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4 Different Types of Passport Wallets

A leather wallet for passport and a paper bill money.

Passport wallets/holders come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, including leather, faux leather, plastic, and fabric. Some are RFID blockers, wallets, sleeves, or even worn around your neck. 

This image below shows the affordable type that my family uses and the great thing is, that you can share one with a child or as a couple. That’s because it has two sides plus cardholders and other compartments. It also has radio frequency identification (RFID).

Types of Passport Wallets

Passport Holder Cover Wallet RFID Blocking Leather Card Case Travel Document Organizer (Earthy Yellow)

The passport wallet or cover is a common sight in travel merchandise stores around the world, but I’ve always been skeptical about its actual utility. That was until my family started growing and I saw the value of having them. 

The benefits and downsides of passport covers will be discussed in this piece, as well as our opinion on whether or not they are worth the investment.

We’re constantly on the move, whether it’s for a job or pleasure. Finally, we must ensure that our most crucial documents are protected. From the passport holder to our little envelope sleeve, we’ve got you covered when it comes to travel essentials.

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A wide range of materials, hues, and functions are available for passport holders. According to where you are visiting, the exact role of the passport holder might be highly significant, especially when considering other travel items you may or may not be carrying.

Passport holders typically fall into one of the following categories:

1. Wallets

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo, Passport Holder with Vaccine Card Slot, Passport Wallet, Passport Cover, Passport Case, Passport Holder for Women and Men (AA-Black)

With this wallet, you’ll never be without cash again. A passport case that can hold all of your credit cards, ID cards, cash, flight passes, and other critical documents. For individuals who prefer to keep all of their travel paperwork in one place, this is an excellent alternative.

2. A Passport Holder That Blocks RFID

Timberland mens Genuine Leather Rfid Blocking Trifold Travel Accessory Tri Fold Wallet, Brown, One Size US

signals. Malicious RFID signals can be blocked by this sort of holder, which prevents your credit card as well as other private details from ever leaving your wallet. 

To prevent your credit cards from being “skimmed,” RFID-blocking wallets employ electromagnetic technology. At least once every few years, you should replace your RFID-blocking wallet because of wear and tear that can make it less effective.

3. Passport Sleeve

Passport RFID Sleeves (2)

Essentially a book jacket for your passport, this sleeve-style holder has nothing special to offer except a place to keep it safe from harm. Still, you can add a dash of color or pattern by opting for a bright or patterned piece. 

There are some solutions available for people who prefer utility to aesthetics. This passport holder found on Amazon keeps things clean and simple while enabling you to slip in a few more cards for ease of use.

4. Passport Holder for the Neck

A leather passport holder for the neck

With the neck passport holder, those who need an extra layer of security while on the road can keep their passport hidden under their clothes. Those visiting countries where pickpockets are a problem should bring this holder along to keep their belongings safe.

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Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of a passport holder and what to look for when making your purchase.

Range of Passport Wallets

Leather passport wallets with bill money.

You may prevent your passport from being damaged while managing to look fashionable, by keeping your passport in a custom-made sleeve. Passport holders are available in a wide range of shades, materials, and styles, but their primary function is to protect your passport from damage and theft while you’re on the road.

Lightweight and sleek, a superb passport cover complements your design or even your suitcase. Before you begin your look for a suitable cover, there are several things you should bear in mind.

Why do you need this? If you’re looking for a long-lasting travel accessory, plastic, leather, as well as synthetic fibers are the most prevalent materials. Authentic leather is the ideal option if you’re seeking both quality and long-term use. Although plastic or synthetic leather, such as PU leather, is also an alternative, its durability, and timeless appeal are not comparable to that of real leather.

Are you interested in more features? Is it more convenient to travel with a passport wallet that doubles as a credit card case? As a result, you’ll need a wallet or document organizer with additional pockets and zippers to hold your credit cards, ID cards, boarding ticket, and other travel documents, such as business cards and frequent flyer credentials. Travel wallets with more than a few credit card slots on the outside may not be the best option if you already have an established travel bag.

Is there a certain design you’re looking for? Before you go shopping for a passport cover, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. There are several options, such as a simple monochromatic design or a graphic. Is a splash of color or something neutral more to your taste?

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Before setting out on a journey, the greatest passport holders should take all of these factors into account. There are a plethora of choices, ranging from high-end to more budget-friendly. Getting a sense of what you’re looking for upfront will help you narrow down your options later on.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a Passport Cover?


Set of 2 Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Plastic Passport Cover Holder Travel MADE IN USA

You may safeguard your travel documents from typical wear and tear, as well as stains and spills, by using a passport cover. Accidents are more likely to occur if you frequently use your passport. To prevent damage to your passport and the loss of your personal information, it is recommended that you wrap the passport in plastic wrap before traveling.

It’s easy and cheap to switch out your passport cover to go with a new look, your baggage, or your backpack.

Passport covers help keep everything in order by providing extra storage space

Other travel papers like credit cards, ID cards, and boarding passes are often included in passports with additional compartments or zippers. Passport covers that also function as RFID-blocking travel wallets help keep your personal information safe and secure, reducing the risk of identity theft.


Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/RFID Blocker (Black with Black Strap)

Using a passport holder’s cover can significantly increase the overall size of your passport. Even though most passport holders are slim, those that have zippers, document organizers, or extra folds can add bulk, making it difficult to store in a purse or pocket.

