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15 Towns Similar To Galena, IL

Galena River in Illinois

Galena is a midwestern city located along the Mississippi River. Approximately 160 miles from the city of Chicago, it’s in the northwestern region of Illinois. The small city of Galena has a population of about 3,200 residents, most of whom own their own homes.

The schools are highly rated, the community is tight-knit and it is a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family.

The area boasts a varied list of amenities making it an attractive destination for newcomers tourists of all ages. Visitors to Galena should anticipate paying in the vicinity of $170 a night to stay. Beautiful Lake Galena offers plenty of fun recreational activities including, boating, sailing, fishing, and flat waterboarding.

The lake is serene and scenic, and most people can’t get enough of the relaxing atmosphere and the stunning lake views.

The midwest is rich in history, and Galena is no exception. The city was established in the 1860s, and its history dates back to the days of General Ulysses S. Grant who would go on to become the 18th President of the United States. Some of the architecture in the area continues to reflect those early days of the nation’s history.

History buffs enjoy getting a close-up look at the architectural wonders of the buildings and structures throughout the city.

There are plenty of other outdoor activities to enjoy on a typically beautiful day in Galena. People are frequently out walking, biking, and hiking around the area’s many trails and parks. The downtown shopping district features a great variety of stores and boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and service businesses.

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For the family members who prefer sports over shopping, Illinois is proud of its many pro teams, and there is always a great game to watch or play all year long.

1. Lake George

The Northern end of Lake George and the Tongue Mountain Range

Lake George is a beautiful town in upstate New York. The population of the town is slightly over 3,400. It’s 210 miles north of New York City, and Lake George is situated in the Appalachian Mountain region of the Empire State. The cost of a hotel room, on average, is $210 per night. The area attracts people from across the NYC metropolitan area.

Lake George has lovely homes and cottages. The suburban appeal of Lake George complements the natural beauty of the town. There are quaint shops, food stores, ice cream shops, and excellent restaurants in the pretty shopping area of town. The schools are good, and the quality of life is high. Like Galena, the region is rich in history and culture.

Exploring the town of Lake George is an exciting excursion in itself. There are historic museums, original military forts, and antique shops on nearly every street. The residential neighborhoods throughout the town consist of everything from sprawling colonials to much more modern homes and apartments.

Thousands of people reside in Lake George year-round, and numerous city dwellers have a vacation home on the lake. The Lake George beaches offer swimming, boating and sailing, barbecue areas, fishing, and much more.

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2. Cape May

Colorful historic Victorian houses line the beach front in Cape May.

Cape May is at the southernmost point of New Jersey. The town has great community events throughout the year, including festivals, parades, exhibits, and even a professional tour of the gorgeous homes in Cape May. On average, accommodations are approximately $239 to spend a night in the town.

Several bodies of water grace the area, including Cape May Harbour, the Cape May Inlet, and Sunset Lake. Cape May is a popular destination when visiting what is well-known as The Jersey Shore. The number of residents who call Cape May home all year is approximately 3,465 to date.

Many of the private homes have their own dock and private beach, yet most of the other homes are within comfortable walking distance from a beach.

The town is bustling especially during the summer months, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants to try. There are many fun things to do and see, such as parks, water parks, marinas, the lighthouse, and other historic sites in the area.

3. Chester

Original Steel Bridge over the Mississippi, Chester.

Chester is a small city in Illinois, and its residents enjoy a similar lifestyle as those who live in Galena. The area is primarily suburban with many urban amenities as well. Chester is undergoing a beautification project in its downtown area, and this will only add to its charm and quality of life.

The two areas are hundreds of miles away from each other, but they share the same heritage that is deeply rooted in the midwestern state of Illinois. There are over 8,000 inhabitants of Chester, and many have lived there for all or most of their lives. It’s a friendly and welcoming community, and its newer residents are equally as proud of their new hometown.

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The city of Chester is the place where the Liberty Bell of the Midwest is on display.

4. Needham

Aerial view of town hall and historic buildings in Needham, Massachusetts.

Another small town that definitely belongs on this list is Needham, Massachusetts. The homes are lovely with large, pristine properties. The thriving town is a suburb of Boston. The area is another one of the great places where history was made over 200 years ago.

Needham is also home to great schools and a robust business environment. The shopkeepers are kept busy, and the population of Needham enjoys diverse dining in some of the area’s finest restaurants.

There are many nearby tourist attractions ranging from museums, concert halls, parks, theaters, outdoor markets, and much more. The price for a night’s stay starts at approximately $179 and goes up from there.

5. Chester

Alstede Farm in Chester, New Jersey.

This New Jersey borough is in Morris County in the northern part of the state. Chester was founded in the 1640s when New Jersey was primarily made up of farmland.

The area exudes a small hometown feel similar in many ways to Galena, Illinois. The residents work hard and enjoy their little piece of Americana. There are still farms and cider mills in the town, and there is also a growing downtown district.

Chester was established by the original settlers, and there are currently about 7,000 residents there. It is situated between two major eastern cities, namely New York and Philadelphia. Chester is approximately 79 miles away from Philly, and it is only about a one hour drive to

Manhattan. It’s charming and a bit rural in Chester, and it’s a fun and interesting place to live and visit. A large area of the town is dedicated to antique stores, art galleries, cafes, end other small shops.

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6. Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake is a Lakefront city in California. The city is nearly surrounded by a lake of the same name. It is a fabulous place to visit and, for the 7,000 people who live there, it’s a great family-friendly community to call home.

