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20 Towns Similar to New Hope, PA

Aerial landscape of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

New Hope, Pennsylvania, has this scenic, romantic small-town charm that gives people all the good feels. It is an eclectic mix of arts, with that quaint, cozy feel that locally owned business and community spirit brings to an area. But where else can you go to capture that classic small-town American spirit with plenty of fresh air and intrigue?

Towns similar to New Hope are attractive and cozy places where stress and tension seem to melt away. Examples include:

  1. Cold Springs, New York
  2. Ephraim, Wisconsin
  3. Lititz, Pennsylvania
  4. Marietta, Ohio
  5. Mystic, Connecticut
  6. Nashville, Indiana
  7. Saugatuck, Michigan
  8. Woodstock, Vermont

New Hope has a lot happening for a town of only around 3,000 people. There is a 1925 locomotive still giving train rides, castles, history, and wineries. However, some people prefer the quieter side of New Hope, the gentle strolls, its proximity to wildlife and nature.

We’ve trawled through American and found 20 towns with a bit of New Hope in their heart.

20 Towns Like New Hope, Pennsylvania

Street buildings at New Hope, Pennsylvania.

New Hope is incredibly attractive and in a pretty part of the world, but some people find 3,000 people too big, and others feel it’s too small. There are those that want fewer tourists, maybe more of Western flair, or are hoping for a replica in their own state. But whatever it is, we’ve caught a little of that New Hope flavor but with a twist in our 20 suggestions.

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1. Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

A view of Berkeley Springs in West Virginia from a mountain.

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, is a snug historic town of not even a thousand people. As “the country’s first spa,” it is famed for its all-natural 74 F (23.3 C) waters the come forth from Warm Springs Ridge. However, its true crowning glory was when George Washington came to visit and fell in love back in 1748.

Now the springs are a small state park, right in the center of the town. Thus, the United States has an official park running a spa service in a historic old Roman bathhouse. There is even a stone “bath tub” named after the very first president, complete with a plaque.

Like New Hope, the little town comes with its very own castle. The historic mammoth of a building has thirteen rooms, a Great Hall, a dungeon, possible ghosts, and a legion of tales, some of which are even true.

2. Bisbee, Arizona

Downtown Bisbee Arizona.

Bisbee, Arizona, is a historic mining town of just over 5,000 folks. The attractive buildings, overlooked by the mountains, are home to some incredibly creative and sometimes highly quirky artistic talent. Visitors come here to embrace nature, have their minds blown, and be part of some fabulous events.

Delightfully weird creations are on parade every October for BRATS. The downhill parade runs on gravity and is that perfect mix of small-town charm and the ingenious human spirit.

Outdoor staircases and walls of the town are decked out in art. They have galleries, music fests, Pride, and pirates, all with a twist of this community’s creative flair.

No matter if you are stopping into Bisbee Coffee for a caffeine fix or popping over to Electric Beer for a drink and live music, the experience will be unique. After all, this is a place that lost a town. But don’t be scared; they’re reasonably certain the ghosts won’t harm anyone.

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3. Cold Springs, New York

Cold Springs shopping district, New York.

Cold Springs, New York, is only 50 miles from Manhattan but feels a world away. Set on the Hudson River, the small town of 1,800 people is a place of rolling hills, leafy trees, and plenty of trails. Like Hope Springs, they have a castle nearby, although time has taken its toll.

Nonetheless, the structure is a sight to behold, and Pollepel Island is excellent for a nature walk.

The area attracts antique hunters and art lovers that explore their numerous galleries. But the real must-see art attraction is the Magazzino Italian Art. The place is both a museum and a research center, focusing on Italian postwar and contemporary movements.

But with two-hundred buildings in the town’s Historic District, there is plenty more to discover.

4. Concord, Massachusetts

Storefronts at Concord, Massachusetts.

Concord, Massachusetts, is a small town outside of Boston with around 18,00 people. You don’t have to be a literary lover to enjoy the place, but it will add to the charm. Because it is here that Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women and you can visit her house.

It is also the home of Walden Pond, where Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau could be found.

