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23 Different Travel Accessories

A woman placing a hat on a travel bag.

Taking a trip can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a big hassle. Everyone who loves to travel knows that having the right accessories can make or break a trip. 

Really, nothing sucks as much as having to deal with a sore neck after a long flight because your neck pillow wasn’t a good one, or struggling to pack all your stuff after leaving it all over the hotel room for a few days.

That’s why we’re here — I’m about to introduce you to awesome travel accessories that will make your trips a lot more fun and convenient.

But first, let’s look at the types of travel accessories travelers typically use.

Travel Accessories Types

When it comes to traveling, the types of gear and accessories used are pretty straightforward.

  • Luggage and travel cases
  • Travel clothing
  • Bags and containers for documents
  • Travel electronics
  • Personal care items
  • Comfort items like travel pillows

Now, let’s look at the travel accessories I think you have to consider so your next trip is as much fun as possible.

1. Start Your Trip the Right Way With a Good-looking Travel Organizer

Different type of travel organizer.

The most important travel accessory you can buy is a reliable (and good-looking!) travel organizer. If you’re traveling to many locations, you’ll need lots of documents and papers to keep things legit and avoid trouble with the law.

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I’ve found that a travel organizer with lots of space and RFID blocking is the best option because it gives me peace of mind that my information is secure and safe with me at all times.

You can also keep your cards safely tucked away with a good travel organizer.

2. Stay Safe and Sanitized Throughout Your Trip Using Hand Sanitizer Wipes

A woman wiping the hand of her daughter.

In recent years, we’ve all learned that being sanitized is important, especially if you’re traveling. I trust hand sanitizer wipes to keep me free from germs (and Covid!) whenever I leave my house and I wouldn’t dream of leaving the country without a good number of them.

These wipes are usually cheap and work well, and you can even choose wipes in different scents if you want. It’s one of the most important travel accessories on my list when I plan my trips.

3. Pack All Your Favorites With Space Bags

10Pack Travel Space Saver Bags (4 x S, 3 x L, 3 xL) , Reusable KFYM Vacuum Travel Storage Bag, Saves 75% of Storage Space , Roll-Up Compression, No Need For Vacuum Machine Or Pump

What’s one of the most frustrating problems travelers face? Space! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to repack my luggage because I couldn’t fit all the clothes and towels and shoes I wanted to take with me.

Fortunately, space bags were invented and I honestly think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. You can save up to 50% of space with space bags and they help to keep things nicely organized too.

4. Keep Your Breath Fresh With Toothpaste Tablets

Let’s be honest — when you’re on a trip, it can be really easy to forget to brush your teeth as regularly as you should. Getting annoyed with and frustrated by toothpaste tubes is one of the reasons why.

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Enter toothpaste tablets.

These useful little tablets are the alternative to toothpaste tubes. You simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew on it for a bit, and then brush it away. Voila! Clean and fresh mouth! No more struggling with messy toothpaste tubes.

5. Make Sure Your Passport Stays Safe With a Passport Holder

Passport holder and scrap wood.

Okay, I know I already suggested a travel organizer and that you can use that for your passport, but I feel like people don’t always realize the importance of keeping their passports secure.

So I’m adding a passport holder to the list so you’ll know that you must have a way of keeping your passport on you in a safe place at all times. There could be nothing worse than losing your passport in a foreign country. If you don’t speak the native language, it can be a nightmare!

Invest in a high-quality passport holder that you know will keep your passport secure — your travels depend on it.

6. Always Have Power With a Smart Power Bank

Can you imagine traveling to exotic locations and finding beautiful scenery only to find that your phone or camera’s battery is dead? Avoid that kind of situation by always packing a power bank.

A portable power bank is one of the most important must-have accessories to keep your electronics alive during your trips. Power banks are compact and super useful, and some can even be as slim as a credit card for convenient travel.

