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11 Luggage Similar to Away

A family on a vacation with their luggage bag.

Away has become one of the most talked-about names in travel bags. It has worked with a few famous people. The minimalistic style has attracted a large following. The durable casing (more on that below) features sleek, horizontal lines and a vibrant color scheme. Consider their deluxe aluminum collection, which sparkles in jaw-dropping metallics, as well as white, pink, and understated neutrals.

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The suitcase’s 360-degree wheels, TSA-approved combination closures, zipped mesh inserts for more packing room, and separate wash bag are all features that frequent flyers appreciate. Their portable proportions can be charged using an internal (but removable) battery pack.

What I Like:

  • Long-lasting polycarbonate exterior
  • Black leather accents and a black leather luggage tag are some of these leather touches.
  • Disposable USB charger with wall-plug adapter and ejectable plug for charging mobile devices.
  • Safer than a standard lock, thanks to a TSA-approved combination lock
  • Wheels that spin in all directions for a comfortable ride.
  • System for compressing the interior to fit more
  • Concealable dirty-clothes bag for easy sorting
  • Accepted as a carry-on by the majority of major airlines.

Away indeed has a lot of competition if you don’t like their rates or design, but there are other options. We’ve compiled a list of great alternatives to Away, including popular options from Samsara and Mono as well as some unique finds from retailers such as Amazon.

Luggage Similar to Away

This luggage is similar to Away in terms of price, mobile charging capabilities, the material, spinner wheels, long-term warranty, and overall functionality.

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1. Samsara

Different types of luggage sold on the store.

You’ll enjoy this brand of baggage if you’re as obsessed with modern conveniences as I am. Relax and let Tag Smart do the heavy lifting to locate your bag. The newest aluminum 21 in Samsara “Tag Smart technology in the carry-on allows you to locate your bag using Apple’s Find My app.

The TagSmart device can be safely stored within the compact internal pouch. Your brand’s logo is shown in a window on the outside of your building. The Tag Smart Carry-On is constructed from polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum, so it can withstand bumps in the road.

The 21 is a flexible “The carry-on satisfies all local and international regulations. The flat top surface of the classic Samsara design can be used as a mobile office. Having a hard time keeping up with your duties? Watch a movie on your laptop wherever your travels may take you by propping it up on the gate table.

What I Like:

  • Stunning layout
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Strong aluminum framework
  • Packing bags for transport is optional.
  • Luxury 360° revolving wheel with bearings

2. Mono

A vector of Mono luggage bag.

To begin with, there is a limited warranty that lasts forever. Everything that makes their award-winning Carry-On so fantastic, is now a far more spacious check-in option. The Monos Check-In Large is the perfect suitcase for a trip with the family or for bringing along some extra clothes for fashion week.

Featuring a shatterproof polycarbonate exterior, a durable telescoping handle, a TSA-approved lock, smooth rolling wheels, faux-leather accents, and superior construction, this suitcase is built to last. To save space when not in use, you may store any of their smaller luggage sizes inside any of the larger ones.

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What I Like:

  • German polycarbonate hard shell Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run 360° wheels with aerospace-grade water resistance
  • 350D microbe-resistant inner fabric is ultra-soft and luxurious
  • Details made of ultra-fine microfiber faux leather
  • Lock with a combination that is acceptable to the TSA
  • A YKK reverse coil zipper, in a coordinating color
  • Separator and Y-shaped compression straps
  • The telescoping grip has four different height positions

3. Mark and Graham

A luggage bag with different types of accessories.

A Mark and Graham suitcase is ideal for you if you appreciate classic monograms. Almost every item, from a weekend bag to a luggage tag, can be personalized with a monogram. The cost for a custom monogram, in the style and color of your choosing, begins at just $12. Their best-selling luggage line is made to help you stand out from the crowd with details like premium leather and a custom monogram.

TSA-approved personal locks, telescopic handles, huge wheels that spin 360 degrees, and expanding zippers are all standard on our distinctive spinners, which are crafted from lightweight yet sturdy polycarbonate.

Whether your trip is short or long, this set of two spinner suitcases will make packing and unpacking a breeze. The Terminal 1 Collection is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects. If your bag ever breaks, we will fix it or replace it at no cost to you. Purchase a set for your use or as the pinnacle of presents for the globetrotting friends and family on your list.

What I Like

  • Zippers that can be unzipped to make more room for your belongings on each journey.
  • Dual Controls (on side and top).
  • Clipped elastic band inside for securing clothing.
  • With its simple, extendable 14-inch handle and four swiveling wheels, this device can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Inside the mesh pockets or zipped compartments of the carry-on luggage.
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4. Paravel

Paravel’s assortment of vintage-inspired bags, carry-on, and duffels, is coordinated to perfection. (Their website boasts that they aim for a classic style. Paravel also sells transparent shoe cubes and vanity cases, both of which may make packing for your next trip a lot less of a hassle.

