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27 Different Travel Accessories for Women

A woman with camera and a travel bag.

As a woman traveling, you must ensure you have everything you need before you begin boarding. You need many items for your health, convenience, and safety. Sometimes there are unexpected hurdles that happen when traveling, and you need to be prepared.

Below is a list of travel accessories every woman needs before heading out to travel so that the trip thrives and has minimal issues. If you have traveled without at least one of these items, you have found yourself asking for that item or making a last minute purchase for it.

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1. Wireless Phone Charger

As you travel from one airport to the next with lots of layover time, you must keep your phone and tablets charged with the wireless phone charger. Make sure it is fully charged so that as your battery dies, you can charge it with this wireless pack no matter where you are.

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This will help you keep in contact with the outside world until you get to your intended destination. Charge it at night throughout your trip to have a backup plan throughout the day as you are out exploring and need additional battery life.

Wireless Charger 2-Pack Qi-Certified 10W for iPhone Wireless Charger Pad COKOEYE, Max Fast Wireless Phone Charger for iPhone 13Pro/13 Pro Max/12 Series/11 Series, Samsung S21/S20/S10/Note, AirPods Pro

You can get wireless phone chargers online through Amazon for either an iPhone or Samsung.

Fast Wireless Charger,NANAMI Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand Compatible iPhone 13/12/SE 2020/11/XS Max/XR/X/8 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S22 S21 S20 S10 S9 S8 Note 20 Ultra/10/9/8 and Qi-Enabled Phone

2. Luggage Air Tags

A luggage bag with tags on an airport.

One of a woman’s most significant concerns when traveling is losing luggage and being unable to locate it. Unfortunately, this problem is too common and can leave you in a difficult situation. With Apple Air tags, you can track your luggage with your iPhone or iPad.

With the air tags, you can track if your luggage is heading on the same flight or train with you as you travel. You can stop it from getting sent to the wrong area or let the airline know where it is when you locate it.  

3. Travel Pillow

A Travel pillow on a white background.

Source: Target Corporation

Getting comfortable on a bus, plane, or train can be difficult. With the help of a travel pillow, you can relax your neck and shoulders so that you are not overly fatigued from travel. These pillows make it easy to sleep and rest in positions that are not very comfortable or ideal for sleeping.

If you are stranded in an airport or train station due to delays, you may try to catch up on sleep in the waiting area. These chairs are already hard to sleep in. With a travel pillow, you can get somewhat comfortable and rest until you reach your destination. 

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4. Portable Razors

Portable razor on a plastic seal.

Source: Walmart

Depending on how long you will be gone on your trip, you may need to groom yourself while you are away. With portable razors, you can easily maintain your hygiene goals. They fit easily into luggage and can be tossed out after they are used so that you are not transporting dirty razors around. 

Palmperfect Electric shaver on a plastic seal.

Source: Walmart

The electric shaver may be the right fit for frequent travels if you want a higher-quality razor that you can carry easily.

5. Body Wipes

Cetaphil Face and Body Wipes, Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths, 50 Count, Twin Pack, for Dry, Sensitive Skin, Flip Top Closure, Great for the Gym,Travel, in the Car, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free

If you notice you are going to have a long layover and could delay your travel plans, it is essential to have body wipes available. There are not always showers available, so if it has been a while since you bathed, you will need to have a pack of body wipes to clean off with.

They are not meant to be used long-term but are an excellent way to do cleanup if you do not take a shower and want to freshen up a bit. Quality body wipes can remove grime and oil from your body, giving you a temporarily fresh feeling. 

6. Compression Socks

Futuro medical compression on a white background.

Source: Walgreens

Long flights, train rides, and bus rides mean that you could be sitting for long periods. Even if you are healthy, and in good shape, it is a good idea to have compression socks for these long treks. Compression socks help maintain good circulation so that you can avoid blood clots in your body.

Women who are older or already experiencing health issues should always have a pair on hand so that they can be safe while traveling. You can purchase them in a traditional sock style or get some that are open-toe for your comfort. 

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7. Bag For Toiletries

Bag For Toiletries on a white background.

Source: Target Corporation

Being organized when a woman travels is essential, especially when carrying toiletries on the trip.  You want to ensure you have these items separated from your clothes and other items. Some women prefer a toiletry bag that folds down, fitting great behind any bathroom door while on a trip.

If you prefer to keep your toiletries in the same place and not spread all over the room, you can get a larger back that is easy to carry back and forth to the rest area. 

8. Sleep Mask

Source: Walmart

If you are trying to get some sleep in a bright airport or have another passenger constantly using their light on the plane, a sleep mask will help you eliminate the unwanted lights and get some rest.

Unfortunately, sharing a space in public means you could encounter someone who does not want the same environment as you, so a sleep mask helps you make the accommodations you need. These are also good if you find yourself in a hotel room that is unexpectedly bright and you need to tone out the sun. 

