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What Do Hotel Concierges Do?

A concierge helping a guest for honeymoon plan.

Britannica defines a ‘concierge‘ as “a hotel employee whose job is to make your stay as pleasant as possible while guests at a hotel.” However, that description fails to capture all the things that a knowledgeable concierge can do for you while visiting their domain in their city.

You will find concierges in the lobbies of upscale motels, usually at a counter by themselves. They are not the bellhop, the valet, or desk employee and fill a different need when you are visiting.

The concierge is there to provide information, make reservations for you, make recommendations, and give you directions to the best eateries in the area. In addition, they can build an itinerary for a tour of the city’s attractions or help you plan a wedding at their location.

Like the other hotel staff, the concierge is there to fulfill your needs while you are their guest. They generally have extensive knowledge of the area. In addition, they often curry relationships with others who can make reservations for restaurants and events, which may be hard to get otherwise.

The Many Ways a Concierge Can Make Your Hotel Stay Exceptional

Concierge signage in the hotel.

A concierge can do much more for you than make reservations and give directions to the nearest museum. Here are a few of the many ways a concierge can make your hotel stay seamless.

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A Concierge Can Help You Before You Get There.

There are many ways a concierge can help you before you arrive. For example, they can secure your luggage for you if it arrives before you or if you need to leave it in a secure location before check-in.

A concierge can arrange for business services that include private rooms, courier and printing services, mailing service, and receiving packages and luggage from you before your arrival.

They Can Help You Do Your Job.

If your visit is for business, they can help you do your job by seeing that you have everything you need to do your job. You name it, power cables, carts, tables, chairs, catering, and a concierge will see that you have what you need to do your job.

They Can Get You a Ride.

A hotel staff getting luggage out of the car.

Whether you need a rental car to get around town, a limousine, or a cab for a crosstown jaunt, a concierge knows whom to call to get you on your way the fastest. Do you need plane tickets? They can take care of that too.

A Concierge Can Help With Special Needs.

If you are traveling and need special assistance due to a disability, are ill, or have other special needs, the concierge can help. They will often know the restaurants to send you to if you have a special needs diet or have food allergies.

They Can Get You a Table.

Hospitality people run in the same crowds in their personal and business lives. So, the concierge is likely to know the maître d’s, the chefs, and other staff of restaurants, lounges, theatres, and other venues in the area you are staying. These connections can help you by getting a last-minute table or last-minute tickets for a show.

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They Can Get You Dressed and Groomed.

A concierge on the hallway guiding a guest.

No, the concierge won’t come to your room and dress you. However, they can direct you to where to have your clothes laundered, a suit fitted, or where you can get a haircut or the newest hairstyle. Many upscale hotels have clothiers, beauticians, and barbers on the premises.

However, whether they are on-site or off, your concierge will know where to send you to get you looking your very best.

They Can Recommend Service Help.

If you need a babysitter, a dog sitter, a repair shop for your car, or other services, a concierge is there to help you meet the need.

They Can Help With Travel Issues.

A concierge can help you if you’ve lost important documents, send packages and mail, and help you with luggage that arrives early or late.

Book a Spa Treatment.

A couple enjoying a hand massage.

A few hours of pampering can put a new perspective on everything. The concierge at your motel can make an appointment for you on-site if they offer massage treatments or with businesses they are familiar with.

Prepare an Itinerary of Your Favorite Interests.

Suppose you are fond of museums, parks, or locations with children’s activities. In that case, your concierge can make an itinerary that will take you to the sights you are interested in. Knowing where you are going will help you save time, which will allow you to see as many of the sites as possible in the time you have available.

A Concierge Can Help Keep You Safe.

Are you a runner? If you are, a concierge can keep you safe by steering you away from city areas where you should not run.

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Give You a List of the Best Watering Holes.

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and your concierge will know where all the best happy hour happenings are going around the city. If you are lucky, one of the best lounges may be right in the hotel where you are staying.

Your Hotel Concierge Aims to Please!

A man pressing a button for concierge services.

As members of a very exclusive group, concierges are trained to take care of your every need when you are guests at the facilities they serve. They are trained to do the impossible and it can make your stay with them be a memorable event.