What I Like:

  • The perfect proportions: It can hold two to four days’ worth of clothing and one to two pairs of shoes and yet fit in the overhead bin of any airline.
  • There are enough clothes and shoes for four complete outfits in the Aviator Grand’s spacious packing space for eight to ten days.
  • It has a compression board on the inside to keep your belongings in place, a textured exterior to disguise scratches, smart inner pockets, and a detachable laundry bag. The 360-degree double-spinner wheels are incredibly smooth thanks to the carbon steel bearings.
  • Carbon-free construction with recyclable components including a polycarbonate shell, recycled zippers, an upcycled plastic water bottle lining, vegan leather accents, wrapped steel handles, and an aluminum handle from a recycled airplane.

5. July

A luggage bag on the pink background.

During the time between vacations, you may easily store all of their cases because they are made to fit snugly within one another. The case is made of German polycarbonate of aerospace quality, and it features its distinctive egg-shaped curvature that protects the device from damage while maximizing its utility. They also equipped it with anodized aluminum bumpers to soften the blow of any accidental drops.

Each suitcase has a secret compartment for dirty clothes, and the bag is airtight and compressible, so we can store our soiled clothes out of sight while keeping the rest of our wardrobe in pristine condition. We can set the length of their telescoping handle to halt at any of several different points. The comfortable rubber grip makes it easy to use.

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What I Like:

  • The 80-liter capacity is ideal for journeys lasting from one to two weeks.
  • German eggshells are specially designed to be crushproof and provide excellent protection for your valuables.
  • Specialized anodized aluminum corner guards to cushion the blow of falls.
  • A telescoping grip with more than 20 settings allows the user to adjust the tool to its ideal height.
  • A Built-in TSA lock keeps your belongings safe at all times.
  • Concealed, stain- and odor-proof laundry bag is included.
  • The July Issue, Inside
  • Strap-on space-saving compression solution for extra items.
  • The SilentMove™ wheels are a patented innovation that allows for silent, smooth movement across any terrain.
  • Free shipping and returns within 100 days, plus a lifetime guarantee.

6. Calpak

Different types of luggage bag on the airport.

There are a lot of social media influencers carrying CALPAK baggage, according to one of our editors. And there’s no denying that the CALPAK bags are Instagram-worthy with their sleek design: You can choose from the rose gold one or the one with a marble pattern. Want lightweight, minimal suitcases? We’ve got Hue covered. This huge polycarbonate luggage rolls along on four silent, smooth wheels. Expandable hardside luggage that oozes class and style. It’s the chic way to travel to your destination.

What I Like:

  • TSA-approved lock with a tough, 100% polycarbonate casing
  • Able to expand up to two inches
  • Spinner Wheels CALPAK Limited Warranty 2 Years

7. TravelPro

These expandable hard shell luggage are sleek, robust, and packed with features, including the ability to expand when extra space is required. These carry-ons feature external USB A and C connectors, allowing you to charge your electrical devices while you’re on the road.

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Your power bank will be safely tucked away in a fast-charging, FAA-compliant battery pocket with easy exterior access. This spinning luggage fits in the overhead compartments of all major US airlines and has a 2″ expansion with a zipper for extra packing space if you need it.

This hardside luggage is built to last, with a 100% polycarbonate shell that is flexible upon impact to prevent cracking and keep contents protected, as well as an attractive textured finish that helps decrease the visibility of scuffs or scratches.

The genuine leather accents are a classy touch, and the metal corner guards are a practical way to shield vulnerable regions. TSA-approved locks are integrated for safe access by authorities during inspections.

What I Like:

  • The clamshell style allows for quick and easy packing, and the dual-zippered divider panels ensure that your belongings stay neatly divided and safely protected inside the case.
  • This carry-on luggage contains a water-resistant compartment for storing wet clothes or toiletries, as well as various accessory compartments for added organization.
  • Powered by the revolutionary PrecisionGlide™ spinner wheels from Travelpro® and guided by a robust, four-position adjustable handle with a relaxed Contour Grip, this lightweight beauty glides effortlessly and quickly across any terrain.
  • The Built For a Lifetime Limited Warranty and the Trusted Companion Promise cover damage to your hard-sided spinner luggage from airlines or other common carriers for the first five years of the lifetime warranty.

8. Props

A blue luggage bag on the pink background.

The PROPS™ 22″ carry-on, with its innovative, patent-pending leg system, will change the way you travel forever. Since it provides an instant desk, it can help you get work done during transit. Its ingenious legs convert into an extra luggage rack in an instant, facilitating tidiness and order in hotel rooms. 