9. Hair Ties and Scrunchies

Chloven 20 Colors Large Satin Hair Scrunchies Elastic Hair Bobbles Ponytail Holder Hair Scrunchy Vintage Hair Ties Accessories for Women Girls

To be comfortable, some women need to be able to put their hair up out of their face. This means having a few hair ties or scrunchies in your carry-on, so you can grab one if you get hot or need to pull your hair back.

Pack a few to match your outfits so that if your hair does not cooperate that day, you have another option. At Amazon, you can choose from a variety pack of scrunchies and hair ties that will go with any outfit. 

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10. Cross Body Purse

Cross Body Purse on a white background.

Source: Kohl’s

As you travel through new places, walking around, and even through airports, you need a secure place to store your money, documents, and medications. With a cross-body purse, it cannot be pulled off of your shoulder and stolen in a quick second. Once you have on the layers you need, you place one arm through the strap, wrapping it around the opposite side of your neck and falling.

Because they land in the hip area, they are easy to grab your phone and money and then zip back up for security. At Kohl’s you have options of cross body purses that come in na variety of colors and strong material to stand up against the elements when you are traveling. 

11. Slip-On Shoes

Black shoes on the white background.

Source: SKECHERS Official Site

On the traveling days of your trip, you will have to go through security and, in most cases, remove your shoes. Make sure you have a pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy to get back on so that you are not missing your flight. You want to be able to slide on your shoes and start heading to your gate.

The slide-on shoes you choose should also be comfortable so that you can move as you need and have something that can assist with the walking you will be doing. A solid pair of Skechers GOwalk Joy’s are great for traveling throughout airports. 

12. Small Liquid Dispensers

Small Liquid Dispensers on a white background.

Source: Walmart

Because there are traveling limitations on liquid, you need to make sure you have small dispensers approved by the airlines. They should only hold a few ounces in them at the time so that you can get through security and have the items you need on your trip.

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These small liquid dispensers make it easy to store and let the security agents know that you have the right amount of liquids at a time. At Walmart, you can get up to 30 of these dispenser bottles in a pack. They are clear and allow security to search all the liquid you are carrying when you travel. 

13. Transportation Travel Adapter

Transportation Travel Adapter on a white background.

Source: Target Corporation

Although there has been an uptick in the electronics women carry with them when they travel, outlets and adapters have not been updated to accommodate these needs. With a transportation travel adapter, you can plug it in on the plane or train so that you can charge your electronic devices. These adapters can also be used in hotel rooms that have limited outlets. 

At Target, there are standard travel adapter options and even EU adapters if you are traveling internationally to Europe. 

14. Make Up Travel Case

Make-Up Travel Case on a white background.

Source: Target Corporation

To keep all of your cosmetics together and keep them from rolling and falling out of your luggage, they should be secured in a makeup travel case. These cases have different size compartments that make storing what you need easier than if you just threw it all in a bag and then put it in your luggage. This model, in particular, folds down and is convenient for hanging on a wall or the back of a doorway. 

15. Mini Fan

Wearable air cooler and Purifier.

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

When you travel in close quarters with other passengers on a plane, bus, or train, the temperature can get hot much quicker than if you were in your own space. When this happens, and you are out of options, a mini fan can help keep you cool in these situations.

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You can choose an osculating mini fan to blow on your face or choose from one of the wrap fans that go around your neck and blow air so that you remain cool. Bed Bat & Beyond offer a neck fan known as the Arctic Air that purifies and cools the surrounding air. It wraps around your neck and gives you a personal cooling option when your neighbor on the plane refuses to run the air. 

16. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit on a white background.

Source: Target Corporation

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially when you are traveling. if you have hurt yourself while you are traveling, having a first aid kit will help you treat any damages until you can get more qualified help.

Sometimes the cuts are minor, and you just need a band-aid and a little ointment, all of which are found in any standard first aid kit. At Target, you can get the Johnson & Johnson first aid kit that has various sizes of adhesives, as well as cleansing wipes, a plastic case and gauze when you need it in a hurry. 

17. Compact Mirror

Magnifying Compact Cosmetic Mirror-deweisn Elegant Compact Pocket Makeup Mirror, Handheld Travel Makeup Mirror with Powerful 10x Magnification and 1x True View Mirror for Travel or Your Purse

Being able to peak at your face and make sure that you are looking your best is important. With mirrors not available on many major transportation lines, a compact mirror in your purse is great to grab and check for blemishes. A compact mirror is easy to store and can fit in your purse or the side of your carry on.

They also have another use. You can also use it to look behind you when walking and get a full view of your surroundings. With an Amazon purchase, you can get a compact mirror that magnifies, so you can get an up close look in a small space. 

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18. Tumbler or Water Bottle

Water Bottle hydro flask on a white background.

Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

When traveling, you need to ensure you are staying hydrated. In most places, there are filtered water bottle stations available where you can fill up with water. Having a bottle in your travel belongings allows you to keep up with your water intake and even save money on drink purchases in areas where the water bottle station is available.

While you can get a water bottle almost anywhere, Dick’s Sporting Goods has few water bottles that keep your after cool while in the bottle and even have a straw option so that you are able to drink easily and not make a mess when traveling. 

19. Travel Scarf (with Pockets)

StylesILove Winter Plaid Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket Fashion Travel Scarf for Women and Men (Grey)

Traveling when it is cooler means that women can use scarves as an extra layer. One of the best travel scarves is the infinity scarf that comes with a hidden pocket inside for safekeeping. If you are traveling and do not want to carry a purse, you can put your debit card, credit card, and cash in this hidden pocket for safekeeping. You can get a travel scarf in different colors to pair with outfits, especially if that is your preferred method. 

20. Secret Bra Pouch

Secret Bra Pouch on a white background.

Source: Thxsilk

If you do not want to carry something like a scarf, or it is too warm to wear a scarf, you can hook a secret pouch or small insert to your bra. These are meant to safely hold your money or a backup credit card if you are mugged and need a backup financial option. These are great if you are limited on space and unable to take a bag with you wherever you are traveling.

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You can easily fit a few cards and cash inside the pouch and hook it right to your bra strap. 

21. Waterproof Money Belt

Waterproof Money Belt on a white background.


Some women prefer to have a belt around their waist, especially if they are doing outdoor activities, and carrying a purse or backpack is not ideal. A money belt can store small items that you may need. They come in various colors and can also be waterproof, which is excellent for water activities.

With the money belt available at backcountry, the belt is slim and is easy to disguise beneath your shirt. You also want to make sure if you are going to place this belt against your skin, it is breathable fabric. The wrong fabric can give you a heat rash and cause lots of discomfort. 

22. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Leyeet Foldable Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones.

Source: Walmart

Once you get settled in your seat and prepare for your long flight, you will need some noise-canceling headphones to maximize your traveling experience. You can hook these into the video you are watching so that you are not distracted, play music, or put them on just to cut out any nearby conversations while you catch up on your sleep.

Being able to zone out into your own space for a long trip is important for your sanity and stress level. These headphones are pretty compact and make a great option for stowing away when you do not need them. 

23. Travel Shoe Bags

12PCS Travel Shoe Bags with Rope for Men and Women Large Shoes Pouch Storage Packing Organizers, Black

If you started packing your bag and realized that you need multiple shoes, you should invest in travel shoe bags. They keep your shoes from damaging your other clothes, giving them their own space and protecting them, as well.

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These travel bags fit easily inside your luggage, either checked bags or carry-on; the choice is yours. Trying to carry shoes in with clothes can spread debris and germs to the other clothing in the travel bag. Keep your shoes always separated so you can manage the control and 

24. Carry-On With Wheels

A carry on backpack with wheels.

If you’re considering a carry-on bag when traveling, consider one with wheels. By wheels, I mean four wheels that will turn as you need. They are easy to roll down the aisle of a plane or train and will turn to fit through tighter spaces.

You want the material of your carry-on to also be strong and sturdy since it will be pumping other carry-ons when stowed away above. Some carry-ons come with a lock and most have a variety of color options. 

25. Travel Hangers

Different accessories with a travel hanger.

Once you get to your destination, you may have clothes you need to hang for important meetings and special events. Travel hangers are an excellent addition to add to your luggage. They are compact enough to fit inside your luggage without taking up much space.

Once they are ready to be used, they can be unfolded and used to hang whatever items you need. Go ahead and set up your wardrobe once you get to your room. By folding these hangers, you make more space in your carry-on and checked luggage

26. Compact Laundry Bag

Compact Laundry Bag on a white background.

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

By the end of your trip, you want to ensure that your worn clothes are not mixing with anything packed and are still clean. By tucking in a compact laundry bag, you can start storing these soiled clothes throughout the trip, then place the bag in the luggage when the time comes.

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If you mix your dirty laundry with clean laundry, the smell will just extend to the clean laundry and you will not be able to wear those clothes without smelling that smell. Choose from one of several sizes from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

27. Travel Journal

Beyong Leather Writing Journal, Refillable Travelers Notebook, Men & Women Leather Journals to Write in, Art Sketchbook, Travel Dairy, Best Gifts for Teens Girls and Boys (Blue, 7 Inch)

It is important to document special events about your trip. Make sure you carry a travel journal to make any necessary notes for the area you visit and jot down the time you spent on your trip and with whom it was. This will help you have life-long memories. At Amazon, you can choose from a classically bound journal that is meant to travel with you and make those journeys for many miles and years to come.