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20 Towns Similar to Camden, Maine

Camden Maine harbor, day time view.

Situated in mid-coast Maine, you’ll find the small town of Camden. Don’t let its size fool you, though, as this pretty coastal town is a popular magnet for visitors, summer residents, nature lovers, yachting enthusiasts, music lovers, and foodies. Let’s have a look at 20 other towns similar to Camden, Maine:

1. Bar Harbor, Maine

Aerial view of Bar Harbor, Maine.

Interesting fact: The snow-covered pine trees transform Bar Harbor into a winter wonderland in the wintertime.

Bar Harbor, Maine, is a town north of the eastern shore of Mount Desert Island, the largest island in Maine. This coastal town has a population of only 5,611.

Like Camden, Maine, Bar Harbor is a popular destination for tourists and summer residents. Most visitors are from out of state and make up some of the millions of people who flock to this coastal town each year, especially between Memorial Day and Columbus Day.

It has become especially popular as a family destination. With its stunning views and relaxing atmosphere, the Bar Harbor Inn is enough reason for visitors and families to return every year. This historic property has an on-site restaurant, two Jacuzzis, a swimming pool, and a luxurious spa.

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The Acadia National Park is a short distance away, where fitness fanatics can embark on numerous hiking trails offering breathtaking scenery of mountains, wildflowers, and wildlife.

2. Edgartown, Massachusetts

Typical homes at Edgartown, Massachusetts.

Interesting fact: The blockbuster Jaws, by Steven Spielberg, was shot here around 1975.

Edgartown, Massachusetts, is one of two original towns situated on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. With the growth in residents over the past 25 years, this popular tourist town has a current population of approximately 4,370.

Edgartown is intertwined with Martha’s Vineyard, which makes it similar to Camden, Maine, in that it is a popular tourist destination. The combined population of Edgartown and Martha’s Vineyard can easily grow to 35,000 during the summer months when tourists and summer residents alike flock to this hideout.

What makes the town so unique is the predominantly white buildings and the white Greek Revival houses. Edgartown also hosts the Old Whaling Church, which is a magnificent six columned historic building from 1843. Today, it hosts various productions, weddings, and private parties.

According to the Business Insider, Martha’s Vineyard is ‘a magnet for millionaires.’ Celebrities like Bill Gates, Larry David, and Oprah Winfrey often visit this summer getaway destination.

3. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Houses over water, pretty sky at Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Interesting fact: You will find over 700 pirate ships and whaling vessels beneath the waters of Nantucket.

Nantucket is a small island in Massachusetts. About 30 miles (50km) from Cape Cod, it has a population of around 14,255.

Similar to Camden, Maine, Nantucket is a popular tourist spot with ample things to do. Families either spend the day sunbathing, ride hired bikes through the cobblestoned streets, or learn more about the town’s history at the Whaling Museum.

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With summer residents and tourists flocking to the town during the peak of summer, its population can quickly grow to an astounding 56,000 people with their vehicles.

A popular spot southwest of town where you will encounter some of these regular tourists and summer residents is Cisco Brewers. This establishment is famous for its house-made beer, laid-back atmosphere, and live music.

Famous faces who regularly visit Nantucket include pop star Meghan Trainor and software entrepreneur Bill Gates.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Waterline of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Interesting fact: The U.S. version of the board game Monopoly is inspired by the streets of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, is situated 60 miles (13 km) southeast of Philadelphia and 125 miles (201 km) south of New York City. It is well-known for its boardwalk, beaches, and casinos and has an overall population of around 40,000.

Like Camden, Maine, Atlantic City is a popular summer town that attracts tourists and a yearly community of Northeastern summer residents. These visitors and residents are primarily wealthy Bostonians, New Yorkers, and Philadelphians.

New Jersey’s official tourism website claims that Atlantic City attracts over 30 million visitors each year. One of the attractions for these visitors is Atlantic City’s casino industry. It profited more than $95 million during the first few months of 2020.

The second reason why people flock to Atlantic City is its beaches and hotels. According to Laura Bloom from Forbes, ‘Tripadvisor recently named Atlantic City one of the top-trending beach destinations in the United States.’

5. Ellijay, Georgia

Aerial sunset of Ellijay, Georgia.

Interesting fact: Former President Jimmy Carter owns a second home in Ellijay. It’s a pine cabin where he often stays with his wife, Rosalynn.

Ellijay is situated in Gilmer County, Georgia, and has a population of around 1,600. This small town is located at the end of the Appalachian Trail in the North Georgia Mountains and is known as the ‘Apple Capital of Georgia.’

