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15 Towns Similar to Cold Spring, New York

Historical ruins near Hudson River at Cold Spring, New York.

Cold Spring, New York is a four-season tourist attraction. Located in the Hudson Highlands and the deepest point of the Hudson River, Cold Spring is a small village with a population of 1,986 and resides in Philipstown, New York.

When traveling to Cold Spring, many people find themselves walking or hiking the Foundry Preserve Trail. Cold Spring is mountainous, quaint, and has its own ferry service for tourists. It is surrounded by forests where visitors can hike and walk. It also has retail shops and restaurants for its visitors and locals.

The town’s village is on the National Register of Historic Places because its 19th-century architecture has been well-preserved. It can have very cold winters, so tourism takes place mostly in summer.

The cost of living in Cold Spring can be quite high, and a 2 bedroom apartment averages 2,100 per month. Locals are able to take part in the transportation system that can take them directly to New York City and back. To visit Cold Spring, it costs 152 dollars per night on average.

1. Hudson, New York

New York skyline and sky scrapers.

Hudson, New York is a small city along the Hudson River that is known for being the first city in the United States. It has a population of 6,235 people and has rich historical architecture, similar to Cold Spring.

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Hudson’s main industry is tourism. The town is known for its historical architecture, and its artistic community. Many guests find themselves exploring the town, shops, and restaurants. Hudson is home to a large LGBT community.

On average, it can cost around 238 per night to stay in Hudson, New York.

2. Skaneateles, New York

Victorian houses near a harbor, New York.

Skaneateles, New York is a town with a population of 7,112 located on Skaneateles lake. It includes a village of the same name along the western border located directly on the lake.

Unlike Cold Spring, Skaneateles’ main industry is health care and education, with tourism behind it. Tourists and visitors can visit Clift Park where the annual Antique and Classic Boat show takes place.

To visit, it costs around 123 per night to stay at Skaneateles, New York.

3. New Paltz, New York

Tourist attraction the Mohonk Preserve, New York.

New Paltz, New York has a population of 7,165 and has a village of the same name. Similar to Cold Springs, the town is filled with historical architecture. New Paltz is home to 17th-century buildings and homes.

Tourists come to enjoy guided tours, ghost tours, and re-enactments. When it comes to recreation, New Paltz is surrounded by the Mohonk Preserve. Here, visitors can enjoy the cliffs and Shawangunk Mountains with carriage roads and hiking trails.

To stay in New Paltz is quite expensive as it costs around 544 dollars per night.

4. Mystic, Connecticut

Summer time and a light house at Mystic, Connecticut.

Mystic, Connecticut has a population of around 4,200 and resides on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Similar to Cold Spring, Mystic is a small town with a rich history.

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Mystic is known for its seaports where over 600 boats were built. Many people travel to Mystic to indulge in its views of the Atlantic Ocean. Filled with American history, people can visit Mystic at a cost of $100 per night, on average.

5. Salem, Massachusetts

An old sailboat at Salem, Massachusetts.

Similar to Mystic, Salem, Massachusetts resides along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Salem is visited by people across the country due to being the home of the Salem witch trials in 1962.

Salem is quite larger than Cold Spring with a population of 44,400. However, both towns share a rich American history as Salem was a trading hub for early America.

People who visit Salem can explore the museums and surrounding environment. To visit Salem, travelers can stay for around 155 dollars per night.

6. Edgartown, Massachusetts

A town near a harbor at Edgartown, Massachusetts.

Edgartown, Massachusetts was once a whaling port and its historic houses have been well preserved through the years. Edgartown is a small town similar to Cold Spring with a population of 5,168.

Edgartown is most famously known for being the shooting location for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Many of the scenes in Jaws can be seen today in Edgartown.

Tourists come to see the historic houses and explore the locations of Jaws. Edgartown hosts yachting events throughout the year around its harbor. They also have a significant lighthouse, the Edgartown Harbor Light, which shows the entrance to the harbor of Edgartown.

Travelers wanting to stay in Edgartown will be expected to pay around 160 dollars per night.

7. Essex, Massachusetts

Old wooden house near a river at Essex, Massachusetts.

On the coast of Massachusetts and north of Boston resides Essex. Essex was a hub for shipbuilding in Early America and is now known for its ski trails and fishing. Around 3,675 people reside in Essex.

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Similar to Cold Spring, it is a small town with a village feel. However, Essex is surrounded by water, forests, and fields.

Essex is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with miles of hiking and biking trails. In the winter, many are able to partake in skiing. With being so close to the Essex River and the Great Marsh, many locals and visitors find themselves boating and fishing.

To visit Essex’s great outdoors, it may cost around 100 dollars per night.

