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Where Do Hotels Buy Their Towels? Bedding Sheets?

A pile of folded hotel towels.

Never have I ever stolen a hotel towel. But have I been tempted? Absolutely. Who can resist those luxuriously soft towels? The same applies to bed sheets. Hotel blankets are okay, but those bedsheets? They’re amazing.

Every time I come home from a hotel stay, I look at my own towels and sheets, and they’re just not the same. Don’t get me wrong. I love coming back to my own home. But my own sheets and towels just don’t have that same softness.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have the best of both? What if we could have all the luxury of hotel towels in the comfort of our own homes? Well, it turns out that we can. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, but it recently occurred to me that the internet exists. I could probably access the same places where hotels buy their supplies.

And sure enough, I was right. My new towels are in the mail as we speak. And you can get some hotel-quality towels and sheets of your own, too. Here’s where you can find what you’re looking for.

Hotel Linen Supply Stores

A room in a hotel room with folded towel.

Most hotels buy their towels from the same place where they buy their bedsheets. They buy in bulk from hotel linen suppliers. These suppliers offer them discounts in exchange for large orders. Some of these bulk linen stores include:

  • American Hotel Register
  • Direct Textile Store
  • Buy Hotel Linen
  • Bloom Linen
  • Linen Express
  • Linen Mart
  • Hotel Linen Source
  • Hotel Luxury Collection
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You can explore any of these websites and find some great linens. There’s a catch, though. These sites usually have minimum order requirements. Ordering linen in bulk may save hotels a lot of money, but it can get pricey if you’re just looking for something for yourself.

Don’t worry, though. Hotel linen stores aren’t your only options. Read on to see more.

Local Bedding Stores

A bed in the cabin with cups of coffee.

While big hotel chains usually buy from big linen stores, smaller hotels and B&Bs often shop locally. Granted, some of these places also shop at the major linen stores. Still, if you stayed at an independent hotel or B&B and loved their linens, there’s no harm in calling them to ask where they got them. They may point you toward a local linen supply that doesn’t require bulk orders.

Find Hotel Towels and Bedsheets Online

A robe in the hotel comfort room and towel.

Some websites, including hotel suppliers, sell hotel-style linens in smaller quantities. They often sell through Amazon and similar storefronts. You can visit these storefronts, search for “hotel linens,” and choose the option that suits you.

Department stores also sometimes have a “hotel linen” collection. Though they may not sell these items directly to hotels, the items are designed to look and feel like hotel linens.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re really getting hotel-quality towels and sheets. How do you do that? Here are a couple of hints.

First, when buying towels, look for 100% Egyptian or Turkish cotton. Not all hotels use this material, but the most luxurious ones often do. If you’re looking for a soft but durable towel, this is the kind you want.

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You’re better off with 100% cotton sheets, too, especially if you sleep hot. Chris Serico of Today agrees: “Synthetics have a tendency to trap heat, making for a more uncomfortable sleep experience,” Chris says. Cotton sheets will keep you cool at night.

And with both towels and bedsheets, look for the product’s weight. The higher the weight, the more durable it will be.

Buy from the Hotels Themselves

A lady sitting on a hotel room with her phone.

Finally, some hotels actually sell linens to guests like me who are tempted to pack the towels in their suitcases. (Don’t do that, by the way. If you do, you’ll probably find an extra charge on your credit card.)

Some hotels may have a store on the premises where you can buy sheets and towels to take home with you. And even if they don’t, many have online stores.

The Marriott, for example, has an online store that sells both towels and bedsheets. They also sell bathrobes, blankets, toiletries, and even hotel furniture. Basically, if you’ve looked at a hotel item and said “I wish I could have one of these at home,” it turns out that you can.

Why Buy Hotel Linens?

A woman sleeping on a bed and a white lampshade.

If you’ve ever gotten a great night’s rest at a hotel, there’s probably a reason for that. Hotels are designed to create a relaxing environment, and as the Sleep Foundation points out, “A relaxing environment is essential for a good night’s rest. Studies have shown people simply sleep better when their bedroom is optimized for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort.”

The right environment usually boils down to personal preference. To maximize your quality of sleeping, you can create the bedroom environment that works best for you. And if that includes hotel-style bedsheets, then go for it.

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Now, all you need is room service, and you’ve got everything you need.