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Just like the over 30 miles of walking and hiking trails in Camden, Maine, the hiking trails in Ellijay are also not that strenuous and a great family activity. These acclaimed hiking trails are combined with breathtaking mountains, orchards, and rivers.

The moderate Tumbling Waters Trail is a big favorite with a 0.9-mile (1.6 km) hike in which you can enjoy magnificent views of the river and surrounding waterfalls.

The Cartecay River Loop Trail is for the braver at heart with a 3,4-mile (5.5 km) hike mainly alongside the river. At the end of the trail, you reach a creek bend where you can walk in the water or even go for a swim.

6. Ketchum, Idaho

Map of Ketchum, Idaho.

Interesting fact: Ketchum has one of the oldest bowling alleys in the Northwest. It dates back to the 1950s and even features a bar.

The town of Ketchum is situated in central Idaho and has a population of around 2,600.

Much like Camden, Maine, downtown Ketchum is great for all hiking enthusiasts. In the summertime, visitors can enjoy biking and hiking, while in the wintertime, the town is transformed into a mountainous playground of world-class ski slopes.

Ketchum has 27 moderate trails ranging from mountain hikes to local park options. These trails range from a mere 2.6 miles (4.2 km) to a challenging 25 miles (40.4 km).

The popular Scenic Overlook via Bald Mountain Trail is a moderate 3.4-mile (5.6 km) hike through the forest with beautiful views over the valley.

If you prefer biking over hiking, you can wind through the foothills that make up the Fisher Creek Trail. It is a scenic bike trail that offers incredible views of the Sawtooth Valley.

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7. Durango, Colorado

Aerial view of Durango, Colorado, during summer.

Interesting fact: Louis L’ Amour wrote a set of western novels while staying in one of Durango’s hotels: The Strater Hotel.

Durango, Colorado, is hidden far away from the hustle and bustle of the Denver metro. It has a fairly slow population growth which currently stands at approximately 18,000.

Like Camden, Maine, this beautiful town also prides itself on many hiking trails. Outdoor lovers and avid hikers are spoiled with a choice between the staggering 50 local hiking trails covering over 115 miles

The somewhat rocky and challenging Animas Mountain Trail will not disappoint with its beautiful wildflowers and great views from the top.

If you find the Animas Trail too meek for your liking, you can embark on a 500-mile (804 km) adventure between Durango and Denver: The Colorado Trail. This endeavor is fittingly described as ‘mile for mile the most beautiful trail in America’ by The Colorado Trail Foundation.

8. Taos, New Mexico

Buildings at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

Interesting fact: The original village has a wall that runs around it. This wall was built between 1000 and 1450 A.D. and is made entirely out of water and straw.

In the north-central region of New Mexico lies the town Taos, which means (place of) red willows. This tiny community and ski valley of only 19 acres and an estimated population of 5,716 expand yearly by tens of thousands of people flocking to its hiking trails and ski slopes.

The tallest peak in Camden, Maine, with an elevation of 1,385 feet, stands no chance against the giant that is Mount Wheeler. Considered the 8th highest state peak with a height of 13,161 feet, this monster offers a breathtaking 360 view of Northern New Mexico.

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Another favorite is Forest Road 437. This 14-mile-long (22.2 km) walking and mountain biking trail will offer you the chance to get acquainted with the local wildlife while taking in the waterfalls and butterflies.

9. Oxford, Maryland

Boats harbored at Oxford, Maryland.

Interesting fact: The Oxford-Bellevue Ferry has been taking visitors across the river for more than 330 years.

Oxford, Maryland, is located on one of the banks of the Tred Avon River. It is one of Maryland’s oldest towns and has a small population of less than 1,000.

This quaint little town on the Eastern shore has, just like Camden, Maine, a rich yachting and boating history. It is the perfect quiet getaway for yachting enthusiasts as there are many boatyards to choose from.

Campbell’s Boatyards Jack’s Point, for instance, has 56 slips and 2 floating docks. What’s more, is that it has a 25-ton travel lift for hauling and launching your house on the water.

If you wish to spend a night or two off the yacht while refueling or getting some much-needed reparations done, then you need to look no further than Hinckley Yacht Services.

They are situated in the Chesapeake Bay, and this marina is a perfect place to lounge by the pool and let the kids do their own thing. They offer three shower/restroom suites, and you can even get some washing done and dried, and it’s free.

10. Essex, Connecticut

Houses at Main Street, Essex, Connecticut.

