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20 Towns Similar to Rosemary Beach, FL

White sand beaches at Rosemary Beach, FL.

Rosemary Beach is a lively planned community located on the Gulf Coast in Florida. The town is home to around 4,328 people, but it also brings in thousands of tourists throughout the year. It’s a walkable and bike-friendly town with several beautiful white beaches.

While many people are drawn to Rosemary Beach because of its golf course, it has attractions for people of all ages. You’ll find spas, museums, and even campgrounds within the town’s limits.

If you’re looking for a friendly beach town with plenty of outdoor activities, you’re sure to love this Florida community. You can enjoy more splashes and sunshine when you visit these 20 towns similar to Rosemary Beach, FL.

1. Beaufort, North Carolina

North Carolina Maritime Museum.

This lovely town, which contains miles of breathtakingly beautiful white sand beaches, was one of the very first English settlements in North Carolina. Beaufort has the same charming beach town vibes that people love about Rosemary Beach, but it also has a rich history.

When you’re not busy relaxing on the sand or splashing in the water, you can visit some of the town’s historical sites, like the Maritime Museum or the Old Burying Ground. You may even spot wild horses as you roam around the town. Hotel rates typically fall between $161 and $246 a night.

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2. Niantic, Connecticut

Parked yacht at Niantic Connecticut.

Located near Mystic, CT, a popular tourist spot, Niantic is a slightly quieter beach town that has the same friendly charm as Rosemary Beach. You’ll find all kinds of family-friendly attractions here, like a children’s museum and old-fashioned candy shops.

Niantic can be a fantastic destination for fishing enthusiasts thanks to its many fishing charters. If you’d like to spend some time on the water without fishing, you can try kayak rentals instead. This can be a very economical destination, with hotel prices from $83 to $179 a night.

3. Capitola, California

Colorful houses at Capitola, California.

This west-coast town is bursting with natural beauty. You can find a wide range of beaches here, including New Brighton State Beach, which is a popular birdwatching spot. Just like Rosemary Beach, Capitola is also home to some charming planned condominium communities.

While you’re here, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay or relax at local wineries. Capitola offers all the perks of a coastal city, but it’s also a wonderful spot for a quiet getaway. Expect to pay anywhere from $169 to $305 per night for a hotel stay here.

4. Lewes, Delaware

Small beach town at Lewes, Delaware.

Located on the Delaware Bay, this is another coastal town that’s both walkable and bike-friendly. You can stroll through the historic district or walk to Lewes Beach, a clean and safe beach that’s a great spot for families.

You’ll find state parks and museums in the area as well, as well as a bustling farmer’s market on spring and summer weekends. Since Delaware is much chillier than Florida in the winter, this may not be a great destination year-round, but it’s still a lovely place to visit. This affordable town has hotel prices ranging from $82 to $178 a night.

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5. Destin, Florida

Hotel near the beach at Destin, Florida.

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and beauty of a coastal town in Florida. Destin is right on the Gulf of Mexico and is home to picture-perfect white sand beaches. It’s a very popular fishing destination for both Florida locals and people from out of state.

While Destin is every bit as charming as Rosemary Beach, it offers a little more excitement, with busy water parks and river tubing. If you enjoy walking and nature trails, you’ll want to make sure you visit the Henderson Beach State Park. Since Destin has campgrounds, a stay here can be very inexpensive, with nightly rates starting at $74.

6. Hanalei, Hawaii

Coastal town at Hanalei Hawaii.

Hawaii’s white sand beaches are famous all over the world, but Hanalei is a little quieter than your average Hawaiian tourist town. With a tiny population of 299 people, this is a homey beach town that has a similar feel to Rosemary Beach.

This small town is fairly isolated, and you’ll find ocean or mountain views everywhere you look. While you’re here, you can try surfing or look for rare birds in the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. A nightly stay here can run anywhere from $133 to $314.

