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15 Towns Like Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Fonthill Castle at Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Doylestown is a borough in Pennsylvania located in the heart of Bucks County. With a population of 8,307 you get a small-town charm with a rich history. The borough’s primary industries include scientific, educational, and technical services.

Doylestown is great for a weekend getaway to visit the Mercer museum, go to the theater, or check out Fonthill Castle. There are plenty of local restaurants to try after a day of fun. The cost of living in Doylestown is slightly above average and visitors are likely to spend more on hotel accommodation from mid-June to late September with rates around $150 per night.

1. Madison, Georgia

Historical building and a statue at Madison, Georgia.

With a population of 3973, Madison’s biggest industries include manufacturing, administrative, and educational services. Madison serves as the county seat of Morgan County and is a picturesque small southern town. With southern hospitality and remarkable architecture, Madison is Georgia’s primary historical district.

There is rich historical architecture, museums, and local historical society in Madison. State parks, hiking trails, fishing, and walking around the historic downtown. Considering food, health services, and transportation, Madison is 7% less expensive than the national average. A two-night stay will cost anywhere from less than $100 to just under $200 in mid-May.

Madison has a picturesque, rural feel, while Doylestown offers a more urban and suburban environment. Like Doylestown, Madison has rich historical architecture, museums, and local historical society. However, Madison has a picturesque, rural feel, while Doylestown offers a more urban and suburban environment.

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2. New Hope, Pennsylvania

New Hope Rail road train, Pennsylvania.

The main industries in New Hope include science, professional, and technical services with a small population of 2,545. It’s a picturesque small city with big-city cultural attractions. Visitors can spend a weekend in Downtown New Hope and enjoy their stay at one of the exceptional bed and breakfast inns. Then take a ride on the historic New Hope Railroad.

Enjoy riverside shopping, restaurants, and the theater. Get a feel for a city with more than two centuries of history. With nature reserves, shopping, and ghost tours, there’s plenty for everyone. For a two-night stay in the center of New Hope, a bed and breakfast will cost about $300 for two adults.

Both towns are full of history and culture. New Hope has a higher crime rate and is ranked safer than 30% of cities in the US.

3. Yardley, Pennsylvania

Historical bridge at Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Yardley has a population of 2,532 and its main industries include the manufacturing of products. A  borough in Bucks County, the location of Yardley station is a connecting line to New Jersey. Shady brook farm, Touchstone art gallery, or Vault Brewing company. Also, there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and taverns.

Locals know the legend of the sleepy hollow, the headless horseman well, and the legend lives on for visitors to see the haunted spots. The cost of living is 26% higher than the national average. The high season is typically in June and the average cost per weeknight is about $137, and $176 for a weekend night.

Like Doylestown, it’s a borough, and very picturesque. Both towns are located in Bucks County, PA. However, Yardley is a much smaller town and less populated.

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4. Sleepy Hollow, New York

Historical Landmark and ducks at Sleepy Hollow, New York.

With a population of 9,974 and primary industries that include healthcare, education, and social assistance, Sleepy Hollow is a modern village and a blend of nature and urbanization. Home to the region’s leading hospital, Northwell Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, and easy accessibility to Manhattan via Metro-North train stations.

Sleepy Hollow is a great place to see historic sites and parks and then grab a meal at one of the nearby restaurants although it is one of the most expensive cities in the nation, at 112% of the national average. Visitors can stay in hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts for overnight options.

A couple of nights on the Hudson River in mid-June can run you for approximately $200. Like Doylestown, Sleepy Hollow is considered a safe city with very little crime compared to the national average with a similar population size. The drawback may be the cost of living of visiting will be more costly on average.

5. Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Steamtown National Historic Site, Pennsylvania.

The primary industries driving Hazleton include manufacturing and shipping. The city has a population of 24,779 and is unarguably a picturesque city in the Pocono Mountains, right at the foothills. Visitors and locals can appreciate the history of railroading nearby at the Steamtown National Historic Site.

Tourists can spend the day at the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum and then visit the Yuengling Brewery, the oldest in the US. What’s even better? They offer free tours. Recreation is year-round and there are many attractions just a mile or two from the city.

Like Doylestown, Hazleton offers locals plenty of recreational options, including golf or watching a sporting event at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey plaza. However, Hazleton is twice as populated.

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6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Harbor town at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With a population of 577,222, Milwaukee is by far the most populated city on this list. The city’s main industries include energy, food, beverage, water, and technology are the main industries in Milwaukee with a population of 577, 222. Milwaukee is the primary economic and cultural center of the region and is the fourth most populated area in the Midwest.

Taking in the incredible scenery at Holy Hill attracts at least half a million visitors a year due to the breathtaking views. Similar to Doylestown, Milwaukee is home to rich art and culture. And while it’s more heavily populated, Milwaukee has an overall lower cost of living.

7. River Falls, Wisconsin

Busy town and a church at River Falls, Wisconsin.

