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Pritchard Park in West Kelowna – Everything You Need To Know

Pritchard Park is the perfect family beach in West Kelowna. On the western shore of Lake Okanagan, Pritchard Park is a well-maintained sandy beach with shallow swimming and beautiful views of the mountains across the lake, as well as a playground, volleyball courts, and plenty of picnic tables for endless fun. 

the beach at pritchard park in west kelowna

Where is Pritchard Park?

Pritchard Park is located at 1587 Pritchard Drive, on the central western shore of Lake Okanagan in West Kelowna. Heading southwest on Highway 97, turn left onto Elk Road towards the water, and then turn right onto Ridge Estates, and then left onto Boucherie Road. Off of Boucherie Road, turn right onto Pritchard Drive, and follow it to the Pritchard Park parking lot. 

Pritchard Park is in a quiet residential area, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing beach day away from the more popular tourist beaches. Pritchard Park is open year-round from dawn until dusk. 

pritchard park sign in west kelowna

FAQs About Pritchard Park

Is there parking at Pritchard Park?

Yes, there is an approximately 30-car parking lot in front of Pritchard Park on Pritchard Drive. Parking is free of charge! 

pritchard park in west kelowna

Is there a concession stand at Pritchard Park? 

No, there is no concession available at Pritchard Park. There are plenty of picnic tables in the sun, and shade, perfect for a beach picnic. 

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public restrooms at pritchard park in west kelowna

Are there public restrooms at Pritchard Park?

Yes, there is a public restroom located at the center of the green area of the park. The restrooms are cleaned often and are equipped with flush toilets and hand sanitizer, but no sinks for washing hands. 

lake okanagan at pritchard park in west kelowna

Is Pritchard Park busy?

I visited Pritchard Park with my family on a Monday afternoon during Summer Break, and it wasn’t very busy at all. There was one of the two volleyball courts open, and there were several open picnic tables. There was plenty of space on the beach and grass as well. On the weekends this beach is busier, but it is still very less trafficked than other public beaches on Lake Okanagan. 

playground at pritchard park in west kelowna

Playground at Pritchard Park

There is a simple playground at Pritchard Park with a small slide and a swing set. The playground looks out over the water and is shaded by trees. The picnic tables next to it offer a good spot to relax and watch the kids as they play. 

playscape and tables at pritchard park in west kelowna

Volleyball courts at Pritchard Park

There are two volleyball courts free to use at Pritchard Park. The nets are set up, all you have to do is bring a volleyball! 

volleyball courts at pritchard park in west kelowna

When we arrived at the park on a weekday afternoon, only one court was being used by a family, and the other was open. The volleyball courts are open to the public and are not reserved. Be sure to bring your volleyball and share the court with others. 

boardwalk at pritchard park in west kelowna

The boardwalk at Pritchard Park

There is a beautiful boardwalk at Pritchard Park that is open to all park users. The boardwalk juts out onto Lake Okanagan, and there are ladders on either side to dip yourself into the water. The boardwalk is surrounded by shallow water, so diving is not permitted. 

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boardwalk looking at the beach at pritchard park in west kelowna

The boardwalk is a popular spot for kids to jump into the water, and for folks to sunbathe. The shallow water surrounding the boardwalk gets warmed up by the summer and makes for great comfortable swimming. You might even see a school of baby fish swim by! 

ladder going into the water at pritchard park in west kelowna

Swimming at Pritchard Park

The swimming at Pritchard Park is great because it is a sandy beach, with very few lake weeds. The water is shallow, and the swimming areas are marked off, so it is safe for children. There is however no lifeguard on duty, so it’s important for parents or guardians to keep an eye on their children in the water.

the beach at pritchard park in west kelowna

The boardwalk has ladders to lower yourself into the water, or you can simply walk out from the beach. Lake Okanagan is a massive body of water, but in the summer, the lake is the perfect temperature for swimming, especially in shallow water where the water is warmed by the sun. 

pritchard park in west kelowna

Pritchard Park is a well-rounded family park

Pritchard Park was a pleasant surprise after visiting the crowded public beaches on Lake Okanagan. Because Pritchard Park is in a residential neighborhood it is very quiet, and the beach is less busy. The free parking and public washrooms were also a great bonus and makes planning a day at the beach less of a hassle.  

boardwalk and beach at pritchard park in west kelowna

Pritchard Park has a great balance between the sandy beach and the large green space. You can play on the grass or have a picnic, and then relax on the sand and have a swim. The boardwalk makes for a great photo op, and it’s a good place for kids to safely jump into the water. The volleyball courts are another added bonus and are sure to provide lots of entertainment for beachgoers. 

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lake okanagan at pritchard park in lake okanagan

If you are in Kelowna, or West Kelowna, be sure to check out Pritchard Park for the perfect beach day with the kids, or just a relaxing beach day with your friends.