7. Avoid Neck Pain With a Comfy Neck Pillow

A woman sleeping on the bus with travel pillow.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time on an airplane, it’s a good idea to buy a good neck pillow. I prefer the memory foam type because it offers fantastic neck support and is soooo comfortable.

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Even if you’re the kind of person who can’t sleep on a plane, you’ll still appreciate the comfort that neck pillows offer and how they support your head during those long periods of sitting still. 

The really good neck pillows are designed to focus on relieving pressure points, and they can make a long flight a lot more bearable.

8. Save Space and Keep Your Mouth Clean With a Folding Toothbrush

Travel Toothbrushes, Good as a Camping Toothbrush or Travel Toothbrush, Charcoal Folding Toothbrush, Foldable and Compact Travel Toothbrush with Soft Bristles For Your Sensitive Gums (6 Pack-Charcoal)

Toothbrushes can be one of the most annoying travel accessories to store, but I’ve found a solution to this little problem: foldable travel toothbrushes!

These small and on-the-go travel accessories are essential. They can be folded (as the name suggests) and can fit in a toiletry bag with ease. Combine them with toothpaste tablets and you can keep your mouth clean while saving a bit of space too.

9. Get Some Shut-eye With a Cool Sleeping Mask…

Sleeping on a flight can feel a bit awkward for many of us. I know that I won’t be able to sleep a wink if I don’t have a sleeping mask. Get yourself a cotton sleeping mask that can block out light effectively.

I would suggest that you make sure that your mask also has no eye pressure and is adjustable so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep even if you’re on an airbus. There are many styles to choose from, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to get your hands on the perfect sleeping mask for you.

10. …or Enjoy More Privacy With a Hoodie Pillow

But if sleeping masks aren’t the thing for you, how about a hoodie pillow? I know, I know. It sounds silly, but these things can help someone who can’t sleep actually get some rest during flights or while traveling long distances in vehicles.

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Hoodie pillows are basically inflatable travel neck pillows inside a hoodie that offers a little extra privacy because the hood can be closed. You can block out light, enjoy the comfort of a neck pillow, and have a private nap at the same time. What’s not to love?

11. Stay Cool As a Cucumber With an Air-Conditioned Cooling Shirt

If you’re planning to visit a hot location, you might want to consider taking an air-conditioned cooling shirt with you. These shirts are awesome and can keep you cool, so you don’t have to worry about sweating, stinking, and being uncomfortable.

Typically, the shirts come with two fans that are fitted at the back that help to regulate the air around your body. They may look a little odd, but when you’re enjoying the coolness, you probably won’t mind a bit.

12. Block Out Annoying Noises With Quality Earplugs

A woman with her earplug and neck pillow.

Every traveler knows that when you’re visiting other places, you’re bound to face noise at one point or another. In fact, depending on where you go, you might be in noisy environments all the time.

That’s why I never travel without a pair of noise-canceling silicone earplugs. They offer a custom fit that won’t hurt your ears and you’ll enjoy peace and quiet when everyone around you seems to want to scream at each other.

13. Sanitize Your Trip With Flushable Wipes

We already have sanitizing wipes on the list, but I thought I’d include a suggestion for flushable wipes. They’re very convenient if you’re on trains, buses, or airplanes. Most of them are alcohol-free but still effective and can even contain ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E.

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While the sanitizing wipes I mentioned earlier are cheap, you can invest in more pricey flushable wipes, so you use them to clean your face as well and be sure they won’t harm your skin.

14. Be Ready for Rainy Weather With a Cute Mini Travel Umbrella

Yoobure Small Mini Umbrella with Case Light Compact Design Perfect for Travel Lightweight Portable Parasol Outdoor Sun&Rain Umbrellas

Sudden bouts of rain can truly ruin a trip, and if you get soaked and possibly even sick, it will make an otherwise fantastic trip truly horrible. 

With that in mind, you should always pack a mini umbrella to avoid getting wet when the drops start to fall when you don’t expect them. Using a mini umbrella saves space and keeps you dry in an emergency situation.