When going through security and customs, passport coverings might slow down the process. When you have your passport out in full view, the customs officer can easily scan, stamp it, and move you along. The officer may request that the cover be removed if the process is slowed significantly by the addition of additional layers. 

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The passport should be removed from the cover even if it is not required, to avoid any needless difficulty.

Due to the type of textile, passport covers can be more difficult to sanitize than other surfaces. As a result, this is a problem you’ll encounter with any luggage that sees a lot of use.

Passport Cover Shopping Guide

A passport leather cover and a smartphone.

All kinds of passport covers are available, from the high-end designer shop down the street to the local drugstore. It’s ideal to shop online if you’re seeking a wide range of options in terms of color and material, as well as other practical functions.

However, you won’t necessarily find the biggest selection of passport cases to match your specific brand of wanderlust at your local department store, which is OK for those in a hurry.

1. Local-made Passport Covers

There are passport holders that are great options for people who want to support local businesses or who are concerned about the environment. It doesn’t matter which choice you go with; the key to ensuring customization is to shop online in advance.

2. Stylish Passport Covers

It’s common for designers to have a higher-end solution available, anywhere from $70 to more than $1,000. Real leather is frequently used in the construction of these choices, which come with a lifetime warranty against damage. Additionally, a growing number of local artisans are producing handcrafted leather passport covers at a more reasonable price point. 

3. Affordable Stylish Passport Holders

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo - HOTCOOL Leather RFID Blocking Wallet with Elastic Strap Travel Cover Case for Passport, with USA CDC Vaccination Card Slot, with Pen, Mint Green

There is also an affordable designer passport option. Of course, the materials aren’t the same as those in the higher price bracket. That, however, does not take away from their beauty.

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One company, Hotcool, offers many color variations of real passport and vaccine card holders that are beautiful. However, they don’t have space for much else, but if that’s all you need the cover for, they are an ideal option.  The prices vary depending on the design.

4. DIY Passport Covers

Making your passport cover is an enjoyable and personal project if you enjoy sewing and creating. When it comes to designing the ideal cover, the sky’s the limit with the variety of design and material possibilities available. 

Keeping Your Passport and Passport Cover Safe

Passport covers should be cleaned regularly, just like any other surface that has been touched by a variety of people while traveling. To prevent water damage, take your passport from its cover before starting any project.

The material of your passport cover will determine the specific cleaning guidelines you need to follow. A wipe with at least 60% alcohol should be used to disinfect plastic passport covers. This will ensure that the surface is free of any microorganisms.

While plastic passport covers may be cleaned with soap and water, a leather passport cover requires special care, since a variety of cleaning products can wreak havoc. Use a moist cloth and another dry cloth to clean and dry your leather cover. Do not let the leather get wet or leave it near a heater. 

These oils are also found in leather-specific cleansers and can be used to moisturize the material. To clean the suede passport covers, use a suede brush with white vinegar and a suede shampoo. The dirt can be removed with a brush, and the surface can be brightened with vinegar (you apply it with a different piece of cloth).

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Maintaining a high level of quality is essential. After every journey, it’s a good idea to wipe the cover of your passport. Make careful to follow the manufacturer’s directions for washing your passport cover if you are unsure of its material.

Is It Necessary To Carry A Passport Holder?

A leather passport cover with a box.

There is only one negative to utilizing a passport cover, and that is having to remove it from your body when traveling through security. A passport cover’s advantages far exceed its drawbacks. 

It’s not just that they keep your passport safe and clean, but they can also add additional security and organization. Securing your passport is critical, but you may also spice things up a bit by giving it a personal touch.

The answer to this question is:

A passport case is like a book jacket for your travel documents. Passport covers typically feature two pockets on each side, and like a book jacket, your passport gets a new look. It’s better shielded from everyday abuse.

How Passport Holders Protect Your Travel Documents

  • They shield your passport from typical wear and tear, as well as substances that may be spilled on them. This is a nice thing if you frequently use your passport.
  • They make it easier to find your passport if it’s lost or misplaced. Often, a dark blue sleeve is obscured by the darkness of the bag it’s in.
  • It’s possible to dress them up or down depending on your style.
  • They can help you keep track of everything. Extra pockets for money, Identification, immunization certificates, and other ticket stubs can be found within some covers.
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Passport covers like this one on Amazon can help keep your passport safe without adding any extra hassle. While they do not completely cover your passport they do offer protection.

valonic RFID Blocking Sleeves - 6-Pack - Sturdy Clear Plastic - Credit Card Protector - Protection for Debit Card, Passport and Metro Card

Is it Worth It to Buy a Passport Holder?

If you’re on a long trip, going through multiple airports, it can get annoying to remove it and appear like a waste of time. I remember when I was on my world tour, that my adorable holder made me unhappy at having to take it off at every airport stop. I was guilty of slipping my passport back into the cover rather than properly resealing it.

In addition, who doesn’t like it when their passport begins to look a little worn? In my opinion, the best passport is one that looks used. Seriously though, protect your passport with a holder, from information criminals, the elements, and from you misplacing it. 

While a passport cover isn’t a requirement, it might prove handy if you’re searching for the following benefits: longer-lasting sharpness, digital data protection, or a more upscale look when traveling.