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9 Different Types of Packing Organizers

A person packing luggage with packing organizers.

Traveling with well-arranged possessions might be a hassle, but not if you have the correct packing organizers! There are various ways to put your belongings together beyond the standard suitcase and toiletry bags. I looked into the many possibilities available to compile this list of several packing organizers that may help you make your next trip significantly organized!

Do you require packing organizers for a coming up trip? You have more options than you may realize. I’ve organized multiple forms of packing organizers for different occasions and purposes. This is your one-stop guide for all packing organizers.

How to Sort Your Clothes

You must sort your clothes appropriately in these three categories for easy packing.


In this case, tops include t-shirts and dresses. Choose lightweight things that can easily be rolled or folded into a much smaller package to maximize your wardrobe selections without overstuffing. Polyester is a lightweight, wrinkle-free fabric (I recommend packing it for your next trip).


Bring a variety of bottoms with various designs (e.g., shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings, or tailored pants). When packing, begin by putting the thicker and bulkier bottoms first, followed by the lighter items. This makes putting them all together a lot easier.

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Towel and Sleepwear

Pack your bath towel and sleepwear in a single organizer, so you can get them all out at once before showering.

Types of Packing Organizers

The main types of packing Organizers include:

  • Packing sacs
  • Travel packing cubes
  • Packing folders
  • Compression bags
  • Gadget organizers
  • Shoe bags
  • Toiletry kits
  • First Aid kits
  • Jewelry organizers

1. Packing Sacs

Packing sacs help you organize little objects that you commonly carry while traveling. Additionally, they have a spill-proof mesh that is useful if you travel with a liquid such as water or sunscreen.

The best packing organizer sacs have a strong carry clip to hang it up and a pleated bottom to stand it up on countertops.

These travel bags can help you save a lot of room in your luggage. They are ideal for packing bulkier objects like pillows, towels, coats, sweaters, and other items.

These travel packing bags also keep smells at bay, protecting the contents against odors. This will most likely come in handy while traveling. These packing bags’ space-saving features might be convenient for flights.

If you’re on a camping vacation or out, the waterproof feature of these packing bags will help protect your valuables from humidity, light rain, or dew.

2. Packing Cubes

A packing cubes on a luggage bag.

Travel packing cubes are cube-shaped, zip-closed containers that may be used to separate and organize various goods when packing. These may be used to arrange your clothing, shoes, cosmetic products, toiletries, and more into sections. For each day of your journey, you may utilize different cubes.

Alternatively, you can make one for each person traveling together as a group or with family members.

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These packing cubes will protect your shoes and clothes with their water-resistant feature. You can use different cubes to separate dirty laundry from your clean clothes.

Travelers may keep their trip accessories in this compartment neat. These cubes are lightweight, high-quality nylon material with secure double zippers. Anyone can use these packing cubes for long travels or weekend getaways.

To utilize your travel packing cubes, you first sort your items into groups and assign each group a bag, like underwear or t-shirts. Next, roll your clothing (rather than folding them) to see the clothes in each cube. As you do this, avoid overstuffing or under stuffing the cubes. Combine if you wind up with a half-full cube.

Finally, stuff the cubes into your bag or luggage like a Tetris game. To save room in your backpack, stack them as strategically as possible.

3. Packing Folders

Travel packing folders are ideal for formal wear and other wrinkle-prone items such as shirts, trousers, skirts, and coats. They’re reasonably common among regular and business travelers who need to carry formal clothing.

The contents in a packing folder are folded neatly and compacted, giving you more space to pack. They have a helpful folding instruction card that makes packing more manageable and reduces creases.

Packing Folders are available in various sizes and may store anywhere from 4 to 15 items. You can get a full-length travel packing folder that carries up to two suits or long dresses called garment sleeves.

Traveling with crease-free skirts, shirts, t-shirts, blouses, and women’s cardigans, is easier with these 15″ fabric travel packing folders. These folders have a total capacity of 5 to 10 items.

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It would be best if you got these packing folders for your travel accessories and supplies to make bag organization simple. You have to ensure the packing folders are not overloaded because the zippers will not close fully and may open if they are too overstuffed.

4. Shoe Bags

Shoe Bags on a white background.

These packing bags are used for packing your shoes while traveling. The bags are essential for preventing scuffs and scratches on your clothes and keeping dirt from your hiking boots or the bottom of your shoes off your clothes. To provide optimal protection, you must have a different bag for every pair of shoes.

They make it simple to carry shoes to and from the gym. They can also be used as a toiletry or makeup bag to keep your pair of shoes dust-free in the rack.

Fabric-based shoe bags are the most basic type. They protect your clothes from the shoes’ dirt – except when your shoes are damp. The most luxurious shoe bag design is a leather shoe packing bag.

