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18 Luggage Similar to Rimowa

Different types of luggage sold on the store.

It isn’t a secret that when it comes to luggage and luxury, Rimowa is at the top of the list. With a history spanning over a century, Rimowa has become one of the more popular names because of its quality and design to remain strong. Its high design has an expensive price tag, leaving travelers looking for similar options. There is a lot more to the Rimowa, however.

This luggage is meant to last a lifetime and can be considered one of the strongest in its class. They pioneered the polycarbonate material that is now found on so many brands of hard shell luggage. Below are other similar luggage types in quality and style when a Rimowa is not an option. 

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1. American Tourister

A woman holding her wallet and a travel bag.

The American Tourister is one of the more popular luggage brands on the carousel. This brand has taken rolling luggage and given it a new level of ease and comfort. When you lift this luggage, you can expect it to fit easily and not be awkward. The bag has two handles, so you can fit it easily.

It is a lightweight suitcase made from high-quality ABS plastic, durable but keeps the weight down. Straps are inside the luggage to secure your items so they are not tossed throughout the ride. Spinning four wheels make this easy to move and navigate through the plane and airports. 

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2. Samsonite

Samsonite travel bag with combination lock.

Those who spend a lot of time traveling for work or play find the Samsonite brand to meet their needs. It is a name almost as popular as Rimowa and is used internationally because of its quality. Like the Rimowa, it is made from high-quality materials and features that convenient design that is easy to lift and roll when traveling.

The polycarbonate material in the Samsonite brand allows your luggage to travel regularly and maintain its quality and features while pushed around. It does have the ability to be expanded an additional inch for those extra layers you need on some of your trips. 

3. Victorinox

The Swiss understand your traveling needs, which is why the Victorinox brand is found all over Europe and the western part of the world. It is similar in style and design to Rimowa, offering options that meet airline requirements. You can choose from various color options, sizes, and styles if you want to venture away from the classic square.

These carry-ons and checked bags are meant to last when they are purchased because they are agile, fitting onto different plane sizes and allowing you to meet the different requirements that are in place when traveling. 

4. Tuplus

A travel bag left on the airport.

Some travelers want the quality of a Rimowa without all the aesthetics. This is where the Tuplus brand differs, offering a minimal-style option for travelers. Both brands believe in durability in their luggage and the convenience of four spinning wheels. However, Tuplus takes the minimalist approach, offering a more modern look with a zipperless appearance.

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Aluminum is one of the material options for carry-ons. This brand is newer than Rimowa, only around for about a decade and introduced by Chinese manufacturing. You find most of these on the West Coast and from Eastern travelers. 

5. Travelking

When you see the Travelking coming, you will know. It has its own unique look that is a step out of the box of the Rimowa. It appears to be an aluminum briefcase on wheels, offering two handles and the highly sought after double spinning wheels for convenience.

What you will notice about the Travelking is that it is quiet and does not sound as harsh as other brands traveling through the airports and then on airplanes. Unlike a lot of the other brands, the Travelking has a stronger weight capacity, and can hold all of the items you need for a quick trip. 

6. Kenneth Cole

Luggage bag with different color on a white background.

Not only do you get durable luggage when traveling, but you can also be stylish as you travel when you choose Kenneth Cole. Like Rimowa, Kenneth Cole wanted to keep durability as an option, so they chose ABS plastic as the material for the luggage. They also offer an entire interior for their traveler.

There is a zipper pocket and garment restraints for traveling ease. Two handles are found on the top and side of the luggage so that it can be lifted easily and placed in overhead compartments without an issue. These are also some of the most affordable luggage options on the market when it comes to premium luggage. 

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7. Travelpro

A couple traveling on an airport with their luggage bag.

Offering soft-side luggage, the Travelpro brand still takes that classic luggage look and has a limited warranty. Like Rimowa, Travelpro considers the traveler’s needs with various compartments. There is a difference in the material and the wheels, however. The soft side luggage is easy to carry and can still provide a level of support when traveling.

However, the items within are not as secure as they would be with a hard shell. The benefit of a soft shell luggage, however, is its ability to expand and include more clothing, if needed. They do come with encased wheels and will not fall off like spinning wheels on the other brands that are mentioned. 

8. Delsey

You are doing so when you purchase Delsey luggage because you are a business traveler. They take the durability that Rimowa offers and then apply it to an affordable and equipped option to protect working equipment. Business travelers carry more than clothing and toiletries, and Delsey offers luggage designed with that in mind.

