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16 Towns Like Durango, Colorado

Rocky mountain at Durango, Colorado.

If you’ve been considering a move or visit to Durango, Colorado, we found a few other charming towns across the country that might just tickle your fancy.

Durango, Colorado

Durango’s residents may claim that the higher living expenses are pardoned by the city’s scenic surroundings and the wide range of exciting things to do there. Because of its popularity as a tourist attraction, Durango is a desirable spot to call home for residents from across the country.

Durango’s overall cost of living is more than that of the entire state of Colorado, and it’s even higher than that of the entire country.

There are numerous sectors in La Plata County that make up a large number of the county’s exports, including food service production, lifestyle enterprises, natural resources, and technology and residence (or distant) activities.

A property in Durango costs $686,622 on average, while the median household income is $65,424. In the city’s schools, grades are above average. This city’s average hotel rate is $140 per night. However, there are a variety of possibilities.

Click here for the official tourism website of Durango in Colorado to discover more about the city’s offerings.

The following list offers 16 towns with similar elements and vibes to Durango, Colorado.

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1. Yellow Springs, Ohio

Natural Spring With Stone Stairway at Yellow Springs, Ohio.

There are 78 miles of Little Miami Scenic Trail connecting to the John Bryan State Park, (spanning 752 acres), which is even more beautiful in the winter. Antioch College is located in this town. A large number of the residents in Yellow Springs are also artists.

The cost of living here falls below the national average, while the median income is $34,207. The school quality is above average, and the typical home price is $320,631.

Yellow Springs is a unique community noted for its wide range of activities, unique businesses, fine dining, live music, and a healthy way of life. Cultural diversity, self-expression, and openness to new ideas characterize the community.

With its inclusive environment and down-to-earth culture, Yellow Springs has been dubbed the hipster town of Ohio.

Yellow Springs Brewery, Pottery, John Bryan State Park, Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, and Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm,  are among the attractions in the area to visit.

Click here for the official tourism website of Yellow Springs in Ohio to discover more about the city’s offerings.

2. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Autumn and a small shed at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

In addition to its stunning Victorian mansions and five-mile-long meandering lanes, the town was once renowned as the Magic City.

“Healing springs” have made Eureka Springs famous since 1879, with more than two dozen springs encircling the city. Carroll County’s nearest airport is around 20 minutes away.

In one convenient place, you can have a good time, eat delicious food, and buy something! With a wide variety of unique boutiques and galleries, Eureka Springs’ downtown area is an ideal shopping destination. All of the city’s attractions are within easy walking distance.

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The Arkansas Art Trail passes through Eureka Springs, which is home to hundreds of accomplished artists and a slew of eye-catching art galleries. Relax in a hot tub or have a massage at one of the area’s many spas. 

Staying here costs, on average, $65 per night. This well-known tourist destination’s primary industries are food and lodging, followed by health, retail, and social assistance.

The median household income is $38,214, rent averages $646, and the median home value is $158,600. The school system has an overall B rating from and the community is rated A-. 

Click here for the official tourism website of Eureka Springs in Arkansas to discover more about the city’s offerings.

3. Marfa, Texas 

A swath of undeveloped territory just a three-hour drive to the south of El Paso has attracted a new generation of creatives during the last decade.

However, despite the influx of new businesses in the area, Presidio’s historic landmarks, such as the 1886 Presidio County Courthouse, with its Italian design, have been jeopardized in the process.

The cost of living is $33,104, which is less than the national average, while the typical income is $24,160. Marfa, Texas, is a terrific place to raise a family because of its affordable housing and excellent schools.

This area is well-known for its burgeoning art scene. There are many visitors to the town, which is also home to many artists that practice minimalism in their work. Attractions include the Chinati Foundation, Building 98, plus artisan stores, art galleries, and historic buildings.

Marfa, Texas, has a population of just 1,800 people, making it a walking location where you can appreciate the finer things in life.

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Click here for the official tourism website of Marfa in Texas to discover more about the city’s offerings.

4. Jackson, Wyoming

Summer and a small town at Jackson, Wyoming.

Noted for its amazing mountain resort, Jackson, Wyoming, is a lovely town hosting several second homes built there by celebrities like Kanye West and Tiger Woods. This small town has a total of 10,585 residents.