7. Amelia Island, Florida

Welcome Center Amelia Island, Florida.

This peaceful island, which is located on Florida’s northern Atlantic coast, is a scenic destination with an array of amenities. Not only can you easily walk or bike throughout the island, but you can soak up the island’s distinct culture by taking a stroll through the local historic district.

Amelia Island feels a lot less modern than Rosemary Beach, but that’s part of its charm. Many of the buildings here date back to the 1920s. If you’re planning a stay on Amelia Island, expect rates somewhere between $180 and $400 a night.

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8. St. Michaels, Maryland

Coastal towns at St. Michaels, Maryland.

This picturesque town has been a popular tourist destination since the 1970s. Because it’s so scenic, it’s best used as a filming location for a number of movies, including the hit comedy Wedding Crashers. It’s not very beaches for a coastal town, but it is walkable and bursting with family-friendly attractions.

Popular destinations in St. Michaels include the Maritime Museum, a historic 1879 lighthouse, and lively boat tours. Children are also sure to enjoy some of the local parks and playgrounds. Since hotel prices surge in the summer, nightly rates can fall anywhere from $126 to $646.

9. Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts

Victorian-style on Martha's Vineyard at Oaks Bluffs, MA.

Located on Martha’s Vineyard, Oak Bluffs is filled with Victorian-style homes painted in pastel hues. It’s a charming destination that’s perfect for families. One of the most popular attractions, the Flying Horses Carousel, has been in operation since the 1800s.

You’ll appreciate both the history and the scenery of Oak Bluffs. Like in Rosemary, you can easily explore the town on foot or on bike. Average hotel prices here range from $196 to $415 a night, but prices can climb higher during the peak season in June.

10. Matlacha, Florida

Charming beach towns at Matlacha, Florida.

There are plenty of charming beach towns throughout Florida, but most of them aren’t as quirky as Matlacha. From the moment you enter, you’ll see brightly colored homes and buildings. It’s a tiny town with a population of just 677, but it still has attractions for people of all ages.

In addition to beaches, some of the places you can enjoy in Matlatcha include public gardens and a pirate ship playground. The town also has a thriving art scene and is home to a number of galleries. Whether you choose to stay in the Tiny Village or at another location, you’ll find hotel prices ranging from $129 to $210 a night.

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11. Long Beach, Washington

Kite festival at Long Beach, Washington.

When you visit this northwestern beach town, you’ll discover attractions you couldn’t find anywhere else, including a beach with a whale skeleton, the world’s biggest frying pan, and a kite museum! With so many things to see and do, this is a wonderful vacation spot for families.

Long Beach is very bike-friendly, and it’s also easy to explore on foot. You’ll find a variety of trails here, including many that lead to gorgeous coastal views. The cost of a stay varies based on the season, with nightly rates anywhere from $93 to $244.

12. Spring Lake, New Jersey

A church dome at Spring Lake, New Jersey.

At first glance, this New Jersey town looks a lot like Rosemary Beach, with plenty of beautifully maintained lawns and gardens. There’s a very thoughtful approach to Spring Lake’s design, with cozy neighborhoods, a small but lively boardwalk, and peaceful beaches.

Spring Lake is a lot quieter than Rosemary Beach, but it’s a charming destination that’s easy to walk or bike through. If you’re a foodie, you’ll also enjoy some of the fine dining establishments in the area. A stay in Spring Lake can cost anywhere from $115 to $238 a night.

13. Nags Head, North Carolina

Bodie Island Lighthouse, Nags Head, North Carolina.

Located within North Carolina’s Outer Banks, this island town has beaches as well as plenty of other outdoor amenities, like hiking trails and even hang gliding. If you venture out into the water, you can enjoy a range of recreational activities or look for dolphins.

You can get plenty of walking in when you visit Nags Head, especially if you climb the 217 steps to the top of the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Once you make it to the top, you’ll be able to see the island in all its glory. Since this is a tourist town, nightly rates can vary depending on when you stay, with prices anywhere from $79 to $269.