A variety of accessories are usually included with high-quality leather shoe packing bags. They may be extensible, have separators to keep the shoes from rubbing together, including a specific ID badge, accessory, a combination lock, compartments, and other features.

However, mesh-laminated, zippered shoe sacs are currently the most fashionable shoe bags. They’re light, spill-proof, and easy to clean, so even damp shoes aren’t an issue.

5. Compression Bags

Compression plastic bags on a luggage bag.

You can use a compression bag to suck the extra air from your clothes or roll up the bags to release the air. After compression, the contents take up far less room in your suitcase, allowing you to pack more clothes. Compression bags may save up to 80% of your packing space.

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Travelers love compression bags because they enable them to compact heavy objects to a quarter of their original size.

Compression sacks are your solution if traveling as a team. They are also ideal when the space is limited, or you have to take a trip with many things.

6. Medicine Kit

First aid medicine Kit and a blood pressure monitor.

If you must travel with medicine, you should consider investing in a special medication kit to keep your prescription drugs dry and safe.

Special medicine cases help keep your medications refrigerated while traveling, such as insulin and temperature-sensitive medications.

You may also acquire special pill packing organizers, including separately labeled detachable bags with color-coded sliding locking locks to divide your daytime and bedtime medications.

A medical kit is necessary to have on hand because you never know when you might need it. A basic first-aid kit may be pretty valuable. You may also use this to store all your meds, making them easy to locate and track. Remember that you should always keep necessary prescriptions in your handbag or carry-on luggage to avoid losing them while traveling.

This pack includes much essential first-aid equipment for treating aches and minor injuries. This nylon container has a transparent plastic lining for organization and quick access to first-aid supplies.

A smooth zipped emergency bag is also excellent for home, on-the-go use, and travel.

7. Jewelry Organizers

If you treasure your jewelry and like seeing it in good condition but get upset when your necklaces and earrings become tangled in your bag’s compartment, a jewelry packing organizer could be your go-to solution. A good jewelry organizer will have numerous discrete pockets to safeguard your valuables from becoming twisted, destroyed, or misplaced.

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This will offer a perfect solution for people who prefer to hang their jewelry packing organizer on a closet wall or door. A jewelry organizer with a transparent window for display allows you to see what you’re wearing while protecting it.

8. Gadget Travel Organizers

Have you ever gotten halfway through a long journey and become upset because you forgot a device you required or perhaps your smartphone or charger? People regularly travel carrying electronic devices, necessitating packing and protecting them while on the road.

When you’re on the go, a gadget travel organizer may help you avoid such stress by giving your gadgets a home. They’re frequently cushioned as well to provide your items with an extra degree of protection.

There are a variety of covers and bags available for carrying gadgets. They range from leather and fabric laptop bags to different sleeves for smartphones and tablets.

9. Toiletry Kits

Toiletry Kits with towel and hair clip.

A toiletry packing organizer is essential when you’re going out on a trip. These kits may help you keep track of your hygiene necessities while making it simple to carry them to the shower. These bags come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Apart from different designs, practical toiletry arrangements are the priority. Go for a kit with various compartment sizes and zippered pockets that allow proper storage of any toiletry item.

You should also consider a bag with a handy handle and the option to hook it up if desired to operate hands-free. Since spillage is typical while traveling with liquid toiletry, the interior and external surfaces should be simple to clean and water-resistant.

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The Benefits of Using Packing Organizers

A man packing up with luggage organizer.

Packing organizers are game-changers! Here are the top reasons why you should consider using them.

Maximize Space

Travel packing organizers help you fully utilize your space. They will not only serve as packing guides but will help compact your items. These will help you make the most of your space while reducing the chance of overpacking.


Using packing organizers can save you time and avoid cluttering your bag. You may go on a trip and have extra time searching for great cafés to visit instead of searching for specific items in a disorganized bag.

Be Organized

There’s no need to clutter up your entire bag trying to locate the black dress you packed. Packing organizers enable you to keep your stuff well organized, making it easy to find any item.


Apart from minimizing wrinkles, travel packing organizers will help keep your belongings scratch-free and clean.

Wrinkle Free

You’ll probably not be able to prevent creases completely, but keeping things clean and folded can help minimize wrinkles. You won’t need to iron if the clothes are rolled up well.

Applicable to All Types of Travel

Packing organizers will get the job done on road trips, hiking, city weekends, or a vacation. If the packing organizers become dirty along the road, simply wash them.

Store Travel Belongings

Packing organizers can also be used in between travels. Use them to store items that you will only utilize while traveling. You can put sandals in the shoes bag, the camera and phones in the electronic bag, and the clothes in a separate cube.

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The Bag Will Appear Perfect

Travel packing organizers ensure that your bag is stylish and well-organized — perfect for Instagram.