The Delsey luggage will secure the laptops, folders, and documents you are traveling with so they are not damaged. They are also TSA approved in their size, and offer a locking device for security purposes. The wheels are double-spinners because you are in a hurry and need luggage that can keep up from one flight to the next. 

9. Yuemai

If you want to go with a high-quality aluminum luggage option, then Yuemai is the right option for you. It does take quality into consideration, like Rimowa, but it does not offer different options for style and color. Its classic silver is reminiscent of Rimowa, however. The TSA standards approve the Yuemai luggage, which is ideal for different airlines.

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It is meant to last and can withstand falling, being tossed, and any other beatings it may take while you are traveling. This luggage also features double-spinning wheels and a shift lever for your comfort. 

10. Globe-Trotter

Another premium luggage brand is the German Globe-Trotter, which has showcased a classic design for many years. The shell of this luggage is leather and takes on a classic suitcase look but includes wheels and a lever as modern additions. There is a lifetime warranty on these luggage pieces, and they are all made by hand. They are close to or even more expensive than the Rimowa brand but consider their owners when they are designed. 

11. Monos

A vector of aluminum luggage bag.

A bit more affordable than Rimowa, the Monos luggage brand is meant to offer a modern look to the classic carry-on style. This luggage brand is considered a premium option, offering travelers numerous color options and durable aluminum shells.

You receive a lifetime warranty when you purchase Monos luggage, so you do not have to worry about replacing it if you are a frequent traveler. This Canadian brand is popular in North America and Western Europe as a leader in luggage options. It is not as lightweight as other options, but it is strong and can withstand tossed around while protecting the contents within its shell. 

12. Roam

If you want some personality in your luggage as you get with Rimowa, then the Roam luggage brand may be right for you. It is made in the US and can be customized to fit your color pattern, making it easy to identify when you pick your luggage up at baggage claim. Roam luggage is durable and equipped with adjustable handles for travelers of all heights. There are also four spinning wheels for ease and comfort as you move through the small aisles of the plane and packed airports with ease. 

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13. Paravel

Different kinds of travel bags and luggage.

Although it is only in its first decade of design, Paravel is gaining a lot of attention in the premium luggage line. The goal of Paravel is to provide a stylish, durable, and sustainable option. This is an approach that many have not taken in this industry, and Paravel makes sure to use recycled material for their luggage.

The polycarbonate material used in each piece has been recycled and can be recycled when the luggage is no longer used. Materials like recycled plastic bottles, recycled aluminum, and zippers are sustainable and reused pieces that were crafted together. 

14. Floyd

Rimowa offers a classic look, but Floyd takes it back to a vintage style inspired by the Venice Beach culture when skateboarding was introduced. The wheels on the Floyd luggage are a step in time to the skateboard wheels, which work great on different surfaces found in airports and airplanes.

There are many compartments within the luggage to secure different items you need when traveling. The hardshell you choose can come in a few different vintage colors inspired by that era. Make sure to take advantage of the nylon bag that can be used as a laundry bag on your trip home. 

15. July

Different types of luggage on the store.

Founded in Australia, the July luggage brand is another that is similar to Rimowa. This brand also adopts the checked bag look that is classically square to get in as much as possible per the travel requirements. A difference between the two brands is the ability to customize your carry-on and checked bags to fit your preference.

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Those who like to travel with a single bag find the July brand to be the most efficient for all of their needs. It is considered to be the lightest carry-on luggage on the market at this time. 

16. Tumi

If you are looking for a more modern brand that is close to the Rimowa, then Tumi is where you should take another look. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their luggage, but it costs only half the price of a Rimowa. Approved by TSA and offering the combination lock, your items are safe if they go missing or are taken while traveling.

You can expect the luggage to expand quickly. The material used in this luggage is ballistic nylon. All the designs from Tumi are put into place to be functional and stylish, making sure they meet your personal needs. 

17. Away

A woman carrying her carry-on bag and luggage.

Coming in close to the Rimowa is the Away luggage. It is often mistaken for the Rimowa because they are close in design but the price tag is significantly different. There are a couple of carry-on sizes to choose from and checked luggage that is great for the frequent traveler.

The away luggage is easy to store in the bins overhead for carry-on luggage in most planes and airlines. If it needs to be checked because the overhead is full, it can withstand being tossed around in the cargo area. 

18. Beis

One more brand of luggage is similar to the Rimowa, but may be a better option. While the price of the Beis is much better, so is its expansion ability. This could be the difference in choosing the Beis over the Rimowa because it can give two extra inches in your luggage. This is critical for some travelers who need to carry lots of items and clothing when they travel. 

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