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15 Towns Like Forks, Washington

Visitor information center at Forks, Washington.

Forks, Washington is a small coastal town that rose to tourist fame in the 2000s as the location for the Twilight series. It is small with a population of around 5,000 residents. The coastal beaches in the town are where the mountains meet the beach, and there is a lot of rain to be expected in this area annually.

Because of these conditions, the size of the trees making it a great economy for logging, which was the leading industry in the town until it became a tourist hotspot. There is also a lot of fishing in the area, and the community comes together as one to help and assist with different needs. 

The features and characteristics of this quiet, coastal town with all of its natural beauty make it something that many want to recreate for a vacation or take on permanently. Below are more coastal towns that you can find along the Pacific West Coast that give you that small town but outdoorsman feel. 

1. Florence, Oregon

Heceta Head Lighthouse Florence, Oregon.

Just a bit larger than Forks, Florence offers a blended culture of settlers and Native Americans. The mountains literally touch the water, with beaches that are secluded and enjoyed by the locals. If you visit this area, make sure you take the Hobbit Trail to the beach and gather some endless seashells.

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This beach town is also home to the largest sea cave in the United States, where cubs of sea lions can be heard and seen if you visit at the right time. This trip will cost you an average of $120 per night during your stay. 

2. Carmel-By-The-Sea, California

Bixby Creek Bridge at Carmel-By-The-Sea, California.

Just a bit further south is a beach town with secluded beaches and mountains on the shore. However, Carmel-By-The-Sea experiences more sunshine annually than Forks. It is roughly the same size as the beach town, but it has more to offer with entertainment, dining, and offering a location that is great for a weekend getaway from busy Californians.

The town has a cute and artistic architecture which gives this small town its own level of uniqueness. You can also feel comfortable bringing Fido along with you since the town is dog-friendly. Expect our nightly rates to range between $200 and $300 a night. 

3. Port Townsend, Washington

The architecture in Port Townsend, Washington is different from many of the other functional beach towns like Forks. With its Victorian-style buildings and home, the history in Port Townsend is old and has historical value. It was meant to become a large port city on the West Coast and has become one of the more popular getaways for couples and families on the West Coast. 

Both the Cascade and the Olympic mountain ranges are represented in this town, and there are lots of outdoor exercises to get at the Fort Worden State Park. With the number of art galleries and fine dining restaurants in the area, however, this is a beach town that accommodates all visitors. Visitors can also expect an average of $150 a night in Port Townsend.

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4. Crescent City, California

A historic lighthouse at Crescent City, California.

Hidden as a local secret, there is a stretch of hidden beaches full of shady sandy shores in Crescent City, California. The lighthouse and other nearby structures have found themselves in the historical society, which isn’t something that Forks can say. Not just do the beaches bring visitors to this area, but so do the redwoods growing in the Redwood National Park, nearby.

For a really spectacular view, make sure you ride the gondola to get a birdseye view of the beach town and the redwoods. When you book your weekend getaway, expect an average of $130 a night at the different inns and hotels. 

5. Newport, Oregon

One of the larger beach towns that has a little more significant economic impact on the area is Newport, Oregon. Compared to Forks, it is a bit bigger and has a stronger environment that attracts residents and tourists alike.

When visiting Newport, one of the best things for visitors to take part in is whale watching and looking for Orcas in their natural environment. Like Forks, Newport experiences quite a bit of rain and outside of fishing, the inland economy is derived from loggers. While visiting, your average cost each night will be just under $100. 

6. Sausalito, California

Golden Gate Bridge at Sausalito, California.

The population of Sausalito and Forks are similar, but there are some very different cultural backgrounds that you will experience. For one, this coastal town takes advantage of small-time farming as a part of the economy.

Many of the residents have produce stands and grow vegetables that are in season for tourists who are coming to the area. Also, many of the residents of Sausalito live in floating homes out on the water. There are over 400 of these homes, and they have been in existence for over a century. 

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The views of the mountains on the shoreline are very similar to Forks. There are a few secluded beaches in the town for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Since Forks has started growing as a tourist destination, many of the shops and entertainment that have grown in Sausalito is looking eerily familiar to the Washington town. Expect to pay between $230 and $300 a night during your stay. 

7. Hoquiam, Washington

If you are looking for a town that has that quiet and peacefulness of Forks, then Hoquiam may be the right place for you. Like Forks, the lumber industry runs deep in this town, back to its early days. It has sentimental historical value to Washington’s history and the entire West Coast.

