas town has naturally heated springs! It’s an amazing place for a spa getaway, but it’s also a fantastic destination for adventurous nature lovers. Since the town is in the Ouachita Mountains, there are plenty of challenging hiking trails, and you can boat, swim, or fish in the river or lakes.

Similar to Lake George, Hot Springs has a long history as a resort town. In fact, former President Bill Clinton and his brothers used to stay here regularly. Hotel prices can fluctuate, but on average, weekend rates for hotels are around $150 per night.

19. Oakridge, Oregon

Cascade Mountains at Oakridge, Oregon.

Located in the Cascade Mountains, Oakridge offers plenty of opportunities for adventurous visitors. It’s an amazing spot for mountain biking, with trails along mountain ridges and riverbanks. When temperatures drop, you can trade your bike in for snowshoes or a snowmobile.

No matter when you come to Oakridge, you’ll find lots to do indoors and outdoors. There are plenty of options for campers here, including an RV park and camping sites located right along the river. You can find plenty of inexpensive hotel rooms as well, with nightly rates as cheap as $40.

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20. Lake Placid, New York

Welcome Signage at Lake Placid for Olympic Winter Games.

Lake George isn’t the only resort town in the Adirondack Mountains! Lake Placid, which once served as a venue for the Winter Olympics, is an amazing spot for both winter sports and warm weather activities like boating and biking.

If you do come here in the winter, you’ll be able to have the full Olympic experience. There’s a ski jumping complex, a tobbogan chute, and even places where you can go bobsledding. While hotel rates tend to be a little higher in the winter, it’s normal to see prices anywhere from $86 to $266 a night.

21. Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Alligator and turtles at a swamp, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

If you love seeing plants and animals in the wild, you’ll love exploring Breaux Bridge. You can spot flora and fauna and enjoy water recreation along Lake Martin. You can see even more critters if you take a swamp tour; it’s an amazing opportunity to see alligators up close!

Since this town is right in the heart of Cajun country, it’s also home to many incredible restaurants, especially for seafood lovers. In fact, Breaux Bridge has been described as Louisiana’s crawfish capital. There are plenty of affordable hotels and bed & breakfasts here as well, with rates starting at $60 a night.

22. McCall, Idaho

A person in Kiteboarding at McCall, Idaho.

Don’t expect to stay cooped up inside when you visit McCall. This resort town caters to people that love the outdoors, with attractions for the adventurous and people that want to relax. Since McCall draws in tourists all year, you can do everything from skiing and snowboarding to swimming and boating depending on when you visit.

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Whether you’re there for the snow or are enjoying sunny weather, you’ll always be able to see stunning scenery in McCall. Since the town changes throughout the year, you can expect to see a wide range of hotel prices here, with rates anywhere from $49 to $207 a night.

23. Willmar, Minnesota

Lakeview on sunset at Willmar, Minnesota.

Willmar is located in Central Minnesota’s Willmar Lakes area, which contains more than 300 lakes! You’ll see water everywhere you look, whether you’re visiting Robbins Island Seasonal Park, hiking along the Glacial Lakes State Trail, or visiting the historic Hanson Mansion.

You’ll also find an eclectic art scene in Willmar, along with plenty of appealing eateries. Many of the restaurants here are locally owned and use local ingredients as much as possible, which means that menus change with the seasons. Staying in Willmar can cost anywhere from $66 to $145 a night.

24. Greenwood, South Carolina

Historical rail bridge at Greenwood, South Carolina.

If you’re searching for a town like Lake George that has mild weather year-round, look no further than Greenwood! This South Carolina town offers all kinds of outdoor recreational activities, including boating, hiking, and a whopping 15 golf courses. There are several festivals hosted here as well, like the award-winning Festival of Flowers.

While Greenwood gives you plenty of reasons to go outside, there are indoor activities to enjoy here as well, like the Greenwood Museum and The Railroad Historical Center. If you do choose to stay here, you’ll find plenty of affordable hotel rooms, with average rates around $95 per night.

25. Hammondsport, New York

Paddle boarding boat in Hammondsport, New York.

If you’re looking for another lake town in New York, you’ll find that Hammondsport offers many of the same appealing amenities you’ll find in Lake George. The scenery is stunning, and you can enjoy all kinds of activities on the water, including paddleboarding, fishing, and even seaplane rides!

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You’ll also find wineries and craft breweries here, making it a wonderful spot for a relaxing weekend of food and drink. Only around 600 people live in Hammondsport full-time, but there are still events and activities to enjoy here at any time of year. Hotel prices can rise slightly higher in the summer, but on average, you can expect rates around $90 to $125 a night.