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What are the Advantages of Staying at Boutique Hotels?

A Boutique Hotel with swimming pool and restaurant.

More options are available than booking a room at a chain hotel in the city you are visiting. You can choose a chain hotel, a mom-and-pop establishment, a bed & breakfast, or book your stay at a boutique hotel.

Boutique hotels are not a new form of accommodation. They are an option that has become more popular for many reasons. Because of their small size, boutique hotels offer five-star service at a three-star price. The customer service at boutique hotels is usually superior to all but the best luxury motels.

What is Your Pleasure?

A Boutique Hotel and scented white candles.

If you are going on vacation or looking for a location for a business retreat, don’t overlook boutique hotels in the city you wish to visit. Although boutique hotels offer many of the amenities of chain motels, they may not provide what you need when doing business with a dozen colleagues.

However, they may, and it will depend on the individual hotel, its location, and the history of guests it has served. If the hotel staff is accustomed to business meetings and is equipped to do so, you should be able to carry on with a business meeting as if you were at a big chain hotel.

If you want complete immersion into the city you are visiting; a boutique hotel may be the best way to accomplish such a task. There are many ways to find a bed while traveling. The accommodations you acquire may be the best part of your stay and possibly the worst without a bit of research before your visit.

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Boutique Hotels offer Exclusive Personalized Service.

A Boutique Hotel with blue window and doors.

The personalized service of boutique hotels is only the beginning of what they offer their guests. When the establishment you are visiting has only 25-100 rooms, the staff gets to know you quickly. This intimacy allows them to cater to you and see that you have everything you need to make your stay perfect.

Boutique Hotels are Small.

Like bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels are small, but not as small, yet offer the same warm service you would get at a smaller venue. Personalized service, rooms with unique personalities, all their own, and kitchens with a Chef whose meals may offer as much joy as a comfortable. Robed.

It is Typically Less Expensive to Stay at a Boutique Hotel.

A Boutique Hotel with tourist and palm trees.

A night at a five-star hotel can set you back up to $1000 per night. Yes, per night! However, a night at a Boutique Hotel may cost you less than half that amount. Of course, it is a matter of what you want.

Of course, a Boutique Hotel may not have an Olympic-size pool, spa, hairdresser, barber, or bar. However, it may have a lap pool, a café with exquisite, locally sourced meals, and a room that is unique to you.

I said they are typically less expensive. However, a few boutique hotels cost as much as the down payment on a car for a night’s stay. These are locations where you might want to book a weekend to celebrate an anniversary or have a wedding; however, their exclusivity has a high price.

Boutique Hotels are Often Upscale and Luxurious.

A luxurious boutique hotel and a flower box.

You do not garner return customers without offering something that is often missing from chain hotels. Furnishing rooms in a unique and luxurious style, with comfortable accommodations and meals served using china and crystal, will captivate guests.

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Depending on where you stay, some rooms will have balconies, others verandas, and many are large enough to accommodate wedding parties and business groups.

Owners of these hotels know they must go beyond the service provided by local chain hotels to keep their rooms occupied. Their relationships with the local community allow them to serve local foods in their cafes and to offer you easy entrance into the area eateries and events. This is another benefit of staying at a boutique hotel.

Boutique Hotels are Usually Eclectic One-Offs.

Even when Boutique hotels become chains, each location has an individuality, unlike the other properties in its group. In addition, each design has been tailored to the city it serves and offers exclusivity, unlike branded hotel concepts. Otherwise, boutique hotels are as individual as the cities they serve, and each one will have a flavor, unlike the next.

Are Boutique Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts the same thing?

A boutique hotel with canteen and swimming pool.

Boutique hotels are generally staffed with hospitality professionals on the property twenty-four hours a day to fulfill your needs. They often have lap pools and spas or are a spa/resort and cater to your every need.

On the other hand, the owners and their families usually staff bed and breakfast. As a result, services are limited, with breakfast usually the only meal offered. As a result, amenities are typically limited. However, bed and breakfasts are plugged into the community like boutique hotels.

These relationships can open doors and get you a table at a local restaurant that might not otherwise be available and other favors from the ‘locals.’

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Search for Boutique Hotels Before Booking Your Trip

Two ladies with luggage looking on a cellphone.

Searching for boutique hotels in cities does not return many results for boutique hotels, specifically. However, a search for spas and resorts turns up many small hotels worldwide, and some call themselves boutique hotels. In contrast, others are labeled as small luxury hotels that meet the criteria of boutique hotels.

Whatever these small exclusive hotels choose to call themselves,  a stay at a boutique hotel doesn’t cost much more than a chain motel and much less than five-star rooms. Yet, they offer a level of service that is old world and will make your stay an enjoyable event.