Thus, as one would expect, there are splendid bookstores here. Barrow Bookstore is a treasure trove of rare and second-hand books. Don’t worry if you buy more than your suitcase can fit; they’ll happily ship them to your home.

The Concord Bookshop is another treat, with lots of light, places to sit, and shelves to explore their carefully curated selection.

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The town’s shops and eateries are a pleasure to stroll through. Concord Teacakes is an excellent way to start your day and then turn around and come back for lunch. Adelita is a farm-to-table delight.

Then, when tired of browsing, take a stroll through the trees, or rent a boat and paddle your way to North Bridge, the start of the Revolutionary War.

5. Ephraim, Wisconsin,

The lovely town of Ephraim, Wisconsin.

Ephraim, Wisconsin, was established by a group of Norwegian Moravians in 1853 and is now home to around 300 people. The historic area is well known for its cherries, shipwreck explorations, and their famed traditional Fish Boil. They also have a knack for brewing old-world cider.

It’s a family-friendly destination with farms open to visitors to meet their animals and explore the orchards. There is mini-golf, kayaking, zip-lining, and beaches to keep busy people of all ages entertained.

6. Fish Creek, Wisconsin

White Gull Inn at Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

Fish Creek, Wisconsin, is an adorable community of around a thousand folks. The historic area is the perfect area for romantic strolls in scenic parks, exploring the shops, and admiring the local art. The Peninsula State Park, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, and Sunset Beach Park are popular outdoor spots to unwind.

For such a small community, they have many events. There are free weekly concerts from mid-Jue to mid-August on the lawn of Nobel Square. In winter, they gleefully throw an ugly sweater contest.

There is also the Fish Creek’s Winter Festival, where they boast about throwing various items, including toilet seats.

The town boasts some lovely art galleries. There is also local pottery, writers, and art studios. One truly special feature is the Northern Sky Theater, where you can buy tickets to a host of live shows and view them outdoors under the stars.

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7. Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Downtown Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, is like an English village that woke up and found itself in the Pocono Mountains. The historic town sprouts museums like they’re meadow flowers. If you want to learn all about the days of yore, there are numerous ways to do it, from touring an old mansion, to visiting the old jail, to learning about the town’s coal mining roots.

Jim Thorpe is set amongst idyllic natural scenery, and they have some pretty fantastic ways to experience it. Like New Hope, they have a railway where vintage coaches take people through forested mountain cliffs. But for a real hoot, tour the area by sidecar (you know you want to try).

Or get your adrenaline rush in a natural rollercoaster with a rafting adventure.

8. La Conner, Washington

La Conner, Washington with Mt. Baker at the background.

La Conner, Washington, is a community of fewer than a thousand on the Salish Sea. It sits between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, and is well known for its Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

It is also home to the remarkable Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, which is worth your time even if you are not generally into fiber and textiles.

But the real reason people flock to La Conner is its reputation as a romantic getaway. With its scenic surroundings and quaint seaside charm, it has a magical ambiance.  It’s simply a lovely place to stroll and explore, popping out of museums and shops.

Or take a relaxing tour of a vineyard, such as Skagit Crest Vineyard & Winery.

9. Lititz, Pennsylvania

Lititz, Pennsylvania, downtown area.

Lititz, Pennsylvania, is a community of around 10,000 people that looks like it was constructed from a chic and charming Lego set, complete with flower boxes and a covered bridge. There are orchids, farms, markets, and a stream with ducks at their Lititz Springs Park.

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Even their food is a part of American history. It is where Wilbur Chocolate began, 13 years before Hershey, and its chocolate buds, complete with the foil, were the inspiration by the famous kisses its competitor sells. They are also home to Julius Sturgis, America’s first pretzel bakery, operating since 1861.

Lititz’s town and surrounding areas are a pleasure to explore. One fulfilling way to experience the place is by taking a Star Gait horseback tour on their dear Icelandic ponies that possess a unique and comfortable movement. Another gem is their Wolf Sanctuary, providing a home of 80 acres of woodland for animals that lost their habitat.

10. Littleton, New Hampshire

A view of Littleton, New Hampshire, covered Bridge River at the background during winter.