Interesting fact: In her 2003 book ‘1,000 Places to See Before You Die,’ author Patricia Schultz dubbed Essex the ‘Perfect Small American Town.’

Essex is situated in Middlesex County and is surrounded by water on three sides. The town is made up of three villages: Essex Village, Centerbrook, and Ivoryton.

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Similar to Camden, Maine, Essex is full of yacht clubs, cruising grounds, and bustling marinas. The Essex Yacht Club is rich in history and was founded in 1933.

They host yearly races and regattas and even have a Women’s Sailing program designed to encourage all females to become fans of the water. They offer two pump-out facilities, and mooring and slip-out are available to non-members.

Another full-service marina and yacht yard is situated in the heart of Essex. Essex Boat Works offers a 100-ton lift as well as slips, service, full-service brokerage, storage, and more.

11. Tiburon, California

Harbor waterfront of Tiburon, California.

Interesting fact: The name was adopted from the word Tiburớn, which means Shark in Spanish.

The town of Tiburon is approximately 7 miles (11 km) north of San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1850 and currently has a population of around 9,000.

Much like Camden, Maine, Tiburon is the perfect town for those interested in yachting. Although Tiburon has only one public marina, Tiburon Yacht Club, it offers over 200 berths and direct access to San Francisco Bay.

If you aren’t the proud owner of your own yacht, you can take a 30-minute ferry ride from San Francisco and book a yacht trip at Get My Boat in Tiburon. The captain and crew will offer you an unforgettable experience.

12. Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Day time view of Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Interesting fact: The Boothbay Footbridge dates back to 1901 building it cost  $1,500 at the time. The powers to be are considering a redesign at an astonishing $2.8 million.

With a population of just over 2,000, Boothbay Harbor is a town in Lincoln County, Maine.

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Apart from being situated in the same state as Camden, Boothbay Harbor is also known as an excellent yachting destination. No wonder the Down East harbor town calls itself ‘the boating center of New England.’

Boothbay Harbor has more than six marinas that also offer harbor cruises, sunset excursions, and daily tours.

Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club is a private club that luckily offers various programs like sailing lessons for members and guests alike. If you aren’t a member, you can still rent a mooring space and enjoy club preferences when visiting Boothbay with your yacht.

Although Boothbay is one of the busiest harbors on the Maine coast, it is well protected and offers plenty of moorings to make up.

13. Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado, San Joan Mountain at the background.

Interesting fact: In 1889, Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank, the San Miguel Valley Bank, in Telluride.

Telluride is the most populated town of San Miguel County, Colorado. With a current estimated population of 2,473, this town is well-known as an all-season resort.

Ski and yachting are not the only forms of entertainment, though, as Telluride, much like Camden, Maine, also has a rich music culture.

The Annual Jazz Festival is an all-time favorite for jazz lovers all over. These intimate outdoor music gatherings offer visitors the best that jazz can offer combined with breathtaking landscapes.

The Blues & Brews Festival is another yearly favorite amongst music lovers flocking to the mountain town of Telluride. This multi-stage music celebration includes 3 days and nights of non-stop world-class music offering a combination of craft beers and different music genres.

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14. Rochester, New York

A day time view of Rochester, New York, from Genesee River.

Interesting fact: Rochester gets an annual snowfall of 89.3 inches, making it one of America’s snowiest cities.

Situated towards the center of Ulster County, Rochester, is a town in New York with the U.S. Route 209 passing across it.

Rochester shares one similarity with Camden, Maine: the thousands of music fans flocking to its yearly festivals.

One such festival is the Rochester International Jazz Festival which will be celebrating its 20th year in 2021. There are over 320 shows during a weeklong jazz celebration. These shows are made up of over 1,500 artists from around the world performing in 20 different venues all over downtown Rochester.

Another smaller, although no less popular, music fest is the Rochester Summer Soul Music Festival. Music lovers enjoyed a vast array of different genres at this year’s 25th anniversary in August. The show featured multi-Grammy award winners Boyz II Men and the Go-Go Legends Sugar Bear & E.U., to name but a few.

15. Avon, Colorado

Beaver Creek resort at Avon, Colorado.

Interesting fact: Avon is the gateway to Beaver Creek Resort – a major world-class ski resort.

The town of Avon, Colorado, is situated along Interstate 70 and west of downtown Denver. The average population of 7,500 shoots up significantly as visitors flock to Vail and Beaver Creek Resorts during the winter ski season.

If you’re more into music than skiing, Avon, just like Camden, Maine, will not disappoint with its Concerts in the Park. And they’re free! The AvonLIVE! Concerts in the Park are hosted every summer in Harry A. Nottingham Park.

