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Why Do Hotels Use White Sheets? How Do They Keep Them So White?

A woman on a hotel rolling in white sheets.

Other than for aesthetic purposes, and assurance of cleanliness, hotels change sheets frequently and need to keep them fully sanitized for the next set of guests. Therefore, utilizing white sheets, which they can use bleach to clean makes white sheets the ideal choice. Additionally, you can wash everything together, including bathroom supplies.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always felt that the hotels use white sheets to intimidate us. We don’t want to get the white linen dirty as it would make us look bad. Plus, if we’re staying several days, a week or two, messing up white sheets would mean getting our sheets changed every day. Anyway, white sheets do give hotel rooms a pure look. The only places that often go for a multi-colored or decorated comforter are usually resorts, to complement or bring off a tropical theme. Here’s more on why hotels prefer white sheets and how they manage to keep them spotless.

Why do Hotels Use White Sheets?

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In addition to what I mentioned earlier about being easy to clean and giving the room a pure feel, white sheets help to show guests the cleanliness standards of a hotel.

White sheets are one effective way for hotels to prove their standards of cleanliness. Much like how the wealthy used to wear all white to show that they could afford to keep it clean, hotels use all-white linens to show luxury. Even cheaper hotels have been using white sheets more in recent times.

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Another reason is that they can bundle everything together, meaning white towels and bathrobes, and voila, an easy to wash and sanitize load.


You’d assume that hotels would prefer to use brightly colored sheets to cover stains, but this is not the case. Providing white towels and sheets is precisely what hoteliers were attempting to avoid when they began using them in the first place. As a result of the hotels’ beautiful white linens and towels, visitors and employees alike are left with a clear understanding of the importance of cleanliness.

A Show of Extravagance

Luxurious hotel room with pile of pillows.

The color white has long been associated with luxury and wealth. After all, who else can afford to wear white clothing or use white bedding around the clock? Many years ago, because of the difficulty of maintaining white clothing, few well-off women dared to wear it to formal events like weddings or other special occasions.

Unlike colored clothes, which may hide stains better, a single stain on a white gown might ruin it forever. As a result, when you’re in a hotel room and you see layers upon layers of pure white sheets and towels and robes, it’s not just you – it’s in your subconscious mind’s workings. The color white elevates your mood and gives you a sense of wealth.

Makes the Laundry Process Fast and Convenient

Beyond the obvious aesthetic considerations, the whiteness of hotel linens and towels is the ideal option for a practical person. Different hues involve washing your bedding in separate batches to avoid color bleeding. Everything can be washed with each other in a single process if it is white.

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Do White Sheets Keep Hotel Rooms Looking New?

Hotel room with lampshades and pillows.

They sure do! I’ve stayed at hotels that haven’t been renovated in a minute, yet the plush bed with white sheets, of course, with soft lighting, gives off this air of newness.

Talk to any hotel manager or even an interior decorator and they’ll tell you the same thing. White changes your perspective on almost anything and the same goes for that queen or California King-sized bed in your suite. In 2021, I stayed at The Avalon in Alpharetta, Georgia and the room for me was pure comfort and relaxation. No over-the-top decor. It wasn’t just the white, but the quality of the sheets that made the room stand out.

However, I didn’t get a plain feeling, as the high bed with its white sheets was so welcoming that everything else was pale in comparison. Now I think this is a super-expensive hotel! It shows the importance and effect of perfect bedding that hotels only need nice wallpaper in addition to that and guests will gladly pay for it.

How do Hotels Maintain Their White Linen?

Peroxide, Bleach, and Detergents

Hotel Linen sheets and washing machine.

Peroxide-based detergents are a well-known secret in the hotel sector when it comes to maintaining pristine sheets. Sodium hypochlorite is also included in the mixture. Using these chemicals to keep white linens from graying or becoming yellow is possible, but it takes some knowledge and experience. When used incorrectly, they might cause damage to your linen. Because of its abrasiveness, bleach is particularly difficult to work with. As a result, your sheets will be more susceptible to ripping and tears when using them incorrectly.

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Hiring Professional Cleaners

Because of the high costs, not many hotels have the resources to operate a high-quality, in-house laundry that meets industry standards. Some people would rather not have to worry about doing all of their laundry, so they hire a professional hotel linen service to take care of it for them.

At the very least, the best linen service providers have the resources and staff to handle the most difficult areas of hotel linen care.


A person performing a spot cleaning.

White linens, especially, need to be cleaned frequently to avoid permanent discoloration, whether they’re in a hotel or not. Spot cleaning is the best method for removing stains, regardless of whether you use professional equipment or detergent.

The hotel laundry staff spends time inspecting and separating soiled bedding for spot washing. It’s not enough to just throw them in with the rest of the laundry; they need to be given special attention instead.

Specialized Equipment

Linens intended for commercial use are more likely to be damaged than those intended for domestic use. Additionally, the volume has increased significantly. As a result, hotels purchase high-capacity professional washing equipment to keep up with demand and maintain high standards of cleanliness.

Proper Drying and Storage

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Too many inexperienced washers overlook the critical significance that appropriate drying plays in maintaining crisp, white sheets. An unexpected cause of discoloration and discoloration on linens in storage is any trace of moisture left over. Laundry machines used by hotels use a special drying formula to ensure that the linens are not moist or overheated or overdried, which could damage the fibers.

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