With a typical income of $38,639, Jackson, Wyoming is above the national average. However, it also has a higher cost of living at $45,352.

There are numerous pubs, restaurants, shopping complexes, and tourist attractions in Jackson, making it a great place to live and work. 

Sightseeing, hiking, rafting, and visiting Yellowstone and other national parks, are among the many activities available.

Houses are pretty expensive here and typically cost about $1.2M, while the schools are considered top-rated. The average cost for hotels per night is just over $160.

Click here for the official tourism website of Jackson in Wyoming to discover more about the city’s offerings.

5. Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which encompasses 520,000 acres near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the area’s most notable draw. There are only 3,944 residents in this tiny community.

With a median income of $22,765 and an average cost of living of $35,554, the town is well below the national average. The average cost of a home is $552,594, and all of the schools are rated highly.

It’s not easy to list all the fun things to do on 520,000 acres of mountainous terrain. All these attractions are at a short distance from each other, not to mention the exploration opportunities.

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At an average of $269 per night, they have three-star hotels with amenities. You’ll find everything from pubs to clubs to a haunted tour in the nightlife.

Click here for the official tourism website of Gatlinburg in Tennessee to discover more about the city’s offerings.

6. Telluride, Colorado

Rocky mountain with snow cap at Telluride, Colorado.

In Telluride, Colorado, there are 2,059 residents. However, its world-class ski resorts make it a very popular town.

The median household income in Telluride is $40,000, and the median annual household expenditure is $45,209. The median home price in the area is $1,370,669, and the school system is recognized as one of the best in the state.

The National Historic District of Telluride was established in 1964. Before the construction of the Telluride ski resort in the 1970s, Telluride was essentially a ghost town. Telluride has an elevation of 8,750 feet.

The Bridal Veil Hike, the Mountain Village Gondola, and, of course, the Telluride Ski Resort, is among the many attractions you can find in Telluride.

Bars, eateries, live events, and pubs abound, making for an opulent nightlife. These include the popular Last Dollar Saloon and Liberty Bar & Lounge.

Click here for the official tourism website of Telluride in Colorado to discover more about the city’s offerings.

7. Los Alamos, New Mexico

Guard post at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Los Alamos is where the atomic bomb was constructed. That’s the reason the town is so prominent. 12,978 people live here, and the elevation is 7,320 feet.

Both the median income and living costs in this popular town are above the national average. The typical income here is $68,274. Schools in Los Alamos, New Mexico, are consistently ranked among the best in the country.

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The town was named the healthiest municipality in the United States in 2020, according to a study. Also, as per the FBI, it’s much safer than 72 percent of other US locations.

Museums, historic sites, hiking, skiing, and canyons are just a few of the activities that visitors can partake in. Frijoles Canyon, Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, Bandelier National Monument, and White Rock Overlook Park, are just a few of the attractions in the area.

Click here for the official tourism website of Los Alamos in New Mexico to discover more about the city’s offerings.

8. Big Sky, Montana

In the Rocky Mountains of southern Montana, Big Sky is known for its excellent stargazing due to the lack of artificial light as well as the lack of city. There is a lot of interest in both downhill and Nordic skiing.

The cost of living is 8% more than the national average, while the median income is $35,644. There are 66 percent more dangerous cities than Big Sky in the United States.

Looking to buy a house in Big Sky, Montana? Houses typically cost $686,169 while the school system has very good ratings between B and A+. You’ll pay anywhere from $40 to $360 per night to stay in this lovely town.

There are 5,850 acres fit for skiing spread across several mountains in Big Sky, Montana, known as “The Biggest Skiing in America,” and it’s simple to see why.

Places to visit: 

  • Yellowstone club
  • Lone peak
  • Lone peak
  • Ousel Falls Trail
  • Ziplining
  • Rafting
  • Big Sky Resort
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Click here for the official tourism website of Big Sky in Montana to discover more about the city’s offerings.

9. Leadville, Colorado

Silver dollar saloon at Leadville, Colorado.