Littleton, New Hampshire, a town of around 10,000 folks, goes by the motto, “Be glad.” It is inspired by Pollyanna, the main character of a children’s book by the same name. The author, Eleanor H. Porter, who lived in Littleton from 1868 – 1892, and a statue of Pollyanna sits in the town square in Porter’s honor.

Littleton looks like it could have been inspired by a children’s book. It is tucked amongst the White Mountains, with the Connecticut River holding it snug. You can see much of this by taking a hike on one of the many trails in the area.

It has the prescribed perfect small-town shops. Such as Chutters, the candy store, boasting jars and jars of sweets lined up along the longest candy counter in the whole world (112 feet). There is also Little Village Toy & Book Shop, with all the charm, delight, and treasures you’d hope to discover in such a place.

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11. Marietta, Ohio

Downtown Marietta, Ohio.

Marietta, Ohio, began attracting pioneers back in 1788 and is now a town of 13,600 folks. The scenic place is fun to explore on foot or by bike. There are historic buildings, the Marietta River Trail, and delightful shops.

You can even check out a 1918 paddlewheel steamboat at the Ohio River Museum.

One incredibly special place is The Mound Cemetery. The mount itself is from Adena culture. It was saved by obliteration by The Ohio Company of Associates establishing a cemetery around it.

Its other notable fact is the number of Revolutionary War officers buried there is believed to exceed any other cemetery in the country.

12. McMinnville, Oregon

A building part of Evergreen Aviation Museum at Mcminville, Oregon.

McMinnville, Oregon, is a town of 34,000 and sits in the middle of Oregon wine country. Thanks to their handy map, they make it easy for you to find all the wineries in the greater area. However, if the thought of all that driving sounds like too much work for a vacation, then just visit one of the twenty places in town where you can sample Oregon offerings.

One family-friendly highlight place is the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum which homes the Spruce Goose, the largest wooden airplane ever to be constructed. It was conceived by Henry Kaiser and brought to life by Howard Hughes.

Another unique landmark is the Erratic Rock that was brought over from the Northern Rocky Mountains 12,000-17,000 years ago, thanks to an iceberg wandering down the Columbia River.

In town is an eclectic mix of casual and fine dining and unique shops. Phillip J. Pirages specializes in medieval manuscripts and other rare books. For more modern reads, wander over to Third Street Books.

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The town also offers gorgeous yarns, fine accessories, bolts of cloth, and Top Shelf Cannabis. Yes, this is Oregon, after all.

13. Meredith, New Hampshire

A stunning view of Meredith town, New Hampshire.

Meredith, New Hampshire, is a lakefront community of 6,700. It has a reputation of being a resort town that hosts many festivals. Highlights include the Lake Region Fire Arts and Crafts Festival and New Hampshire Music Festival.

Like New Hope, it has a train line, Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad. An excellent way to explore the area when in season.

The area has a little bit of everything for everyone. Shoppers will enjoy exploring Mill Falls Marketplace. Moulton Farm is perfect who want to find the makings of culinary delights.  Then there is Hermit Woods Winery & Deli, where you can come to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

But if you are into craft beer, then Twin Barns is an excellent choice.

14. Montpelier, Vermont

Skyline view of Montpelier, Vermont.

Montpelier, Vermont, is a town of around 8,000 people, and it is a sweet as the maple syrup sold at Morse Farm. But if that’s not enough, head on over to Bragg Farm who has been producing maple syrup for eight generations and now make real maple creamee (ice cream) – it is a must-try.

One of the biggest attractions of America’s smallest capital is its State House, which has been proudly serving the country for 160 years. The architecture is something to behold. Then you can truly catch up on the past by visiting the Vermont History Museum.

Another wonder is the Hope Cemetery. Their headstones are truly original.

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15. Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, Connecticut seaport.

Mystic, Connecticut, is home to around 4,500 people and was once a major seaport. This quintessential coastal village is perfect for a scenic break regardless of whether you are a maritime history lover or just enjoy relaxing in nature. The former will be delighted at the Mystic Seaport Museum.

The latter will be happy exploring the many parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Other great things to do include visiting the Mystic Museum of Art. It has a good mix of big names, historical pieces while also promoting local talent. You could also make memories by taking a sailing tour with Argia.