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14. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Small coastal towns, Mackinac Island, Michigan

It’s hard to find a town that’s more bike-friendly than Mackinac Island. In fact, cars aren’t allowed on the island at all! Families are sure to love this destination thanks to its historic forts, horse-drawn carriage rides and world-famous fudge.

Because Michigan has such cold winters, this isn’t a destination you can visit year-round; the island sees almost all its tourism during the spring and summer. The average cost of a nightly stay is around $292.

15. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Parked yacht at Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Located just a ferry ride away from Boston, you’ll find plenty of beautiful beaches in Provincetown, including Race Point Beach, which is home to a 19th century lighthouse. If you venture away from the beach, you’ll find a lively main street that’s best known for its thriving LBGT community.

This town is on the smaller side and can easily be explored on foot or by bike, especially if you venture onto one of the scenic biking trails. You’ll want to make sure you try some creamy and delicious gelato while you’re here. Hotel prices range from $69 to $255 a night here, with higher prices during the summer.

16. Sausalito, California

Golden Gate Bridge at Sausalito, California.

This charming California beach town is just a short drive away from the Golden Gate Bridge. While the famous bridge is worthy of a detour, you’ll find plenty of reasons to stay in town. There are plenty of beaches, all kinds of museums, and plenty of brightly-colored shops and restaurants.

Sausolito has a population of 7,116 people, but many of its residents don’t live on land! When you walk along the coast, you’ll be able to see all kinds of houseboats! A nightly stay in Sausalito costs about $256 on average.

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17. Sanibel Island, Florida

Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum at Sanibel Island, FL.

This island town offers many of the same amenities you’ll find in Rosemary Beach, but it also has a unique draw: seashells. The barrier island is an incredible spot for shell collectors, especially if you walk along Bowman’s Beach. If you’d prefer not to gather your own shells, you can view the impressive collection at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.

Of course, there’s more to this island than seashells! It’s also home to a thriving nature reserve containing all kinds of wildlife. Staying in this beach town can cost you anywhere from $159 to $285 a night.

18. Port Townsend, Washington

Coastal town at Port Townsend, Washington.

This beach town may be alongside the Pacific Ocean rather than the Atlantic, but it still has plenty in common with Rosemary Beach. It’s very walkable and is a great family destination thanks to its diverse array of attractions. Kids will love the pirate ship at the Northwest Maritime Center, while adults will love its romantic restaurants.

If you want a break from the beach, but still want to enjoy the outdoors, you can find several state parks nearby. There are also indoor attractions, like museums, that will keep you busy if the weather takes a turn. There are plenty of affordable hotels here, with nightly rates starting at $85.

19. Topsail Beach, North Carolina

Beach Hotels at Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

Topsail Beach is one of North Carolina’s best-kept secrets. This small and charming beach town is beloved by locals, but it doesn’t see that many tourists from outside the state. Even though this is a quiet destination, it’s a fantastic family vacation spot, with activities like putt putt golf, boat tours, and a roller-skating rink.

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The town is walkable and very welcoming, with locally-owned shops and restaurants all along its streets. To get the full local experience, you may want to rent a cottage on the beach instead of staying in a hotel. If you do book a room, expect rates between $111 and $218 per night.

20. Siesta Key, Florida

Coastal towns at Siesta Key, Florida.

When you visit this barrier island, you’ll find beautiful water, coral reefs, and several white sand beaches. Both Rosemary Beach and Siesta Key offer fun for the whole family, with boat tours, playgrounds, and public gardens with exotic animal exhibits.

Not only will you be able to enjoy all kinds of outdoor attractions here, but you can also dine on delicious foods. Fresh seafood is easy to find here, but you can enjoy plenty of other types of cuisine as well. A stay in Siesta Key should run somewhere around $150 to $300 a night.