Located at an altitude of roughly 10,000 feet, Leadville, Colorado is the highest-incorporated city in the United States. It used to be Colorado’s second-largest city after Denver in the late 1900s as a result of its mining industry.

The town of Leadville is a renowned destination for foodies and beer aficionados, as well as a favorite training ground for runners.

There is a higher than usual median income of $41,926 and a low cost of living when contrasted to the national median. However, Leadville, Colorado, is not one of the safest places in the state.

For a long time, the city of Leadville served as the epicenter of the American West. Afterward, visit the Healy House Museum to get a glimpse into life in Leadville during the heyday of the silver industry and the National Mining Hall of Fame as well as the Museum.

Houses here typically cost about $352,526 while the school system, which ranks high in diversity, health, and safety, is about average in academic performance. Both universities are above average. You’ll pay between $54 and $103 on average to stay in this town.

Places to visit

  • Mineral Belt Trail
  • Twin Lakes 
  • Leadville Railroad
  • Ski Cooper 
  • Mount Elbert

Click here for the official tourism website of Leadville in Colorado to discover more about the city’s offerings.

10. Spearfish, South Dakota

Spearfish, which has a community of 11,702, isn’t exactly a popular resort, although it has a lot of historical significance.

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The town is also host to the DC Booth Historic Fish Hatchery, the region’s first facility for regulating Yellowstone’s fish population. After being closed in the 1980s, this hatchery has been revived to conserve the cultural heritage of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

The early residents realized that the belt of pine-clad highlands was formed like a crown, thus they dubbed it “Queen City.” The Historic Fish Hatchery, which had been closed in the 1980s but has been rebuilt to maintain the native fish population, may be found in Spearfish, Wyoming.

The median income is $25,465 and the cost of living is $34,614 per year. Buying a house in Spearfish will cost you a median price of $293,285 while the school system here performs above average. Want to spend a night or a few days? You’ll spend between $65 and $131 on average per night.

Places to visit include:

  • Frawley Ranch 
  • Matthews Opera House
  • Roughlock Falls
  • D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery 
  • Spearfish Canyon

Click here for the official tourism website of Spearfish in South Dakota to discover more about the city’s offerings.

11. Snowmass, Colorado

Resorts such as the Westin Snowmass Resort as well as Viceroy Snowmass keep visitors active for days, attracting both skiers and mountain bikers. Through its artist-in-residence initiative and sponsored training courses, events, and concerts, Anderson Ranch Arts Center serves as an oasis for the arts.

Compared to the national average, the median income of $71,911 is significantly greater in this area, and the cost of living is also significantly higher. At least $1,388,181 is the average cost of a home. There are also excellent schools in this area.

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One of the most popular ski resorts in the United States, Snowmass has a wide range of terrain, a lack of crowds, and a wide choice of hotel options. Off-mountain, Snowmass is home to dog sleighs, cross-country skiing, and a mountainside village laced with eateries and stores.

It costs on average $2975 for a single tourist to spend a week in Snowmass Village. Meanwhile, it would cost a couple about $5300 and just over $10000 for a family of four to do the same thing. 

With an average price of $192 per night, you’ll find hotels in Snowmass Village for as little as $88 per night, while the majority of vacation rentals cost between $320 and $1000 per night.

Places to visit

  • Aspen Snowmass
  • Snowmass Village hiking trails
  • Krabloonik Dogsled Rides 
  • Aspen Snowmass ski Resort

Click here for the official tourism website of Snowmass in Colorado to discover more about the city’s offerings.

12. Pella, Iowa

An old millhouse at Pella, Iowa.

Pella, Iowa has a populace of 10,2970 people and is a municipality in Iowa. Pella, which translates to “City of Refuge” in Dutch, was discovered by Netherlands immigrants.

As of today, the Vermeer Windmill in Pella, Iowa, is the country’s highest operational windmill.

Places to visit include: 

  • De Ross Ax Throwing 
  • Vermeer Museum and Windmill 
  • Pella Opera House, among others

Inns, bars, cafes, and clubs, including the 

Nederlanders Tap & Golf and the Cellar Peanut Pub are all part of the city’s nightlife. The typical hotel cost is $153 per night.