But if you need a slower day just enjoying the ambiance while having a picnic, Sift Bake Shop will provide all the goodies you need.

16. Nashville, Indiana

Business district of Nashville, Indiana.

Nashville, Indiana, has long since been overlooked, thanks to its bigger and flashier cousin’s fame. But this town of 1,500, tucked in the land of the “Little Smokies,” is known in artistic circles for its roots as an art colony. To this day, creative folks are established in the area, producing various unique pieces in textile, jewelry, paintings, pottery, and stained glass.

The area is wine country, and you can visit Brown Country Winery to taste some local offerings. But, if you fancy more than wine, there are also breweries and distilleries. Hard Truth Distillery and Quaff On have you covered with craft beer, bourbon, whiskey, gin, and more.

17. Philipsburg, Montana,

Aerial view of Broadway street, Philipsburg, Montana.

Philipsburg, Montana, is a charming mining town with four scenic byways nearby, thanks to all the gorgeous mountains and backcountry. Thus, despite only having 950 residents, the cute place is a sought-out tourist destination, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. People come to ski and snowmobile in the winter and hike and camp in the summer.

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But amongst the over 75 named lakes and reservoirs in the area are large mineral deposits. You can visit the first big get-rich area at Granit Ghost Town State Park, where large amounts of silver were found. The other big money maker is sapphire.

You can try your own luck finding the gem by visiting one of the mines, such as Gem Mountain.

18. Saugatuck, Michigan

Shops and galleries at Saugatuck, Michigan.

Saugatuck, Michigan, is a petite community of under a thousand but is mammoth in charisma and aesthetic. The area is known for its brilliant beaches, its proximity to Saugatuck Dunes State Park, and its glorious waterways. Thus, despite the small population, like New Hope, it has much to see and do, from dune rides to live shows.

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts, once a pie factory, now boasts a theater with enough seats to fit half the town’s population. There they host a wide range of internationally acclaimed entertainment from around the globe. From musicals, to comedy, to musicians, it is big city quality packaged up in a cozy small-town setting.

But the cosmopolitan taste doesn’t mean sacrificing small-town charm. They have their antique chain-driven ferry from 1838, still operating a looking adorable. There is Bowdie’s Chophouse, with classic midwestern fine dining that limits seating to twenty-five.

They even sport The Pines Motor Lodge, retro 50’s American travel, but quality modern mattresses are supported by expertly hand-crafted Amish log beds. Yes, you will sleep well.

19. Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Old buildings lining Williams River at Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts, is a town of around 2,000 people. It is here you can find the Norman Rockwell Museum. Thus, it is no shock to find the area is as classic American-pie as you could hope to discover.

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They even have a train complete with the Lenox Station Museum. However, the train ride is a tad shorter than New Hope’s.

The surrounding area is as pleasant and picturesque as exploring the town. They have numerous trails maintained by the Laurel Hill Association, which also manages the local nature reserves. Once you’ve returned from your adventure, you can take a rest on the famous rocking chairs at The Red Lion Inn.

The hotel has been serving the public since 1773.

20. Woodstock, Vermont

Shops with Christmas decorations, Woodstock, Vermont.

Woodstock, Vermont, is the cozy home of around 3,000 people. The picturesque place looks like it is set up to put on weddings continuously, and yes, it has hosted a few (many). Come winter, the town transforms into a Christmas village, making visitors yearn for hot cocoa.

Thus, this scenic wonder is the perfect setting for the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.

The town is darling, full of quaint charm, including a town crier. There is the Billings Farm & Museum to provide that country touch. With cows comes milk, and the Mountain Creamery turns it all into all kinds of delicious.

But if that is not enough local goodness, there is Sugarbush Farm which you can visit and sample their cheeses and real maple syrup.

The local shops possess the character one would hope to find in a town such as Woodstock. The Farmhouse Pottery produces items in a perfect cottage aesthetic. F.H. Gillingham and Sons is the real deal when it comes to a true American general store.

The town’s shops are living history, such as King Arthur Flour, the oldest flour company in the United States.

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