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Will Hotels Decorate Your Room for Birthdays or Other Occasions?

A bed with rose petals and swan designs.

Hotels, whether budget-friendly or upscale, are usually happy to decorate your room for a birthday or other events. I’m a sucker for a decorated room, so I do it for my friends and hotels are always ready to oblige, especially resorts. Any Sandals Resort property will set up your room the moment they know what your vacation is about, without you even requesting it. 

I spent my honeymoon at the Grand Palladium and the petals were all over the bed, towels folded like kissing swans, a welcome message for us, and, of course, an aphrodisiac. You can also make special requests at the front desk or in the restaurants, on D-day for your birthday or another special occasion.

How Do You Surprise a Guest Staying Alone at a Hotel?

A woman lying on a hotel room smelling tulips.

You can have the hotel know ahead of time, so they can set up the room for that person and deliver any special treat you may have ordered for the person.

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If you do not want the room decorated but would like them to get special room service, be serenaded, or have a balloon and gift delivered to the door, a staff member will get it done at no extra charge.

Do Hotels Give Birthday Discounts?

A woman holding a gift voucher.

Many hotels do once you let them know when you’re booking. During this festive time, several hotels provide discounts and unique birthday bundles for their guests.

To make you happy, hotels will give you incentives and other promotional offers. When you spend your birthday at a resort, you’ll get a complimentary room upgrade.

This is how they show guests how much they are appreciated while also making money. As a result, hotel occupancy and sales will rise. They understand that birthdays are the ideal time for relatives and friends to get together.

This gives them a chance to show off their features and services. If they can get a big group to book for a birthday party, they can potentially bring in new business.

Do You Get Serenaded for Your Birthday at a Hotel?

2 senior citizens listening to serenade.

Yes! Not everyone, but many do. They’ll do it at the restaurant, but if someone puts a special request in, they can get it done in your room.

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t appreciate being serenaded on their birthday or anniversary, even when it’s embarrassing.

Following the serenade, you sometimes get a drink of your choice and the serenade always comes with a complimentary dessert. They may even have a lit candle with the dessert.

What Special Things Can Hotels Do for Birthdays?

A bath tub with candle lights and wine.

You can celebrate your birthday in style by booking a hotel room. Birthday celebrations may be made even more memorable at hotels by taking advantage of special birthday deals. They even have in-house event planners and offer free birthday benefits and party packages.

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Hotels will make sure that you get the greatest possible treatment on your big day. Decorate the space for you on the big day, or let them help you out with the planning.

Here are a few of the extras the hotel can provide to make your stay memorable:

Packages for Your Birthday

It’s no secret that hosting a party may be a bit of a strain on hotels. You put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that your visitors have a good time. Because of this, some hotels offer birthday packages for their guests.

They offer party supplies including party flags, the use of resort cameras, a beer setup, and free drinks for the guests who come to the party. You have the option of a lavish dinner or a relaxed BBQ by the poolside.

Room With a View

A glass of white win and a cup of strawberry cake.

You can request a room with a nice view if you let the staff know you’ll be staying at the hotel for your birthday. To make your special day even more memorable, the staff will be happy to book a room for you with the greatest view.

Upgrades to a Better Room for Free

Free hotel upgrades are an additional benefit. For those celebrating their birthday, most hotels have a special deal for them. You can effortlessly seek an upgrade if you make a reservation during the month of your birthday.

The employees at the hotel may even provide you with a Deluxe Room, equipped with all the bells and whistles you could want. If you sign up for their mailing list, you get free breakfast. Evening cocktails and appetizers await you at the hotel bar.

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The Hotel Chef Prepares a Special Menu for Guests.

A Chef serving a special cake on a birthday.

Many hotels will even go above and above to ensure that your stay is one to remember. It is part of the hotel’s birthday package for the guest of honor to be served a delectable supper by the hotel chef. On your special day, you’ll be treated to unlimited tea and coffee.

Birthday Celebrations in the Comfort of Your Hotel Room

Some hotels offer in-room birthday packages if you prefer a more private party. You can get a room, breakfast, plus room decor at a reduced rate. Add-ons like cakes, bouquets, and balloons are also available for an additional fee.

Catering for Your Guests in a Private Setting

For certain events, several hotels offer a special buffet menu. To accommodate your visitors, they might set up a buffet or hire a room for a party. You may even be able to get a discount on the food as well as the menu at the hotel.

Free one-night stays in a hotel’s deluxe rooms are offered in addition to the usual freebies.

Decorations for a Meeting Room

Birthday surprise in a hotel room.

The function room can be reserved at a reduced rate if you have a significant number of guests. International buffets or 7-course cuisine can be added to your day.

In addition to the food and drink, some venues will provide balloons and floral arrangements.

Services of an Event Planner

An event planner is a good option if you don’t want to put yourself through the burden of planning a birthday party. Event and party planners are always available for guests at hotels. They can assist you in making same-day arrangements if you pay a commensurate price.

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Is There a Special Rate For Birthdays at Hotels?

Women toasting glasses of wines in a hotel rooms.

Guests celebrating their birthdays can take advantage of special offers and discounts at hotels. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, you’ll get a 25% discount and a coupon at many hotels. Hotel amenities are available for you if you schedule your stay during your birthday month.

How Much Can You Request From a Hotel For a Birthday or Other Special Occasion?

Birthdays are a great time to book a room at a hotel. You have the option to make specific suggestions to enhance your overall experience. Among the perks are room upgrades, late check-in, and a spectacular view.

You can make a specific request to the hotel’s management by contacting them by phone or email when you make your reservation. To make the day special for them, you can tell them that you are celebrating a milestone occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or job advancement.

The following are the items you might request from the hotel for your birthday celebrations. Your request will be granted as long as it is by hotel policy.

  • Requesting an upgrade to a room
  • Requesting a late check-out
  • Inquire about additional amenities

What Can I Do to Make My Hotel Birthday Memorable?

3 ladies relaxing on a hotel room.

To have a truly memorable hotel birthday party, it’s important to prepare a variety of exciting activities. Having a game night, movie night, pizza party, or spa party in the hotel room are all viable options. Generally, any activity that is not disruptive or in violation of the hotel’s rules is welcomed.