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Garibaldi Park (Playground) in North Vancouver – Everything You Need to Know

Garibaldi playground park photos

This article is NOT about Garibaldi Provincial Park. Instead, this article is about Garibaldi playground park in east North Vancouver (just off Seymour Parkway where it intersects with Apex Street).

I’ve been taking my kids to Garibaldi playground park for years.  It’s a great playground for younger kids. My oldest (10 years old) has outgrown it but my 7 year old son still loves it.

I love it because it’s a beautiful setting, offers plenty of shade and there are tennis courts that I play on regularly (along with the tennis courts are McCartney Park).  But most importantly, my son loves the playground.

Where is Garibaldo Playground Park?

Garibaldi playground park is located on the eastern side of North Vancouver (east of Seymour River) in a neighborhood aptly titled Garibaldo neighborhood.  It’s on Garibaldi Drive which is eastbound off Apex which is south off the Seymour Parkway.

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Everything you need to know about Garibaldi Playground Park.

It has an awesome play structure including a rope “Eiffel Tower” that my kids love

Garibaldi park playground structure

Garibaldi playground park swings and rope structure

The play structure is a lot of fun. I base that on how long my younger 7 year old son plays on it when we visit. We don’t go super regularly so part of it is it’s novel each time we go.  His favorite structure is the rope “Eiffel Tower” structure.

It’s on a very quiet suburban street

Garibaldi Drive is a quiet neighborhood road; it is not a main thoroughfare.  Cars tend to drive slowly along the street.  The playground is set back from the road a reasonable distance but kids can easily get out so if very young, you’ll want to keep an eye on them.

It’s picturesque with a large playground area and large grassy field surrounded by trees

Garibaldi playground park field

There’s no baseball diamond or soccer field so the field is always available to the public to play on. We often bring a frisbee and football to toss around.  

There are two tennis courts

Garibaldi park tennis courts

The tennis courts are one of my favorite features. I play there regularly.  For the solo player, if there’s nobody on the courts, there’s a tennis wall to practice on as well.  The surfacing is in excellent shape. They are good courts to play on. Usually, we have to wait 15 to 30 minutes to get on (we play 5:30 to 6 pm in the evening).  If really crowded, you can check out the courts at McCartney Park or Little Cates, both of which are minutes away by car.

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There’s also a basketball / road hockey court area that’s very popular

Garibaldi park road hockey court

I’ve often seen road hockey games in the hockey rink.  It’s popular especially since there aren’t many road hockey rinks around.  There’s also a basketball court.

For gardeners, there’s a beautiful community garden

Garibaldi playground park community garden sign

Garibaldi playground park community garden

I’m not sure how hard it is to get a plot but it’s a nice touch to the park because there are some impressive garden plots by gardeners who really know what they’re doing.  I enjoy walking the aisles when there looking at all the growing vegetables and berries.

The park is bordered by a creek with trails along it which makes for a fun area for kids

Garibaldi playground park creek

Garibaldi playground park trail

We always go take a look at the creek that borders the park.  There are some trails in the trees to walk around (that also offer shade if a very hot day).


Is it crowded at Garibaldi playground park?

Not usually. I’ve never gone there and felt like the play structure and/or the field was overcrowded. It’s a neighborhood 

Is there parking at Garibaldi playground park? Is it free?

Yes, there’s a small parking lot. It’s seldom full. If full, there’s plenty of parking on Garibaldi Drive.

Are there public bathrooms at Garibaldi playground park?

No, there are no public bathrooms. There may be a portapotty on site but don’t count on it.

What ages is the playground right for at Garibaldi playground park?

It’s impossible to say due to varying skill levels for kids but ages 3 to 9 enjoy the park.