For those who want to explore a community where Native American culture and new settlers to the land meet, Hoquiam may be the right location for you. After a day out exploring Grays Harbor, enjoy dinner on the waterfront in the historic downtown area. The small hotels in Hoquiam will average you around $100 per night during your stay.

8. La Conner, Washington

Historical houses at La Conner, Washington.

La Conner is located on the waters of the Salish Sea, dividing the two countries of the US and Canada at the northern border.  It’s just over an hour’s ride away from Seattle, but it has that super small-town feel like Forks.

In this city, the economy was built on farming, fishing, and lumber for many years until its natural beauty started attracting big city folks a place to escape to on the weekend. Expect your nightly rate to average around $160. 

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9. Long Beach, Washington

Enjoying a place for kites where they can reach high altitudes with the right winds and a place to fly them is something that many visitors and residents of Long Beach get to enjoy. There is actually a kite festival in August each year, and visitors from all over the state come to enjoy the festival.

Like Forks, it is a small little beach town the rest of the year and gets really quiet in the winter with the dropping temperatures and the cold water. Those who visit Long Beach average about $95-$100 a night. 

10. Oysterville, Washington

An old house at Oysterville, Washington.

This beach town is old like Forks, and also has historical importance for Washington like Forks. Oysterville was once a big community thanks to the Gold Rush and folks relocating to get their chance to make it big.

The population count today is small, with around 5,000 living there. While the downtown area is being maintained and managed by historical leadership, those living in the area make their living either as lumberjacks or fishermen catching oysters and other seafood from Willapa Bay. While you are out in Oysterville, expect to pay about $135 a night. 

11. Cannon Beach, Oregon

A few hours away from the capital of Portland is a rocky beach town that looks similar to Forks, Washington. In fact, it gets lots of visitors annually, which Forks have started to receive since the Twilight series began.

Because of the beautiful views and rocks along these beaches, Cannon Beach gives visitors a quiet place to escape and get away for a little while. The infamous Haystack Rock stands in the middle of beaches with beautiful white sand. To stay in Cannon Beach will average you about $150 per night. 

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12. Pacific City, Oregon

In this small beach town, you have your tourist destinations for food and lodging but it is the beauty on the beach that brings in visitors. Like Forks, there are secluded beach areas, but they make for great bonfires on the sand and have tidepools that locals enjoy in the warm weather.

Because the wind is strong in Pacific City, there is a good atmosphere for surfing. The weather and views are all similar to Forks, but the difference is the design for tourism, as that has always been a part of Pacific City’s economy. The average room costs approximately $140/ night. 

13. Astoria, Oregon

Astoria–Megler Bridge at Astoria, Oregon.

Found in the top corner of Oregon, Astoria is a small little beach town that has strong historical roots. This beach town was founded over 200 years ago by fur trappers and loggers, very much like Forks.

Over time, the difference between Astoria and Forks is that Astoria had begun embracing art and culture in its streets for many years, boosting tourism in the town while other economic components were happening. 

When visiting Astoria, there are historical parks that you need to visit to get a full understanding of US history and how Astoria helped with exploration. Fort Stevens State Park and Lewis and Clark National Historical park give some of the best exploration in Oregon for anyone who is visiting. When you visit, your average night cost will be approximately $100 a night. 

14.  Depoe Bay, Oregon

Another coastal beach town on the West Coast, Depoe Bay is known as the capital for whale watching on the Pacific. There is a cliff side that is eerily similar to Forks, and it allows whales to come into the coast and give watchers a great view.

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Thanks to the state of Oregon, there is now a Whale Watch Center where you can get more information and learn about the whales that are passing through the town. After a day of whale watching, head to the downtown area for local shopping, art galleries that bring the natural beauty to life, and enjoy dinner. The average room cost for a night in Depoe Bay is $125. 

15. Gold Beach, Oregon

Old steamer in the bridge at Gold Beach, Oregon.If you want a small coastal town that has all the beauty of Forks without all the tourists, then Gold Beach, Oregon should be on your next stop. When exploring this little town, you have views from the Siskiyou Mountains where they touch the water. Those who do come are looking for quality fishing opportunities and taking advantage of the outdoors. 

Even when there are visitors in this down, it is still quiet and very laid back. Like Forks, the few thousand residents that reside in this town have a career in either logging or fishing for the most part. You can find them traveling the streets on the weekends, usually, or out on the water in their own boats. If you plan to stay in Gold Beach, the average room cost is $110 a night.