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Spiral Beach in Victoria – Everything You Need To Know

Spiral Beach is a gorgeous and expansive pebbly beach on the southern shores of Victoria. Just below Beacon Hill Park, this beach is super easy to access along the Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail by foot, or by bike. The unique graffitied staircase leading to the beach gives this beach its name, and its interesting landscape. If you’re visiting Victoria and are looking for a peaceful beach, with beautiful views of the Olympic Peninsula, then look no further than Spiral Beach. 

panoramic view of spiral beach in victoria looking west

Where is Spiral Beach?

Spiral Beach is at the southern end of Victoria, just underneath Beacon Hill Park. The beach runs along Dallas Road and the Dallas Road Waterfront Trail. The main access point for the beach is just past the intersection of Dallas Road and Cook Street. The beach faces south, with views of the Olympic Peninsula across the Salish Sea. 

Walking the Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail

The Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail is an oceanfront trail that runs just underneath Dallas Rd in southern Victoria, from Lewis Street, all the way to St Charles Street. The path is just over 4km in length (one way). It’s a beautiful walking path, with a designated bike path as well, and the main entrance to Spiral Beach is located on it, near Cook Street. 

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walking path on the dallas road waterfront trail in victoria bc

From the Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail, you can see the beach below. The beach is just below the coastal cliffs that the trail run along. The cliffs are covered in shrubs and colorful wildflowers. 

overhead view of spiral beach from the dallas rd waterfront trail in victoria

Accessing Spiral Beach

The main trailhead is on the Dallas Rd Waterfront Path, at the intersection of Cook Street. The pathway leads through a thicket of dense trees down towards the spiral stairs that lead to the beach.

forested path leading to spiral beach in victoria

As you exit the forested path you’ll find yourself at the top of the spiral, where there are two benches to enjoy the view. From here you can already see just how amazing the views are at this beach. 

benches on top of the spiral at spiral beach in victoria

The large wrapping spiral staircase leads directly down to the beach, and you can immediately see that almost every inch is covered in graffiti. There are just a few stairs so you don’t have to worry about having an unexpected workout on the way back up, like at Tower Beach in Vancouver

stairs leading down to the beach on the spiral at spiral beach in victoria

The spiral staircase (where the beach gets its name from) is covered head to toe in colorful graffiti, a unique contrast to the surrounding natural seashore. It’s a popular spot to visit and get some great photographs.  

the spiral structure covered in graffiti at spiral beach in victoria

A Pebbly but Picturesque Beach

Spiral Beach definitely isn’t a sandy beach, but it is beautiful. The pebbles are the smallest furthest away from the shore and increase in size closer to the water line. Walking along the beach can be a bit awkward unless you do it at low tide when some sandy beach is revealed below the normal tide line. Regardless, if you stick close to the cliffs, you’ll still be comfortable with just a beach blanket under you. 

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fort made out logs at spiral beach in victoria

There are also tons of driftwood and beached logs scattered along the shore to sit on and enjoy a coffee or a packed lunch. The best part about Spiral Beach however is the views. To the south, you can see all the way to the Olympic Mountains in Washington. You can also observe the many wild shrubs and wildflowers that cover the coastal cliffs above the beach. 

view of the western cliffs at spiral beach in victoria

Not the Most Popular Spot for Swimming or Sunbathing

Oddly enough, the only time I’ve ever seen people swimming at Spiral Beach was a group of folks doing a polar bear swim last winter. Because of the pebbly shore, it’s not the most common place to find swimmers or sunbathers. However, if you come with a thick beach blanket and water shoes, I don’t see why it can’t be a great place for swimming. It’s also typically very quiet and peaceful, and because it’s such a large beach it’s not difficult to find a nice isolated spot to enjoy a book or some quiet time. If you don’t mind a bit of a scramble across some rocks to get into the water, then you’ll have a great time swimming here. Please keep in mind however there is no lifeguard on duty, so you should only swim here if you are experienced. 

shrubs and wildflowers on the coastal cliffs at spiral beach in victoria

FAQs About Spiral Beach

Is there parking at Spiral Beach?

Yes, there is parking on Dallas Rd between Cook St and Camas Cir, and between Cambridge St and Linden Ave. 

Is Spiral Beach wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, Spiral Beach is not wheelchair accessible, as it is only accessed via stairs. The Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail that runs past Spiral Beach is wheelchair accessible. 

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view of the ocean from spiral beach in victoria

Are there public restrooms at Spiral Beach?

There is no restroom on the beach, but there are public restrooms in Beacon Hill Park on Cook Street, just above Dallas Rd on Lovers Ln. 

Is there a concession stand at Spiral Beach?

No, there is no concession at Spiral Beach, but there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants in Cook Street Village, just a few blocks above Beacon Hill Park on Cook Street. I recommend grabbing a coffee and a snack and bringing it down to the beach to enjoy with the view.