Outdoor activities are a major part of the lifestyle in Big Bear Lake. The Big Bear Lake is a recreational mecca for boating, sunning, and swimming. The beaches are clean, and the water is the perfect temperature. The city is located in the southern part of the state.

Considering its relatively small area, Big Bear Lake attracts a lot of the tourists who vacation in Southern California. Room rates in the area average $180 per night. There was a great choice of cuisines, and there are many boutiques and shops nearby.

7. Geneva

Beautiful sunset of Seneca Lake in New York, Geneva.

Geneva is a community in northern New York. The region has many beautiful lakefront towns, and Seneca Lake runs through the quaint town of Geneva. This area has recreational parks that offer outdoor activities every season. In the spring and summer, people flock to Geneva to swim, sail, bike, hike, or just admire the scenery.

It starts to get cold in the fall, and skiing is another great reason why people head up to Seneca Lake for a long weekend, a week or two, or even longer.

This beautiful part of the state is about a five-hour drive from New York City and New Jersey. It’s exceptionally popular on holidays when they have fireworks over the lake and other fun events. Many of the state’s most beautiful parks are in the Seneca Lake region.

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8. Matlacha

Aerial view of Pine Island Road in Matlacha, Florida.

Matlacha is a tiny community in the Lee County area of Florida. Matlacha, with a population under 1,000, is actually a part of the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area. However, as in so many small towns, people have an unmatched level of pride in homeownership.

Florida has many of these types of census-design areas, and each offers the best of both worlds. Mostly, everyone knows everyone else in the area, but they have all of the advantages of living nearby bustling cities. Accommodations in the area are priced in the vicinity of $139/night.

9. Bombay Beach

Salton sea beach near Bombay Beach.

Bombay Beach is a small community in California. Its closest neighboring cities are Brawley, CA, and Coachella, CA. There are no hotels in Bombay Beach, but there are plenty of them in the area. The prices start at approximately $129.

Its residents love their private enclave, and tourists are welcome. The area has a wide range of amenities, and it’s a very family-friendly place. The beachfront atmosphere is abundant in Bombay Beach, and most of the residents live there year-round.

There are stores, boutiques, and a few fine restaurants right in the neighborhood.

10. Yellow Springs

Natural spring in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Yellow Springs is an inviting small town in Ohio. The town is in close proximity to Springfield and Dayton, two major cities in the midwestern state of Ohio. It’s a pretty suburb with well-manicured homes and a good school system.

Yellow Springs is a wonderful place to take a vacation because it’s so close to every tourist attraction imaginable. The parks in the recreational places have areas for biking, playing, outdoor eating, golfing, and exploring the beautiful foliage.

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Yellow Springs has a population of slightly over 3,800 people.

11. Whitefish Bay

Aerial view of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

Whitefish, Wisconsin is an ideal destination for tourists. From water parks to day spas, there is something for everyone in the family. The area is complete with small-town charm and urban appeal. Milwaukee, the epitome of a midwestern big city, is nearby. There are great museums, theaters, parks, sports arenas, and shopping bowls all within easy reach from Whitefish Bay.

The Whitefish Bay community has nearly 3,900 residents. The town is lovely, and the Whitefish Bay downtown district has an array of stores, coffee shops, and creative eateries.

12. Deerfield

Ice Age Trail Sign for the Deerfield Segment.

Nestled in the metropolitan area of Madison, Wisconsin is a great place called Deerfield. It offers something for every discerning vacationer. There are great venues for arts and culture connoisseurs, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers,

Deerfield’s population is under 3,000 and the community has a full schedule of exciting activities. There are fairs and festivals throughout the year. The locals enjoy great shopping and eating in the area shops, boutiques, and family-friendly dining establishments.

Room rates are reasonable, and there are great accommodations available at around $129 per night.

13. Edgewater

New York City sunset skyline from Edgewater NJ.

The town of Edgewater sits on the banks of the Hudson River in NJ. Residents and tourists can simply look out their windows and see the spectacular New York City skyline. The town is chock full of fabulous restaurants offering every international cuisine.

There are luxury hotels that offer local excursions to see the sights, and they charge an average of $179 per night. There is plenty of free parking, and the shopping is incredible. Golfing, walking paths, tennis courts, and beautiful parks are only some of the many amenities available in Edgewater.

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14. Kingston

Historic Kingston Stockade District

Kingston is a fascinating tourist destination. The town is in upstate New York, and it’s about a 90-minute drive from New York City. Kingston is set alongside the Hudson River, and the whole area is rich in history. Many decades ago, the region was the site for many film and movie productions.

Boating and fishing are amongst my favorite pastimes in Kingston. Scenic boat rides launch from the local dock at the tip of the town’s historic district. There are great shops for antiquing and browsing up and down the main street of Kingston.

The architecture of the centuries-old structures is awe-inspiring, and a city tour alone is well worth the trip to Kingston.

15. Cody

Aerial view of Cody, Wyoming.

The state of Wyoming has beautiful small towns, and Cody is certainly one to be reckoned with. The closest city to Cody is Billings which is approximately 100 miles away.

A picture-perfect vacation is in store for tourists from around the country. From horseback riding to hiking to shopping, the atmosphere in Cody is slower-paced and serene. There’s plenty of entertainment in Cody, and both the residents and visitors enjoy western music festivals and the great local food.

Dude ranches, beautiful state parks, and awesome recreational facilities help to make every vacation in Cody, Wyoming memorable. A night’s stay starts at $100 or thereabouts.