15. Can’t Sleep? Invest in Sleep Headphones!

Traveling can be exciting and the excitement can lead to a lack of sleep. I’ve spent many trips with bags under my eyes because I just couldn’t sleep. That’s why I’m so grateful for sleep headphones. They are amazing at blocking out noise but won’t hurt your ears while you sleep.

What’s more, the headphones’  headband can work very well as an eye mask, so you can block out light and sound at the same time.

16. Stay Organized With a Travel Toiletry Bag

One of the most essential travel accessories has to be a travel toiletry bag. Without one, you’ll have luggage that is not only disorganized but also frustrating, because it’s difficult to find all the small toiletry items you usually use on trips.

Not to even mention the disgust when toiletries have leaked all over your clothes! Make sure you have a good toiletry bag with many compartments and is made of quality materials so nothing can leak.

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17. Ensure the Safety of Your Electronics With a Good Organizer

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag for Hard Drives, Cables, Phone, USB, SD Card, Black

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have plenty of small electronic accessories accompanying you on your trips. It’s awesome to have all your gadgets with you, but they can get pretty disorganized, especially when it comes to chargers and cables.

That’s why I suggest you invest in a good electronic organizer or a carrying bag to keep all your gadgets neat and organized. These bags are available in different styles and designs, so you can easily choose one to match your personality!

18. Keep Dirty Clothes Separate: Use a Travel Laundry Bag

This is not something that is talked about often enough, in my opinion: dirty clothes on a trip. We all know that our clothes will get dirty and have to be kept separate from the clean stuff to avoid odors. 

But most of us don’t plan for it properly! It’s for this reason that travel laundry bags are so useful. Even if you’re only going to be away from home for a few days, having a dedicated bag for your dirty laundry will prevent your clean clothes from getting smelly.

19. Act Like a Spy With a Mysterious Travel Scarf

Keeping our valuables safe is often a worry if we travel to somewhat dangerous or completely unknown locations. Travel scarfs with secret hidden pockets can come in quite handy in such situations.

These scarves give you a place to store money and cards while looking fashionable. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a secret agent or spy, you’ll love this type of scarf. I know I do!

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20. Keep Your Money Hidden in Cool Travel Boots With Secret Pockets!

If scarves aren’t your thing but you still want to have a secret place for valuables, why not buy travel boots with secret pockets? They look just like ordinary boots but have places for all your travel valuables.

You can buy these ankle boots in various colors, so if you’re fashion-conscious, you don’t have to sacrifice your pride while keeping your money and small items safe.

21. Ensure Your Own Comfort With Compression Socks

5 Pairs Graduated Compression Socks for Women&Men 20-30mmhg Knee High Socks Compression Stockings(Multicoloured 1, Small/Medium(US SIZE))

Spending more than a few hours on a flight can lead to many difficulties, including the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. A pair of compression socks can reduce this risk and they’re great for the discomfort you feel after sitting still for a long time.

Compression socks come in many different colors and styles and can be used by women and men alike. I highly recommend buying at least one pair when you’re traveling.

22. Don’t Go Anywhere Without a Good Travel Adapter

Traveling to different countries is awesome: you get to meet new people, see different kinds of architecture, experience other vibrant cultures, and see mother nature in all its glory. But there’s one thing that’s often a problem: plugs!

Wherever you’re heading, make sure you have the right type of travel adapter so you can still charge your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices. An adapter will also ensure you can still use electronics like hairdryers.

23. And Don’t Forget Your Travel Converter!

Different type of European adaptor.

Last but not least on my list is a travel converter. Different countries use different electric voltages and your chargers and electronics might not be able to work on them. For example, American power runs at 110-120 volts whereas many other countries run at 220-240 volts.

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If you don’t use a converter, your electronics can be fried, so always make sure you have a reliable and high-quality converter for your travels.