River Fall has a population of 16,258 and top industries in retail, education, and manufacturing. It’s part of the Minneapolis-st. Paul metropolitan area and home to the University of Wisconsin River Falls, which lies on the banks of the Kinnickinnic River.

The robust downtown business district is great for fly fishing and kayaking. Glenn Park is a 41 acre stretch of green and includes playgrounds, a pool, soccer fields, and walking trails. The cost of living in River Falls is 14.2% higher than the national average, mainly for transportation, housing, and food, similar to Doylestown and only slightly higher.

8. Waterville, Ohio

Historical bridge at Waterville, Ohio.

Waterville has a population of 5,786 with its top industries built around healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing, and education. The cost of transportation, food, and housing for locals and visitors sits at 9% below the national average.

Living costs may be an attractive feature of Waterville compared to Doylestown.

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9. Whitefish, Montana

Downtown and a rocky mountain, Montana.

Whitefish includes a population of 7,608. Its main industries include accommodation and food services, healthcare and social assistance, and professionals. Whitefish is an excellent destination for skiing and has a highly regarded reputation for the dining experience.

The cost of living in Whitefish is 20% higher than the national average, which is an increase if you’re coming in from Doylestown. However, the population is similar, at slightly less than 10, 000.

10. Chester Vermont

Historical Village District at Chester Vermont.

Located in Windsor County with a population of 3, 005, Chester is a popular small town with that small-town flavor. Chester is primarily involved with the educational, rental and leasing, healthcare, and social assistance industries.

The Williams River runs through the town of Chester and is frequently used by locals as a recreational center for swimming and fishing. Famous for its historical Village District, and home to houses built from granite as far back as 1750.

Chester is a popular tourist spot. However, the area can be an expensive place to live for some and pricey for visitors, yet housing costs are 7% lower than the national average.

11. Fairfield, Iowa

Fairfield is an eclectic and creative area located in Eastern Iowa with a population of 10,290. One of the key industries in the city is finance, including economic development and investment group activities.

The city is full of historical attractions for locals and visitors alike, ranging from live theater to old car rallies. Find your center through meditation, wellness, and delicious coffee and food. Lots of parks and coffee shops give you a suburban feel and a relatively affordable cost of living, at 16% lower than the national average.

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Staying for one night will cost around $100 or less during the summer months. However, prices may range up to $250 depending on where you stay. Fairfield is similar to Doylestown in its diversity and culture with a new age backdrop.

12. Mancos, Colorado

Mancos Valley at Mancos, Colorado.

There are around 1,336 residents who reside in Mancos and about 3,000 who reside in the Mancos Valley. A picturesque town with history and a love for the outdoors. The largest industries in the city include retail trade, educational services, and healthcare and social assistance.

Jackson Gulch is a popular recreation spot for fishing and Marcos State Park is frequently seen as a place for mountain bikers to ride.

Mancos is a hotspot for tourists and people looking to get away and catch some cool summer weather. Visitors usually get their fill of outdoor attractions like hiking, camping, and horseback.

Both Doylestown and Mancos share a common, charming, small-town feel.

13. New Castle, Delaware

Historical building at New Castle, Delaware.

A colonial feel with cobblestone-filled streets and a community built on the riverfront. The city serves as easy access to downtown Wilmington. The main industries in New Castle include education and health, business, and financial activities.

Locals can enjoy the open spaces outdoors, Battery Park, nature areas, tennis, and sailing. Careful preservation has allowed New Castle to maintain its authenticity as one of the nation’s most important colonial villages. Therefore, the area is a popular tourist destination.

An overnight stay in New Castle during the high season will cost about $117 on a weeknight and $121 on the weekend. The low season is during September and the time to go to avoid higher costs.

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14. Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Historical bridge and tourists at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

Harper’s Ferry is a small town with a population of 285. Due to its positioning at the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, it has been considered a very strategic point in the south. Archaeology and railroads are part of a long history.

Locals and tourists can enjoy the small town with big city accommodations including an attractive downtown district, historic monuments, and landmarks. Prices tend to be less expensive for visitors with many attractions for a day or weekend trip.

Harper’s Ferry, like Doylestown, is full of history. Additionally, there’s plenty of dining and shopping. A one-night stay can cost around $100 during the high season. The price may be more for some of the bed and breakfast inns in the area. Like Doylestown, Harper’s ferry is rich with history and culture. However, it is significantly smaller.

15. Shelburne, Vermont

Historical red building at Shelburne, Vermont.

Shelburn is a town ripe with art and culture with a population of 525. Like Doylestown, Shelburn has some great museums. In fact, they are considered some of the nation’s top museums.

There are plenty of local recreational activities, including Shelburne orchards, vineyards, and farms. Visitors and locals can enjoy a trip to the Fiddlehead Brewing Company of Kwiniaska Golf Course.

The high season for tourism is around July. Visitors can expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $350 per night. The average cost per night is about $110 at a Shelburne hotel.