The median income is $34,094 and the cost of living is less than the national average. It is a very satisfying place to reside and most residents are homeowners. Houses in Pella typically cost $267,036, while the schools are highly-rated.

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Click here for the official tourism website of Pella in Iowa to discover more about the city’s offerings.

13. North Conway, New Hampshire 

The population of North Conway, New Hampshire, is only 2,410 people.

This popular tourist destination in New Hampshire offers something for visitors of every age group, even according to the New York Times. The Presidential Range, Cranmore Mountain, and the Moat Mountain Range around it.

In 2020, “Best Ski Town,” plus “Best Small Town for Adventure,” were the two categories in which North Conway ranked in the top 10 in USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2020.

North Conway defines what an American small town is, especially when the snow is flying. It has it all: ice climbing areas, sleigh rides, 200 miles of snowmobile trails, several snowmobile, and nordic centers, and seven alpine resorts. These are all just a half an hour’s drive out of town.

The median income is $33,363 and the cost of living is higher than the national average. Houses here will set you back $374,585 typically. Most of the schools here perform above average. 

Places to visit: 

  • Northern extremes
  • Black Cap Hiking trail
  • Cranmore Mountain Resort
  • Settlers green

Click here for the official tourism website of North Conway in New Hampshire to discover more about the city’s offerings.

14. Bellingham, Washington

A historical bridge and a waterfall at Bellingham, Washington.

Bellingham is a town in Washington with a population of 90,821. Bellingham High School is ranked #1,706 in the National Rankings and is above average. Its crime rate could be lower. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.

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Named a “Best Place To Play Year Round,” “Adventure Town USA” and “Best Place to Retire and Live,” Bellingham is best known for its outdoor recreation and world-class brews. Bellingham has a busy waterfront pier that favors fishing, cruises, and a wide array of water activities. 

Among Washington cities, only Bellingham made it into the top 10 least-affordable midsize cities. Regular house prices are about $674,577, while the annual household income is $56,198. Hotels here average $127 nightly. 

Schools here all perform above average. While the town of Bellingham is over an hour away from the mountain, it still works as a perfect base for exploring Baker’s slopes, thanks to its breadth of lodging and dining venues.

Places to visit: Whatcom Falls Park, Boulevard Park, Mt. Baker Ski Area, Galbraith Mountain Bike Park.

Click here for the official tourism website of Bellingham in Washington to discover more about the city’s offerings.

15. Truckee, California

There are 16,666 people in Truckee, California. One of the most desirable places to call home in California, Truckee, is located in Nevada County. Truckee’s rural atmosphere and high homeownership rate appeal to many people. There are a variety of restaurants, cafes, and green places in Truckee, California. Its educational system is widely regarded as excellent.

In addition to ice harvesting, logging, the Emigrant Trail, and the Donner Party’s sad trip, Truckee is well-known for its history. Donner Memorial State Park’s monument and museum are great places to learn more about their fascinating story.

A must-see if you’re in the area of Lake Tahoe’s north coast! It’s like stepping back in time to when Truckee was a busy railroad station and lumber community. There are souvenir shops, eateries, and retail businesses ranging from t-shirts to lofty styles on the street nowadays.

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The median income is $45,419 and Truckee, California’s cost of living is 41% higher than the national average. A regular home price is just over $1M. Schools here are top-rated.

Places to visit

  • Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area
  • Historic downtown
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Donner Pass
  • Northstar California

Click here for the official tourism website of Truckee in California to discover more about the city’s offerings.

16. Grand Marais, Minnesota

A port in a small town at Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Shore has a population of fewer than 2,000 people, but visitors enjoy its laid-back, small-town vibe. Golfing, sailing, canoeing, biking, and hiking you can take part throughout the area most easily in the summer. 

However, if you’re hoping to get a glimpse of the northern lights, you’ll want to arrange your vacation during the winter months.

Only in Cook County, Minnesota, home to Grand Marais, is it possible to glimpse the northern lights if the conditions are correct.

Hotels here average $130 per night. Meanwhile, houses have a typical price of $321,525, and the annual household income is a median of $45,298. While there could be more clubs and activities, the schools perform above average in Grand Marais.

Click here for the tourism website of Grand Marais in Minnesota to discover more about the city’s offerings.