8. Forks, Washington

Forks, Washington, Twilight shooting place.

Forks, Washington is home to 3,700 people and has a small-town atmosphere similar to Cold Spring. It has gained notoriety and tourism over the years due to it being used as a filming location for the Twilight movies.

Forks resides in the northeast corner of Washington and is surrounded by rainforests, mountains, cliffs, and beaches. People partake in fishing, hiking, and camping when staying or living in Forks.

The town has a rich history of timber manufacturing, which used to be quite important to the town. Visitors can stop by their timber museum to learn about Forks’ rich past.

To lodge at Forks, it costs around 100 dollars per night.

9. Twisp, Washington

A woman with a dog sitting near a river.

Along the Methow River in Washington, Twisp is home to around 900 people. The small-town atmosphere surrounds Twisp, like Cold Spring.

The town is bordered by a beautiful green landscape and mountains. Twisp holds many farmers’ markets and has a playhouse. When it comes to recreation, Twisp is a town that is great for an outdoors person as it has a great number of campsites.

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To visit Twisp, a tourist or traveler may spend around 135 dollars per night on average.

10. Belfast, Maine

Parked boat in a harbor, Belfast, Maine.

Residing on the coast of the Pacific Ocean is Belfast, Maine. Travelers and residents can overlook the water through the Belfast Bay. It is notably larger than Cold Spring, with a population of 6,938.

With its history of being a Seaport, Belfast is home to antique architecture and has several historical districts. Belfast also hosts farmers’ markets and has its own arts district with a community arts theatre.

When visitors are not enjoying the water or the view, they are able to take part in the city’s history and explore the architecture and town. If you would like to visit Belfast, it may cost around 121 dollars per night.

11. Astoria, Oregon

The Flavel House Museum at Astoria, Oregon.

On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Astoria, Oregon is surrounded by water and mountains. Similar to Cold Spring, it is a small town with a rich history.

Astoria is home to the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which was built within a waterfront building. The museum showcases the town’s fishing, shipping, and military past.

The Flavel House Museum shows guests Victorian architecture, furniture, and gardens. The museum itself is built in a Victorian mansion.

Those visiting Astoria can take part in fishing and hiking when not exploring the town’s history. On average, a hotel in Astoria costs 163 dollars a night.

12. Stowe, Vermont

A small town at Stowe, Vermont.

In northern Vermont, Stowe overlooks Mount Mansfield. The town is home to hiking trails through the mountains and even skiing in the winter.

Like Cold Spring, the town is immensely small, being home to 201 people. However, it is a natural gem. The Smugglers’ Notch State Park is filled with forest and narrow trails through the mountains.

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Another trail is the Stowe Recreation Path, which follows the Little River. As the trail continues, it has many mountain views along the way.

The town also has a rich history and has its own Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum. The museum exhibits artifacts of the winter sport and displays its history. To visit, it costs around 222 dollars per night on average.

13. Block Island, Rhode Island

The North Lighthouse at Block Island, Rhode Island.

Block Island, Rhode Island is home to sandy beaches, clay cliffs, and bluffs. Like Cold Spring, it is a small town with a population of 1,410 and has a great amount of history.

Block Island’s Southeast Lighthouse was built out of red brick in the 1800s and is surrounded by rocky beach land. The North Lighthouse was built in 1867, making both of the town’s lighthouses historic.

Many locals and visitors visit the lighthouses but also take part in its summer activities. Block Island is known for its hiking, sailing, and fishing. People can also visit the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge and go birdwatching and see the wildlife that surrounds the island

To visit Block Island, it costs 263 dollars per night.

14. Camden, Maine

A lighthouse and sailboat, Camden, Maine.

When Camden, Maine was held by British rule, it was not until an American raid in 1791 that it became part of America. Today, the town is quite small, like Cold Spring, with a population of 5,424.

In Early America, Camden was a powerhouse for industrial mills in the 1800s. The town made almost all types of fabrics and goods to be distributed across America. However, the town is most notable for its natural beauty.

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Camden resides on Penobscot Bay along Maine’s coastline. It has trails that cross the slopes within its Camden Hills State Park, where people can take in views of the Harbor and Mount Battie. When not being outdoors, people can visit the 19th-century homes and the historic architecture of the town.

To visit Camden, it costs an average of 232 dollars per night.

15. Albany, New Hampshire

Swift River and the Albany bridge at New Hampshire.

Albany, New Hampshire is a small town with 759 people. Similar to Cold Spring it is a tourist attraction for outdoors people who want a small-town atmosphere.

Surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest, the town is home to hiking, camping, and views of the Swift River. It is a destination for outdoors people looking to take in historic bridges and houses within the national forest.

To stay in Albany, it costs 131 dollars per night on average.