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That’s only the benefit of having legs, by the way. One of the most sturdy, adaptable, and hassle-free carry-ons on the market, PROPS also has a carefully selected set of design elements.

What I Like

  • The PROPS Leg System, a World-First Patent-Pending Innovation
  • Tough exterior shell made of lightweight polycarbonate
  • Dual ball-bearing-spinning wheels make for easy maneuvering and long life.
  • This bag’s main section features a top-loading design that allows for maximum storage capacity.
  • Containers with an internal compression packing mechanism
  • Modifiable, telescoping pull handle for a trolley
  • Carrying handles at the top, sides, and bottom
  • Fasteners made by YKK
  • An integral combination lock that is certified by the TSA
  • Add a sizing expansion by zipping it open.
  • Exoskeleton made of “100% pure virgin” polycarbonate

9. Zero Halibut

This lightweight and maneuverable 22-inch carry-on are ideal for international travel. Created from lightweight and durable high-tech polycarbonate, this case won’t slow you down. Handles, wheels, and identification tags (made of magnetic leather) are all tailored for optimal performance.

The brand’s classic double rib trademark is given a fresh interpretation in the form of a sleek concave dual rib style, which alludes to a synthesis of elegance, modernity, and motion.

Their plush lining makes for easy, stress-free packing. Full-clip closure compression panel with extra compartments to hide smaller goods; a zip-in/out divider; wide-panel tie-down straps featuring air-flow mesh to secure garments in place; an unobtrusive hanger clip that can fit a variety of hanger sizes.

What I Like:

  • ZH Concave Edging™ is a textured matte polycarbonate edge reinforcement.
  • For convenient lifting from the trunk or above, the ZH Chassis™ incorporates low-profile, collapsible rubber side grips and a scalloped grip handle next to the wheels.
  • Completely enclosing zipper with TSA-approved lock
  • Easy-to-reach, one-button release on the middle of the handle’s three-stage telescoping mechanism
  • The 360-degree swiveling wheels are fitted with rubber bumpers to improve grip, simplicity of use, and dampening of shock.
  • Metal logo pin in the shape of a pillow, perfect for hanging a purse or diaper bag.
  • Leather name badges that you may personalize with a monogram and a magnet.
  • Shaped like a concave double rib, with discreet branding
  • Gray, Blue Camo, Black, Navy, Sage, and Sun colors are all on offer.
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10. Solgaard

Come take a look at the triumphant Carry-On Closet suitcase. The Carry-On Closet is designed to help you stay organized while traveling. It features a trademarked built-in shelving mechanism, a USB charging port, as well an unbreakable polycarbonate casing.

Its proprietary closet design is patent-protected and features six shelves, a compaction strap for compact storage, and a weighted bottom to prevent tipping.

Plug in your electronics without having to rummage through your stuff. 

The luggage has a built-in charging outlet, so you can simply plug in your cord and go. Combining a lightweight aluminum frame with a polycarbonate outer shell, this product is practically indestructible. It has a TSA-approved lock, is sealed against water and scratches, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

What I Like:

  • Shelving that can be taken out and stands on its own (patented)
  • Conveniently located USB charging port for on-the-go use (power bank not included)
  • Wheels that rotate in a circle without causing friction
  • Three-digit lock that is approved by the TSA
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate casing
  • Easy, pinch-to-open design
  • Ergonomic, padded grip for a firm hold
  • The “ribcage” structure allows for undamaged overhead bin sliding
  • Furnishings are constructed entirely from post-consumer plastic bottles; with a 100% recycling rate.
  • 229 plastic water bottles are kept out of the ocean for every sold suitcase.

11. Samsonite

Different kinds of travel bags sold on the store.

Choose from a wide variety of suitcase styles at Samsonite. You can certainly find the ideal soft- or hard-sided luggage, be it a carry-on or a stylish spinner that could fit beneath your seat. Omni PC is a new range that blends scratch-resistant texturing with the lightest possible 100% polycarbonate construction, making it ideal for even the roughest travel conditions.

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This guarantees that your luggage will retain its pristine condition even after 100 trips. Lightweight protection and 360-degree mobility are combined in this range. Don’t lug around a heavy suitcase; instead, let Omni PC ride a shotgun. The plan allows for growth in case more storage is required.

What I Like:

  • Safekeeping of your personal effects is ensured by the use of TSA-approved locks. 
  • This set pushes the limits of what is possible with a 100% polycarbonate design, which means it is both incredibly lightweight and visually arresting.
  • Care for Hard-Sided Luggage: To clean hard-sided luggage, use warm soapy water and thoroughly rinse the item.
  • Following a thorough cleaning, you may add shine and protection by waxing the case with any high-quality silicone-based auto or furniture polish. 
  • Injection molded polycarbonate, a robust and lightweight plastic, is used for the outer shell.