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From June to September every year, music lovers enjoy live music, local food trucks, and refreshing drinks from the Hahnewald Bar.

Avon is all about the community, and from May to September, local musicians get to impress at the SunsetLIVE! gatherings on Sundays. Here, music lovers can wind down at sunset with picnic baskets, local talent, and glorious Rocky Mountain sunsets.

16. Norfolk, Connecticut

Geography map of Norfolk, Connecticut.

Interesting fact: Norfolk enjoys severe winters and cool summers, which led to its nickname “The Icebox of Connecticut.”

The resort town of Norfolk is part of Litchfield County and has an estimated population of 1,628.

Like Camden, Maine, Norfolk is also a popular ‘weekenders from New York’ destination. That’s not the only similarity these two towns share – the other is music.

This town’s most famous and well-known music festival is the Yale Summer School of Music – Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. This event hosts an annual chamber concert series made up of more than 30 concerts featuring various performers and composers.

Infinity Norfolk is another music venue that used to be an opera house, barbershop, and saloon in 1883. Nowadays, this music hall and bistro can seat up to 300 guests and hosts around 200 music and entertainment shows per year.

17. Georgetown, Maine

Moon reflecting on Kennebec River, Georgetown, Maine.

Interesting fact: Georgetown offers some of the best hand-painted porcelain pottery in the whole of Maine.

Georgetown is a tourist town in Sagadahoc County, Maine. This island destination has a population of around 1,085.

According to an article published by The Recipe, Maine is considered to be ‘the seafood capital state of the United States.’ If your seafood of choice is lobster, then you need to look no further than Georgetown. Similar to Camden, it is is well known for its deliciously fresh seafood.

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The Five Islands Lobster Co is situated right on the shore and has a great atmosphere and friendly staff who will even show you how to tackle a whole lobster. The following comment from a review on Tripadvisor says it all: ‘There is nothing quite like lobsters fresh off the boat, perfectly steamed and right to your plate.’

18. Ojai, California

Map of Ojai, California.

Interesting fact: Chain stores are prohibited so that local small businesses can thrive.

Although Ojai, California, is regarded as a city, its population of an estimated 8,000 makes it more fitting to be called a town. Only a 90-minute drive from Los Angeles, Ojai is a popular tourist destination.

Camden, Maine, might be famous for their seafood, but Ojai’s equally impressive culinary reputation is all thanks to fresh produce from the Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market.

One of Ojai’s best restaurants is Suzanne’s Cuisine. Here, visitors can enjoy delicious meals prepared from fresh ingredients bought at the farmers’ market.

For an unforgettable sunset combined with a Spanish flair, visitors can head out to Azu. Their delicious prawns prepared in garlic and white wine and their famous Lamb Kabobs are just two of the dishes that make tourists and locals repeatedly come back for more.

19. Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish, Montana during the day.

Interesting fact: Whitefish was initially called Stumptown because of all the timber that had to be removed to build the town.

The resort town Whitefish is near the Glacier National Park in Flathead County, Montana. Its current population is estimated at 6,100.

Being a resort town is not the only similarity Whitefish shares with Camden, Maine. Food is also a big attraction in this small western ski-town.

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For a good old steak, burger, or chop, you can head down to Great Northern Bar & Grill, but if fine dining is more to your taste, you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to Cafe Kandahar. Its chef, Andy Blanton, was a semi-finalist at the James Beard Best Chef Awards in the Northwest Region.

Last but not least is the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice for 2021: Whitefish Lake Restaurant. It offers an outside deck, great ambiance, and superb food.

20. Los Alamos, New Mexico

Ashley Pond park, Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Interesting fact: This town is recognized as the creation place of the atomic bomb.

With a population of around 13,000, Los Alamos is situated in Los Alamos County, New Mexico. The town is about 35 miles (56 km) from Santa Fe and 100 miles (160 km) from Los Angeles.

Similar to Camden, Maine, Los Alamos has become a well-known food hotspot in recent years. Weekends are mostly when it’s all happening.

If you’re after classic New Mexican dishes, you need to go where the locals go: Viola’s on Trinity Drive. Their huevos rancheros, chile rellenos, beef tacos with guacamole and posole are simply the best.

If something French is what you’re after, then Fleur de Lys will not disappoint. It even gets a 5-star review on TripAdvisor. What more do I need to say if a recent customer has basically said it all: ‘The food here is really delicious and quintessentially French.

The bread has the perfect flavor and texture and is, so far, the best I’ve tasted in the U.S.A.’

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